With the progression of electronic technologies, components in complex systems have become increasingly sensitive to electromagnetic interference. EMI shielding simply separates a key component from outside EMI noise that may be interfering with the performance of the part.
Finally, for those who have an LCD screen or display window that requires EMI shielding, EMI shielding film is the ideal solution for any openings. KITAGAWA INDUSTRIES America, Inc.’s EMI Cable Shielding solutions cover a range from cable shielding jackets (FRCSR and FRCSE) to heat shrink tubes (HS series). Wire Mesh Tape ( MT Series )Extremely fine(0.12mm) metal wires braided into a cylinder mesh provides excellent flexibility. For a shielding material that will conform to the shape of the cables, KITAGAWA INDUSTRIES America’s EMI heat shrink tubes can shrink down with its 2:1 shrink ratio. EMI Heat Shrink Tube ( HS Series )The tubes provide not only electrical continuity but EMI shielding around the joints being connected. KITAGAWA INDUSTRIES America’s EMI cable shielding jackets are convenient solutions to protect cables from EMI that may be coming from other outside components as well as provide environmental protection. Flat Cable Shield Jacket ( FRCSR Series )Lightweight, flexible material offers excellent conformability on various cable configurations.
Flat Cable Shield Jacket (ECBR-AL Series)Convenient for debugging, Features nylon hook and loop (velcro) fastener for easy application. Flat Cable Shield Jacket (ECBR-CF Series)Lightweight and flexible cable shielding material, Features nylon hook and loop fastener for easy application. Conductive silicone gaskets are soft, elastic, and compressible for being placed in grooves in any application. When environmental shielding is required, CSR is a carbon filled silicone rubber gasket that can provide the protection against damage from rain, sun, wind, and dust.
This popular conductive cushion gasket, EZ-Foam™, has the unique combination of high conductivity in all X, Y and Z-axes, excellent EMI shielding, great grounding capabilities, as well as shock absorption.
Traditionally seen in all EMI labs, these EMI shielding tapes come with conductive adhesive that has excellent conformity. Conductive Cu Tape Halogen Free: IMCU-HF seriesEMI conductive tapes are the solutions for shielding against EMI noise. Conductive AL Tape Halogen Free: IMAL-HF seriesEMI conductive tapes are the solutions for shielding against EMI noise. Conductive Fabric Tape Halogen Free (Ripstop): IMCF-HF SeriesEMI conductive tapes are the solutions for shielding against EMI noise. Conductive Embossed Cu Tape Halogen Free: IMEC-HF SeriesEmbossed parts of the metal foil make direct contact with the object.
Embossed Conductive Tape Halogen Free: CCTE SeriesUnique Embossed Structure Enables Direct Contact with the Substrate.
This extremely transparent, thin, light weight, easy to cut and electrically conductive film is great for windows, LCD screens, and other displays.
EMI Shielding: Transparent Conductive Film WINAL 75-080Excellent EMI shielding around LCDs and other display screens. Ultra-slim conductive film made by multi-layer thin film technology, this product provides excellent heat resistance and chemical resistance by PPS film used as a base material?with stable performance and corrosion resistance by multi-layered SUS and Cu.?Halogen-free and flame retardant type. Meshes are traditionally specified in terms of material, wire treatment, count (opi) and thickness. Optical Filters has developed EmiClare a new generation of emi shielding using a mesh that has been specifically designed for shielding displays. The laminate build and the step profile must be co-ordinated to ensure that the step finishes in a substrate The busbar must include the face that sections the mesh.
If a gasket is used, the step depth should be designed to allow for the correct compression of the gasket On compression, the conductive surface of the gasket should maximize contact area with the busbar. An effective compression gasket can be formed by taking the mesh over a compression gasket material such as neoprene. For large windows such as rack enclosure doors, a cost effective option is to cut the mesh extension close to the edge of the window and finish it with a conductive tape carried over to both faces of the window. EmiClare Ultra windows are made to order and can be supplied with the following termination options. EmiClare Ultra can be made from a very small single LED size up to the very large sizes often used on public information displays or shielded rooms.
With optional surface finishes of Non-Glare dispersive etch or Multi-layer Anti-reflective coating. Glass is strengthened due to the lamination process but can also be further improved with Chemical toughening.
Polycarbonate is stronger and lighter than glass and is supplied with either a clear hard coating for its chemical resistance and surface hardness or a matte, non-glare finish to control surface reflections.

Optical Filters is dedicated to providing its customers with products and services of the highest quality standard and is committed to the continual improvement of performance and environmental quality within its business. EmiClare windows provide exceptional optical performance without sacrificing the characteristics of EMI shielding. The unique EmiClare mesh configuration eliminates the complexity of wire types, mesh counts and plated finishes found in conventional windows. Between 10 and 100 MHz, Optical Filters has found that traditional terminations with a silver busbar contacting the cross section of the wire are ineffective.
Parker Chomerics Duralan IIa„? unshielded windows are used to protect and enhance your custom display product. Parker Chomerics offers various EMI shielding options such as wire mesh, ITO films and coatings. Our Integrated Display products are an excellent solution for integrated turn key display assemblies where high performance is desired.
NOTICE: The information contained herein is to the best of our knowledge true and accurate. EmiClare is the range of micro-replicated conductive grids, woven wire mesh and conductive coatings designed to provide the optimum optical performance whilst making your display or touch screen RFI compliant.
Advanced thermoset CR39 optical sheet technology by PPG industries, combines optical quality and chemical resistance of glass with the lightweight performance of plastic. 3M™ Protection Films help protect displays and touch screens against damage that can occur from the rigors of everyday use. We stock and process the highest quality display glass with a variety of thickness and surface finish options such as fine matt anti-glare, multi layer anti-reflective, conductive ITO coatings etc. Transparent colored glass, polycarbonate, acrylic and PSS-3000 are used for contrast enhancement, color conversion and correction on VFD, LCD, CRT and LED displays as well as for lighting in illumination application. Linear and circular PVAL based technical polarizers filters for the enhancement of displays, 3D systems and sensors. Also known as Light Control Films (LCF), control the distribution of light perpendicular to the louver structure. Blocking and reflecting near infra-red frequencies reduce the heat loading of displays in direct sun light preventing overheating and black out failure of public information displays, signage and kiosks. Optical Filters specialise in the enhancement of all types of touch screens for use in non-standard applications.
Touch screens displays with higher brightness and low reflectivity are more readable in sunlight.
Used to de-frost, de-mist and maintain optimum operating temperatures in cold and severe climate.
Optical Filters have a comprehensive range of products to protect and enhance your display.
Optical Filters are a strategic partner for 3m Optical Films, we stock, distribute and fabricate protection, light control and display enhancement films which improve the durability and readability of displays and touch screens.
The elimination of the air gap between the display and the cover glass or touch screen by proprietary Viz-Bond is what defines this process. Excluding visible and ultraviolet light, these acrylic filters transmit the broad band infrared region. CR-39, or allyl diglycol carbonate (ADC), is a plastic polymer commonly used in the manufacture of eyeglass lenses. TEMPEST is a codename referring to investigations and studies of compromising emission (CE) (see Van Eck phreaking).
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), nuclear magnetic resonance imaging (NMRI), or magnetic resonance tomography (MRT) is a medical imaging technique used in radiology to visualize detailed internal structures.
A Faraday cage or Faraday shield is an enclosure formed by conducting material or by a mesh of such material. Because of this utilizing EMI shielding methods and materials is crucial to the safety, reliable, and long lasting functioning of all electronics. This method of solving EMI issues keeps EMI noise out (susceptibility) or in (emissions) and is a very effective method for emission and immunity issues. This thin, cost effective conductive gasket material is a flexible, versatile solution for limited space applications including smart phones, tablet PCs, navigation systems, and many more applications. EMI shielding materials offer cable shielding components as well such as our cable shielding jackets and our EMI heat shrink tubes. KITAGAWA INDUSTRIES America offers transparent EMI window shielding flim that comes with adhesive for easy installation. The tubing consists of R-46846 polyolefin with the inside being coated with highly conductive silver polymer. It’s a very thin, light weight, flexible, easy to cut, and versatile solution for limited space applications including smart phones, tablet PCs, navigation systems, and many more applications.

Depending on the termination required it could be extended over one or both surfaces of the window. Unless there is a special gasket requirement, this termination is not recommended on the basis of cost. This is preferable to a simple mesh extension, which from our experience, is often torn when handling large windows. The data is based on an extensive development program followed by testing in accredited test houses in the USA and England. Our Duralan IIa„? product line offers surface finishes including Anti-Glare ,Hard Coated Finishes and Anti-Reflection Coatings.
Our next generation Win-Shielda„? mesh provides our customers high EMI shielding options with enhanced light transmission. However, since the varied conditions of potential use are beyond our control, all recommendations or suggestions are presented without guarantee or responsibility on our part and users should make their own tests to determine the suitability of our products in any specific situation.
Ideal for all displays sizes up to 60” it's the best combination of high shielding attenuation and light transmission available.
We offer both glass and plastic options and can provide these in raw sheets, as finished cut filters or fully assembled solutions made in our clean rooms. Options of glossy, low reflectance and anti-reflective matt finishes all engineered with a low-tack adhesive for easy application and removal.
Solutions such as light management films, polarizers, anti-reflective finishes and optical bonding improve the contrast ratio and brightness of the displays and touch screens.
Our expertise in optical lamination, EMI shielding and display enhancements means we can customize the sensor to meet your specification. We make touch screens EMC compliant for medical, military and TEMPEST applications by the integration of low resistance ITO coatings, fine wire mesh and micro-replicated LaserMesh or MicroMesh. Solutions such as polarisation, anti-reflective films and optical bonding improve the contrast ratio and brightness of the touch screens. ThermoClare is an ITO coated transparent heater which can integrated to the rear of the touch screen. We offer both glass and plastic options and can provide these in raw sheet or as finished cut filters or fully assembled solutions in our clean rooms. ThermoClare is an ITO coated transparent heater which can be as simple as a single layer glass or an integrated part of the display assembly. These filters are used in many infrared application such as sensors, scanners and photometric systems including IR touch screens and data collection cameras.
Compromising emanations are defined as unintentional intelligence-bearing signals which, if intercepted and analyzed, may disclose the information transmitted, received, handled, or otherwise processed by any information-processing equipment. MRI makes use of the property of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) to image nuclei of atoms inside the body. Overall, enclosures surrounding any part must be complete and without large openings or apertures that may act as slit antennas.
These emi shielding products do away with complicated and unnecessary specification of wire count (opi), thickness and treatment. It is effective if a combination gasket is required to give both an environmental and rfi seal. Duralan IIa„? windows available in glass and plastic are an excellent product for displays that require mechanical chemical protection in demanding medical, industrial and general use applications. These surface finishes will increase the overall light transmission, reduces glare and reflection and provide a scratch resistant surface. Our ITO product line offers increased light transmission and superior EMI shielding properties for all window solutions. This product is sold without warranty either expressed or implied, of fitness for a particular purpose or otherwise, except that this product shall be of standard quality, and except to the extent otherwise stated Chomericsa€™ invoice, quotation, or order acknowledgement. We disclaim any and liability incurred in connection with the use of information contained herein, or otherwise. Our optical window line can be custom designed to provide a variety of solutions for your display needs. Various buss bar configurations are available for termination to the chassis ground plane.
Furthermore, nothing contained herein shall be construed as a recommendation to use any process or to manufacture or to use any product in conflict with existing or future patents covering any product or material or its use.

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