The Israel Air Force announced that it had returned from a week of joint maneuvers with Italy over Sardinia that included long-range flights, midair refueling and complicated bombing runs.
The Jericho III ICBM equipped with a nuclear warhead provides Israel with a powerful deterrent against a nuclear Iran. That would be the equivalent of a Wag the Dog scenario by the Obama Administration that frankly seems incredible. China has passed controversial new anti-terrorism laws, saying they are needed to combat growing threats.
National security experts gathered for a discussion about Iran hosted by EMPact America earlier this week. Center for Security Policy Gaffney said, “This is a catastrophe that we cannot fix after it happens. The national security issue was approached in a bipartisan manner, a real rarity in Washington. Iran nuclear deal opponents are concerned that the highly controversial plan could ultimately pave the way for an EMP on the United States. Opponents of the Iran nuclear deal from both parties have argued against the process used to approve the agreement.
Tehran has been suspected of plotting to take down the United States power grid for many years, a Washington Examiner report revealed. An EMP, or electromagnetic pulse attack, can occur when a nuclear weapon (not necessarily of the long-range variety) is launched into the upper atmosphere. When a congressional committee was tasked with investigating the impact an EMP attack would have on the United States in 2004, the group determined that approximately half of all Americans would be dead just a single year following such a the end of the world as we know it (TEOTWAWKI) event. Pry and others who study and work in the national security and survival field believe that Iran could launch an EMP attack off the East Coast of via a missile launched from a satellite.

When the lights go out, the food supply chain will be broken, heating a home will only be possible for those with woodstoves or fireplaces, emergency assistance will not be readily available because calling 911 will no longer be an option, and the 7,000 or so planes that are typically in the sky above America at any given time will likely fall to the ground and spark multiple fires. A cutting edge blog of Politics, News, Crime, and Culture from a Conservative POV Somebody has to put their foot down, and that foot is me! FAIR WARNING-Due to high volume of Anonymous spam comments Anonymous comments will be automatically deleted. Mark Levin, Creative Commons I checked off Erick Erickson as conservative not worth the time of day months ago. Share Tweet Pin Plus LinkedIn Reddit StumbleUpon Digg Email Print Obama would let them do this and blame Bush. American defense experts made the discovery while translating a secret Iranian military handbook, raising new concerns about Tehran’s recent nuclear talks with the administration. On Thursday, the Home Front Command held a large-scale civil defense exercise aimed at preparing the public for missile attacks in the center of the country. This despite an assessment by Iranian Defector and ex-CIA spy Reza Khalili in a recent report in the Washington Times  who said that Iran already has nuclear arms.Debka speculates that recent IAF joint maneuvers in Italy with NATO Air Force units are a prelude to unleashing a possible attack involving the US, UK and Israel directed out of Washington.
The big question looming on the minds of United States’ officials is how to make sure Tehran terminates enough of its atomic activity to thwart the ability to make a nuclear bomb and launch an EMP attack any time soon.
Spence National Defenses Authorization Act in 2001 to protect the power grid and other vital pieces of infrastructure from both natural and man-made disaster.
The EMP Commission was terminated in 2008, even though the threat of such an attack still looms and steps to protect our power grid remain untaken. A history of failures by Iranian leaders to uphold agreements and treaties with other nations has prompted renewed concerns about the Obama administration plan, the Blaze reports.
Iran’s history of failing to uphold existing treaties and agreements has been put in the spotlight, as has the direct threat to the state of Israel.

Such an attack would most likely take down the antiquated and overly-taxed American power grid.
Some military and survival experts feel the estimate is far too generous, and up to 80 percent of the populace would perish after such an apocalyptic event. Doubtless an Israeli EMP attack would cause thousands of whirling centrifuges enriching uranium at the Natanz cascade hall and the Bushehr nuclear plant producing plutonium to be shut down.
There are some who  believe with the withdrawal of US forces from Iraq and re-deployment to Kuwait and the Emirates might facilitate such an Iran attack scenario. EMPact America is now leading the charge to pressure Congress into reinstating the EMP Commission. The commission was originally created by a Republican-majority and reestablished when Democrats were in charge. If the EMP apogee was low enough, then according to Timmerman, it would largely spare Iran’s agrarian rural areas and the country’s bread basket. The Islamic regime and industrial infrastructure concentrated in the Tehran region could collapse. Moreover, he said, the neighboring Gulf region would be spared collateral effects. The Israelis hope that Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei, President Ahmadinejad and the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) leaders got the message behind the ICBM test on Wednesday.

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