Tech-Etch is a global supplier of EMI shielding products for the commercial and military markets. Tech-Etch is dedicated to continuous improvement and committed to remaining a leader in the EMI shielding industry. These PDFs let you design standard 1- and 2-piece board level shields, including new Low-Profile SlimShield with heights as low as .060". 52-page catalog is available in a printed version and an interactive PDF version with downloadable sales drawings. If you know the Fingerstock Part Number, use this drop-down menu to see its specifications and interactive PDF. Science, Technology and Medicine open access publisher.Publish, read and share novel research. Microwave Absorption and EMI Shielding Behavior of Nanocomposites Based on Intrinsically Conducting Polymers, Graphene and Carbon NanotubesParveen Saini1 and Manju Arora1[1] National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi, , India1.
Download interactive sales drawing PDFs that let you design your own standard 1-piece, 2-piece, or SlimShield board level shields. Contact the Factory for non-standard designs, or if you have specifications that do not exactly match those on these Board Level Shielding Configurable PDF drawings.
Standard spring finger between fence and cover offers the design flexibility of a removable cover without expensive tooling.
Standard low-profile SlimShield board level shields with dimpled covers and holes on the fence offer heights as low as .060". If you need additional information or samples of board level shielding, call 508-747-0300 or fax us at 508-746-9639. Having a two-part body allows connectors, displays and switches fitted on the PCB to protrude through the cover and the housing section – this is not possible on single-part case bodies.
PCBs can be mounted on plastic studs so that they are insulated from the EMI shielded housing. For heavy duty applications the cover can be soldered to the housing or fixed with studs and screws. Available in standard dimensions (see table of standard dimensions below) and  in any desired shape and size as well, according to your drawing.
To place the printed circuit board in the EMI shielding enclosure without making contact with the housing you can place it on plastic studs.
If you are looking for a EMI shielding solution for only one or a few components on a printed circuit board we recommend the use of our 1500 series PCB shielding cans. Worldwide leading manufacturer of EMC (electromagnetic compatibility), EMI (electromagnetic interference) and RFI(radiofrequency interference) shielding solutions. Keep up to date with the latest developments in Holland Shielding Systems BV by signing up for our newsletter. The price of all our EMI shielding products are available on request and depends on order quantity. If coverage of large surfaces is needed, it would most likely be better to use tape with a conductive self-adhesive in combination with foil. Mu-copper can also be deliver as die-cut, according to your drawing, on strip or in pieces (as a sticker), with optional self-adhesive.

These values are measured under laboratory conditions.In your situation, results may differ.
Like all Holland shielding system BV tapes, copper tape 3201 is available in standard and custom widths and lengths.
Like tape 3201, but with added tin layer for protection against corrosion and improved solderability. Do you want to receive a price quotation for Mu-copper tape within 24 hours, then please click on the right button. KITAGAWA INDUSTRIES America CS Series conductive silicone is a blend of highly engineered conductive particles dispersed in a soft silicone matrix. The light weight, high conductivity and good sealing properties lend the material perfectly to aerospace, military, and commercial applications. EMI Shielding Finger Stock Gaskets 842300, View EMI Shielding Finger Stock, Pioneer Product Details from Changzhou Pioneer Electronic Co., Ltd. A leader in the RF shielding field for over 40 years, Tech-Etch designs and manufactures both standard catalog and customized shielding products. Tech-Etch has continually introduced new products to maintain its leadership role, including No-snag fingers, Hook-on fingers, Snap-on fingers and DiamondBack shielding.
Conductivity of some conjugated polymers in comparison to typical metals, semiconductors or insulators.
Variation of conductivity (?dc) of PANI-MWCNT nanofiller loaded polystyrene solution blends.
Frequency and dopant concentration dependence of total shielding effectiveness (SET) value of samples prepared by doping of emeraldine base (EB) with different concentrations of acrylic acid (AA) viz. Thickness dependence of total shielding efficiency (SET) of various ‘‘crosslinked’’ polyaniline (XPANI-ES) samples.
Frequency dependence of losses due to reflection (SER) and absorption (SEA) for MWCNT loaded PANI nanocomposites having different loadings of MWCNT relative to aniline monomer viz. Variation of (a) SER as function of log10(?T?') and (b) SEA as function of(?T?'?)12 for PANI-MWCNT filled polystyrene composites 4. IntroductionElectromagnetic interference (EMI) is an undesirable and uncontrolled off-shoot of explosive growth of electronics and widespread use of transient power sources. Cutouts through the cover and housing section or recesses create space enough for connectors, displays, and switches on the PCB . The 1500 series PCB shielding cans, can be fixed with a number of surface mount clips on the surface of the printed circuit board.
Mu-copper foil and tape can be produced with or without (conductive) self-adhesive and an optional insulation layer.
The choice of conductive particle allows for different levels of conductivity or shielding performance, and galvanic matching. The EMI finger strip has a superior electronic resistance for EMI shielding solution, which is applied widely in communications and computer cabinet, shielded room,shielding cabinet ,shielding door, medical devices and military equipment, PC & server case, grounding solution, it can also be used for slide contact for DVD player, It is better than gasket foam for its long reliability and good electronic conductivity. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.
The complete shielding product line includes all sizes, shapes, compositions, mounting options and seal types.

Inset: comparison of reflection (?) and absorption (?) shielding efficiency as a function of absolute value of complex dielectric constant. For a quotation, please send a sketch, formal drawing or cad file of your part and the approximate quantity required.
The EMI shielded housing is designed to be installed in, for example, an existing plastic housing in order to protect the components against electromagnetic interference. Cable shielding can be supplied as a ready-made sleeve, on rolls or as a flexible shielding tube. Products include BeCu EMI shielding contact strips (fingerstock), conductive elastomers, wire mesh, filters, honeycomb vents, board level shielding, metalized fabric shielding, conductive foam, and shielded windows.
Now it is possible to incorporate various dielectric or magnetic fillers within conducting polymer matrices to form multifunctional nanocomposites. The EMI shielded housing can also be used to protect an entire printed circuit board in an enclosure against interference from other components in the enclosure. The first section of this chapter gives a brief overview of fundamentals of EMI shielding & microwave absorption, theoretical aspects of shielding, governing equations, various techniques for measurement of shielding effectiveness and different strategies for controlling EMI.
In the next section, a comprehensive account of potential materials for handling of EMI are described with special reference to nanocomposites based on intrinsically conducting polymer matrix filled with conducting [e.g. The mutual interference among electronic gadgets, business machines, process equipments, measuring instruments and appliances lead to disturbance or complete breakdown of normal performance of appliances.
The EM disturbances across communication channels, automation, and process control may lead to loss of time, energy, resources and also adversely affect human health.
Therefore, some shielding mechanism must be provided to ensure undisturbed functioning of devices even in the presence of external electromagnetic (EM) noises. The designing a EMI shielding with a certain level of attenuation, meeting a set of physical criteria, maintaining economics and regulating the involved shielding mechanism is not a straight forward task and involves complex interplay of intrinsic properties (?, and ?) of shield material and logical selection of extrinsic parameters. Therefore, to touch the theoretically predicted shielding performance of a materials and to satisfy stringent design criteria, elementary knowledge of shielding theory, set of governing theoretical equations, important design parameters and relevant measurement technique becomes a prime prerequisite. Shielding definitions and phenomenonEMI shield is essentially a barrier to regulate the transmission of the electromagnetic EM wave across its bulk. In power electronics, term shield usually refers to an enclosure that completely encloses an electronic product or a portion of that product and prevents the EM emission from an outside source to deteriorate its electronic performance.Conversely, it may also be used to prevent an external susceptible (electronic items or living organisms) from internal emissions of an instrument’s electronic circuitry. Shielding is the process by which a certain level of attenuation is extended using a strategically designed EM shield. Theoretical shielding effectivenessBefore starting the shielding analysis, it is necessary to understand the various electromagnetic terminologies (Ott, 2009).
Shielding theory This section presents the shielding basics based on the transmission line theory (Schelkunoff, 1943) and the plane wave shielding theory (Schulz et al,1988). Assume a uniform plane wave characteristic by E and H that vary within a plane only with x direction as showed in Fig.
For dielectric material, the conductivity is extremely small (????) and the intrinsic impedance of Eq.

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