Conductive cushion gaskets offer an innovative approach to traditional sheilding and grounding by providing X, Y, and Z axis conductivity which enhances the shielding effectiveness. DTi's Conductive Cushion Gaskets have a basic construction of Ni-Cu plated polyolefin (F01) foam, laminated with conductive fabric. Insights from IndustryASTM Standard D8004 for In-Service Lubricant Analysis: An Interview with Dr. Latest Materials ArticlesIntrinsic Optical Properties of DiamondASTM Standard D8004 for In-Service Lubricant Analysis: An Interview with Dr. Today’s automobiles are equipped with automotive electronics that direct drivers and manage vehicle safety and performance. Installing a large number of electronics into a small interior space can cause these systems to interfere with each other. EMI gaskets are also used with the inverters and converters that manage the power and recharging circuits in electric cars and hybrid electric vehicles. EMI gaskets aren’t new, but some buyers still think that particle-filled silicones are too hard, too brittle, too expensive, and too thick for automotive electronics. Loading a high percentage of particle filler into silicones can result in tough tradeoffs, but Elasto Proxy sources innovative elastomers that address these concerns.
For example, the particle-filled silicones we source can be used in shielding gaskets that are thin, flexible, and able to withstand the high temperatures associated with automotive engines.
Fluoro silicone gaskets are available for automotive applications that involve contact with fuels or solvents.
Today, silicone gaskets that are filled with nickel-coated graphite particles are used between metal enclosures to protect automotive fuses.
Both conductive materials are available in continuous rolls, a form factor that promotes the cost-effective fabrication of EMI shielding.
For over 25 years, Elasto Proxy has custom-fabricated specialty seals and custom insulation for a wide range of industries, including automotive and mobile specialty vehicles. Elasto Proxy saves time on assembly lines through their sealing solutions which are ready right out of the box so operators can seal surfaces in a timely way, adding value to entire supply chains. Elasto Proxy is an ISO accredited fabricator of standard and custom industrial rubber products for a wide range of applications. This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Elasto Proxy, Inc.
Conductive Foam Cushion shielding offers an innovative approach to traditional shielding and grounding by providing X, Y and Z axis conductivity which enhances the shielding effectiveness. Conductive Foam Cushions can be constructed in a broad range of thickness' and from a diverse selection of conductive foam, conductive fabric and a conductive pressure sensitive adhesive tape.

Conductive pressure sensitive adhesive eases installation on an infinite number of substrates. CHO-SHIELD 2056 is ideal for use on medical electronic enclosures and assemblies which require high level, reliable EMI shielding performance and may benefit from silvers’ antimicrobial properties. The excellent electrical conductivity of CHO-SHIELD® 2056 paint allows for thinner applied coatings, saving time and money in processing.
Use a pressure pot (15 psi, 103 kPa, typical) with large diameter, paddletype agitator at low mixing speed to keep the metal fillers in uniform suspension. Re-circulation of the paint from the mixing pot through the spray gun and back via a pump delivery system is recommended for greater filler uniformity.
For large volume applications, a robotic spray system with an HLVP spray gun should be used to minimize material loss due to overspray and maximize paint transfer efficiency. Allow material to dry 10-20 minutes at room temperature between coats to avoid solvent entrapment.
The spray system, including spray gun, mixing pot, and containers can be cleaned with MEK or Acetone (VOC exempt solvent). This warranty comprises the sole and entire warranty pertaining to items provided hereunder. Limitation of remedy: Seller’s Liability arising from or in any way connected with the items sold or this contract shall be limited exclusively to repair or replacement of the items sold or refund of the purchase price paid by buyer, at seller’s sole option. One side of the BeCu gasket hooks over the edge of a flange while fingers on the opposite side snap into slots. This is required to meet the increasing microprocessor speeds of today's computer, telecommunications and aerospace equipment. Shielding gaskets are also needed at EV charging stations, where multiple chargers can generate strong EMFs as well as EMI. The shielding materials we recommend balance electrical conductivity with cost-effectiveness, and provide benefits that strengthen your electronic designs. Silicones provide many desirable properties, and compounding this rubber makes it a great choice for EMI shielding.
Elasto Proxy can also source semi-conductive silicones filled with carbon black for static dissipation. Elasto Proxy can also source particle-filled EMI shielding as uncured moldable compounds and compression molded sheet stock.
By partnering with a supplier who understands your EMI shielding requirements, you can strengthen your supply chain. Their on-line catalog allows users to select high-quality seals that are long-lasting and cost-effective.
Thinner coatings limit material wastage due to overspray and reduce the frequency of mask washing steps.

Clean the substrate: The substrate surface should be clean, dry and free of oils, release agents, dirt and lint. Mix the material: Mix the material well on a paint shaker (typically 1-minute for one-gallon can).
Optional thinning: Standard thinning can be accomplished with MEK (methyl ethyl ketone) solvent. However, a thinner or thicker coat may be acceptable depending on the shielding requirements of the device being protected. In no event shall seller be liable for any incidental, consequential or special damages of any kind or nature whatsoever, including but not limited to lost profits arising from or in any way connected with this agreement or items sold hereunder, whether alleged to arise from breach of contract, expressed or implied warranty, or in tort, including without limitation, negligence, failure to warn or strict liability.
No matter what your application, we can work with you to design the optimal EMI Shielding Gasket. Adaptive cruise control automatically adjusts your speed to stay a safe distance away from vehicles ahead. Meanwhile, automakers are incorporating additional electronics for security, navigation, communications, and entertainment. As more mid-range models add automotive electronics, car makers will need EMI shielding solutions that balance performance with cost. Or, mix by hand with a large spatula until all solids are in a homogeneous suspension. Check that no unmixed material remains on the bottom and the sides of the container.
All metal fillers should be transferred, although a small amount of filler clusters might be collected in the strainer.
All other warranties, including but not limited to, merchant ability and fitness for purpose, whether expressed, implied, or arising by operation of law, trade usage, or course of dealing are hereby disclaimed. Telecommunications, medical, and aerospace companies rely on these custom gaskets for the safety and effectiveness of their equipment and operations. By reducing the number of full fingers, shielding effectiveness is increased, since there are fewer gaps to close. Notwithstanding the foregoing, there are no warranties whatsoever on items built or acquired wholly or partially, to buyer’s designs or specifications.

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