The Sensible Products EMF-2 combines a powerful LED flashlight with two powerful magnets and a telescoping head. Inextricably connected to issues of autonomy, privacy, and sexuality, the abortion debate remains home base for the culture wars in America. A powerful magnet in the handle allows you to stick the flashlight to any metal surface; freeing up your hands. A telescoping head until can be extended up to 21 inches and a flexible shaft allows you to direct the light and magnet to exactly where you need it.
Generation Roe delves into phenomena such as "abortion-recovery counseling," "crisis pregnancy centers," and the infamous anti-choice "black children are an endangered species" billboards.

One-third of all American women will have an abortion by the time they are 45, and most of those women are already mothers. It tells the stories of those who risk their lives to pursue careers in this stigmatized field. And it outlines the outrageous legislative battles that are being waged against abortion rights all over the country. CBM TOOLS SHIPS THE DAY YOUR ORDER IS CONFIRMED!Handling Time is 1 Business Day of receiving your payment. In this provocative book on the heels of the Planned Parenthood controversy, Sarah Erdreich presents the antidote to the usual abortion debates.

With an inspiring spirit and a forward-looking approach, Erdreich holds abortion up, unabashedly, as a moral and fundamental human right.
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