Shielding of cables is a standard practice in the industry to reduce electrical noise from affecting the signals and to reduce electromagnetic radiation that can interfere with other devices. Medical or Commercial use is a cable used in an office or warehouse environment where there is a greater presence of RF due to more and larger machines and electrical devices. Tempest is a term used for shielding to secure intelligence communications equipment from potential eavesdroppers and vice versa the ability to intercept and interpret those signals from other sources. Manufacturer-direct wholesale outlet for o-rings, flange gaskets, rubber washers, sponge stripping, rubber gaskets, grommets, extrusions, sheet rubber, plastic shims. Browse globalspec' datasheet directory locate information specifications 8 million products. Cirtronics corp., locally owned operated contract manufacturer, 35 years experience manufacturing robotics, cardiac pumps, biometric monitors.
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High quality materials prevent the clamp from damaging the cable shielding or the insulation sleeve.

Excellent flexibility insures constant contact pressure and stable contact resistance under heat variation and heavy vibration conditions. The contact resistance of the highly conductive copper layer is lower than the nickel or chromium plating on the standard metallic clamps. Fastening and grounding on power and signal round cables in various applications where electrical connection between the cable and the grounding circuit is required for EMI shielding or ESD suppression. A shielded cable is insulated by one or more insulated conductors that are enclosed by a common conductive layer.
It is important for this type of cable to have high shielding in order to eliminate dangerous malfunction of equipment and to protect against communication interference and eavesdropping. It also refers to the ability of shielding a device from high electromagnetic pulses (HEMP). More than 50 braiders, ranging from 16 to 96 carriers, provide the capability to produce large quantities of precise metal and non-metallic braid and expandable sleeving in tubular, tapered, and flat configurations in virtually any material and length to suit customer requirements. A shield typically is made up of braided strands of copper or other metal, a non-braided spiral wrapping of copper tape or a layer of conductive polymer.

We are also able to supply direct over-braiding services for complex, multi-branch cable assemblies and harnesses. Plus, we now offer an additional microfilament braiding solution made of stainless steel, called ArmorLite™ that is both extremely lightweight and high-temperature resistant. Shielding should be applied if you have a requirement to isolate electrical devices from the outside world and wires from the environment through which the cable runs. Shielding effectiveness (SE) is a measure of the reduction or attenuation in electromagnetic or RF interference. We also provide a cable and connector shielding transition to eliminate EMI where the connector and cable meet.

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