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Trade Union Governmental ContractsCatalogs are provided to governments interested in trading with Awyyn. Wincott started as a household shop nearly two hundred years ago, initially selling little more then appliances.
These catalogs provide a detailed summary of that which the Empire is willing to export and import through regular contracting.
The Labs are were most R&D takes place for the companies newest innovations and designs.
As time went on and the company grew Wincott expanded its sales, and opened numerous shops nationwide. To assist you Wincott has prepared a series of catalogs to aid in your shopping experience. With restrictions on the Caste System now removed Wincott was free to expand into business that just a few generations prior they could have only dreamed of.
Trade Contracts may only be negotiated with legal representatives of governments, or companies representing government interests.
Please note that Wincott will release updated catalogs regularly, and it is recommended that you check regularly as to avoid missing out on our great products.
Elite security systems, weapons testing, and the drone program of Awyyn's army are all carried out under contract by Wincott Labs. Government Contracts are not subject to tariff laws on imports or exports, and only the base purchase plus transport costs are utilized. The modern day corporation is still family owned, and has dealings from Agriculture to Transport, and has even obtained a contract for the construction of weapons for the Awyyn Military.
The design is now being sold by Wincott publicly with 60% of the sticker price going directly to the IAHS.
When the borders of the nation were open Wincott Enterprises eagerly awaited the opportunity to sell on an international scale.
This trade is carried out literally, and we trade for products listed in our Import Catalogs in amounts of Equal or Greater Value.
The Medicus was designed to transport supplies, and personnel in an armored and secure vehicle through potentially hostile terrain in conjunction with the Armored Ambulances utilized by the IAHS. The master mind behind the Imperial Trade Union, current CEO Amelia Wincott has been awarded the responsibility of overseeing the inflow and outflow of trade between Awyyn and foreign nations.
Please note that the ITU will make regular inspections to ensure that negotiated terms are being followed by all parties involved.
It is not designed for military usage, and is rather centered around civilian operated humanitarian organizations. 50% of Wincott Enterprises is currently owned by the government, while the rest is still owned by the Wincott family. While the cost is a bit extravagant the model is durable, long lasting, can traverse varied terrain, and eco-friendly. Wincott Enterprises primarily exports land and water based transportation, though it does offer a very small and limited assortment of military vehicles and drones that it is authorized to sell to foreign governments. The Police and Security variant comes equipped with shatter proof glass, and internal barriers for holding prisoners in the rear four seats. Though Wincott is permitted to sell military equipment it does so with government oversight. Developed with water transport in mind, the Blis is capable of transporting any type of liquid in its thick tank. Durable design for use in harsh environments, the Blis was built with terrain coverage in mind. All trade contracts are negotiable, though a standard trade contract will last only for a specified amount of time with a granted discount both for the contract and bulk order. Tariffs, and local trading laws are subject to change, and are not within company jurisdiction.
This is done with the intention of providing the best deal for both parties.Should you wish to trade something not listed in a catalog please make a request.
The LZ Avatar is equipped with numerous features, and a nice price tag making this a vehicle for the rich, celebrity, and high socialites of the world.
We only accept orders made in appropriate RP formats.Due to local law Wincott Enterprises is unable to export munitions at this time.

With a top speed of 265 MPH, and a look that will have the girls swooning it is the demanded birthday gift of rich teenage boys everywhere. While not the finest, or most secure transport around its reliability, cargo capacity, and cost-effective price make it an excellent choice from poor and small force, to rich and large forces.
This does not affect the export of weapon system, which may still be exported with the purchased product.
While the Avatar may cost a small fortune it is a car that is guaranteed to run for a long time, and be one of the safest luxury cars on the market to date.
Orders may still be placed for restricted products, however various security checks will be made before Wincott finalizes the transaction.
This is to help prevent highly volatile and dangerous equipment from falling into the wrong hands. The Tank Trailer for hauling vehicles, and the Cargo Container which is an enclosed metal cargo trailer for the transport of supplies and munitions. With a removable top and large size this two door, four passenger monster is ready to prove that bigger is most certainly better. With a frame made completely of galvanized steel the X13 promises to be a durable and hearty vehicle. Additionally in the event that a military grade product should slip through our fingers and be placed in the wrong hands Wincott will take full responsibility, and do everything in its power to regain the product in question. The X13 has capabilities similar to the Acadia Land Rover, with less passenger space, making it an ideal government agent vehicle. Designed for the family who wishes to spend a day on the water, or make the short trip between small islands. The Diamond is in a class of its own with a sleek exterior design, an extravagant interior, and an entire host of goodies that will leave its opulent passengers absolutely drooling at the mouth. Rapid fire, speed, medium grade armor, and advanced radar systems are the trademarks of the Zephyr.
An all terrain vehicle the Zephyr can go anywhere, and bring the hurt to your enemy in the sky. Designed to carry the rich and extravagant across the world, along with their favorite coupe or sportster.
The newer CX-8 model is slightly larger then her counterpart, featuring the inclusion of exterior decks a feature which the CX-7 lacks. Capable of crossing the ocean in the grandest of luxury the Eminence can take you on a vast tour of the world. The Eminence may not be fastest, or most advanced Yacht in the world but it offers luxury, comfort, and distance unrivaled by any.
Larger then many similar classed subs, the Siren requires a smaller overall crew thanks to a large amount of sophisticated and automated computer systems. Advanced sensor and navigation suites, and impressive arsenal capabilities are the standards of the Siren. If your disposable income does not number in the billions you may as well close this catalog now.
The first foray into catamaran type ships made by Wincott, and the success of the line is something that is currently in question.
Designed for anti-infantry duties, and is highly effective at hit-and-run tactics as well as clearing out groups of unsuspecting enemy infantry.
With its size, durability, and smaller price tag it is hoped by Wincott that Viscounts will prove a popular line among those who cannot afford the larger vessels, and is looking for a smaller and uniquely designed yacht.
Lock-on is achieved via built in laser, or a spotter which paints a target for the drones targeting system. Designed for those that lack the wealth to own a private island, while maintaining a sense of a natural island. Both models are highly susceptible to frag grenades, EMP, heavy munitions, and vehicle collision.
Now is the chance to have the tropical paradise you've always dreamed of, for a substantial price of course.
Once ammo is depleted the Chimera can be re-armed by infield friendlies, or by returning to its launch site. Requires little maintenance and can operate with a small crew thanks to much of the ship being computer controlled. Currently four Retreat Class Yachts are in use in the Kieran Archipelago of the Empire as tourist liners owned and operated by Wincott Enterprises.

They traverse the entirety of the island chain daily filled with guests who enjoy a semi-private paradise setting.
A supply and transport drone operating on 8 wheels the Pheonix is capable of navigating a wide variety of terrain. Unlike our other drones the Phoenix is designed for both civilian and military use, with long term field deployment in mind. Bearing such deployment in mind the Phoenix comes equipped with deployable solar panels for recharging.
Another unique feature is its ability to cross small bodies of water, unrivaled by any current transport drone on the market. With over 50 years of production and service the Imperial is still one of the best lines ever produced, favored by many for its traditional design and comfort. While not offering the speed and luxurious accommodations of newer design, it is still a magnificent vessel. Design from long range travel and cruising with comfort for a minimal amount of passengers.
Recommended that the Phoenix is left outside of immediate battlezone if possible.The ExA-88 Drake is a new and somewhat experimental semi-autonomous assault drone. The Atlantis Class is a gargantuan vessel, and takes a place as one of the largest lines ever developed. An all wheel drive death machine capable of being deployed in a wide variety of environments, though specifically aimed towards Urban Warfare. Providing luxury, entertainment, and comfort unrivaled by any cruise ship in operation the Atlantis Class is truly the ship for those cruise industries desiring to reach the top. While useful in hit-and-run tactics and as a support unit the Drake is an assault force all its own in the hands of a talented operator.
The Kieran Board of Tourism found it needing an increased level of housing and hotel accommodations to tend to their rising tourism industry; though they lacked the space to do so without damaging local natural features. Due to both the technological advancements and danger associate with the Drake sales are closely monitored and restricted. As a solution Wincott Enterprises designed the Lotus Housing System to be deployed off land in the calm bay areas throughout the island chain. The very epitome of luxury for either permanent housing, or temporary luxury accommodations.
Restrictions do not apply to Allies of Awyyn and Wincott Enterprises.The 001VTOL Search and Rescue Drone was designed primarily for use by the Imperial Humanitarian and Aid Service and the Awyyn Coast Guard. For safety reasons it is recommended that the Lotus Housing System be vacated prior to being moved for the safety of residents.A bunker available for purchase by government officials, military powers, conspiracy theorists, or the general gun nut. It was decided by Wincott Engineers that an aerial drone platform would be better suited for the support role desired. While you wont likely survive an extended nuclear war in the Hidden House you can live with the promise of self sufficiency for a minimum of three years.
Not only would it be able to hit targets that a ground based drone may have difficulty with, but it would also prove an excellent diversion for ground forces. While the drone has thus far tested well, it has been discovered that its operational lifespan decreases during combat operations due to the increase stress put on the unit during battle maneuvers. The Sovereign Office Suite is designed as an all in one desk at your fingertips in comfort. It is recommended that allied personal keep the Vengeance in site at all times during battle. Early trial runs proved a success and the final product was presented to the Emperor who was completely satisfied. Intact gun systems can be removed from a downed Vengeance unit for infield operation by friendly units.While the Zephyr AA Tank has proven a worthwhile defensive tank, it has been decided a more cost efficient AA solution would be needed for Imperial Forces operating in hostile theaters. The system is stored underneath the chair itself, and can be accessed by opening the foot stool. While the Aardvark is relatively easily it destroyed, due to its cheap price tag it can be deployed in bulk.
This does however raise the Aardvarks mortality rate by providing an enemy with a very volatile target.The first jet based drone system built by Wincott.

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