You have EMI compliance security with our wide range of shielding products, from attenuated vents and shielded windows to knitted wire mesh and conductive wrapped fabric gaskets and more.
Our one-part conductive particle filled silicone rubber conductive adhesives are available using standard silicone and flurosilicone base compounds combined with a selection of particle fillers to produce a readily extrudable paste which self-cures when exposed to atmospheric moisture. Conductive particle filled silicone adhesives are generally employed as caulking materials to fill voids, surface imperfections on mating surfaces or to retain a conductive gasket in position during assembly. Shelf life is up to sixteen weeks (30ml, 55ml) or six months (71ml, 170ml, 310ml) if kept in the original packaging and stored in a dry atmosphere below 23°C. Conductive adhesives should be injected under pressure if possible, and, where used as or with a gasket medium should be retained under pressure whilst curing. Care should be taken when handling these adhesives as contact can irritate the skin and eyes.
Fully laminated windows in glass or plastic can be produced either as individual windows or, for smaller sizes, in sheet form and machined into segments. Standard terminations for individually produced emi shielded windows are flying mesh, foil or silver painted busbar or conductive gasket. Most gaskets in our range can be used with shielded windows and the actual type selected will depend on the degree of shielding and environmental protection required. Edge bonded windows use the same substrates and mesh as the fully laminated versions, but are only laminated around their edges, outside the 'viewing area', and are lower cost. Cast shielded windows are formed by encapsulating the mesh gauze within a thermosetting plastic or resin substrate.
Polycarbonate including clear, hard-faced, anti-reflective, tinted, polarised and filtered.
Polycarbonate can also be conductively coated with ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) but this is a restricted option as a minor scratch on ITO can dramatically reduce its shielding effectiveness.

Other wire types including knitted meshes, finishes and OPI configurations are available to order - minimum order quantities apply. Shielding effectiveness in dB, typical values tested in accordance with MIL-STD-285 with test samples of woven copper mesh 300 x 300 mm.
It is important to note that a smaller test sample would return a far higher attenuation and all manufacturers data should be compared on this basis to avoid misinterpretation. Generally by description and customers drawings indicating dimensions, finishes, fixings, gasket type and method. Flying Mesh windows generally bond both the window and the flying mesh to a convenient point on the equipment. Silver busbar windows can be fitted with gaskets made from conductively loaded silicone, conductive knitted wire mesh or oriented wires in silicone.
Extended Mesh options (with or without foil busbar) are readily fitted with various forms of gaskets such as knitted mesh, conductive fabric or oriented wires in silicone.
Our Conductive Finger Strips are available in a wide range of profiles, a choice of two materials and five finishes.
Conductive finger strips have long service life with good corrosion resistance & good shielding performance. Conductive finger strips are ideal for door gaskets where an environmental seal is not required and shielded room applications and can also be used as printed circuit board grounding contacts. Each individual profile drawing details the available lengths and the material - stainless steel conductive finger strips are at the bottom of the page. Manufactured to your specification, in an ISO9001:2008 registered environment, our high performance shielded gaskets, windows, vents and adhesives can also guard against a wide range of environmental conditions. Once the thixotropic paste is fully cured it provides excellent adhesion and low volume resistivity.

Most conductive gaskets depend on flat, accurate and clean mating surfaces to provide a positive, low impedance bond and the additional use of conductive adhesives should be avoided wherever possible. All fully laminated EMI shielded windows are available with or without a step and with or without a silver painted busbar. Surface treatments for scratch resistance or anti-reflectance are available and tinted inter-layers for anti-reflectance or contrast enhancement can be supplied on request. Sheet-cut windows, including stepped types, are only available with silver busbar and optional emi gaskets. They are not as suitable for stepped construction but if the windows are relatively small or when the viewing area remains smaller than the smallest of the two pieces (i.e. The process has advantages inherent to the manufacturing technique, such as surface finishes, tints, minimum thickness and physical strength. Care should be taken with stepped windows, particularly glass ones, as the pressure exerted by the gasket under compression can easily overstress even a fully laminated window. The process necessitates a silver busbar termination although a stepped construction is possible during the machining of the cast blank. We suggested that stepped windows should be plastic or a composite where the glass pane is not under pressure when mounted. Edge bonded emi shielded windows can be curved by utilising 'matched pairs' of window blanks but do not feature the use of tinted inter-layers. Cast windows cost more than edge laminated ones but are more robust for specialist applications. Standard edge bonded windows are a cost-effective solution for most commercial applications.

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