Iran nuclear deal opponents are concerned that the highly controversial plan could ultimately pave the way for an EMP on the United States. Opponents of the Iran nuclear deal from both parties have argued against the process used to approve the agreement.
Tehran has been suspected of plotting to take down the United States power grid for many years, a Washington Examiner report revealed. An EMP, or electromagnetic pulse attack, can occur when a nuclear weapon (not necessarily of the long-range variety) is launched into the upper atmosphere. When a congressional committee was tasked with investigating the impact an EMP attack would have on the United States in 2004, the group determined that approximately half of all Americans would be dead just a single year following such a the end of the world as we know it (TEOTWAWKI) event.
Pry and others who study and work in the national security and survival field believe that Iran could launch an EMP attack off the East Coast of via a missile launched from a satellite. When the lights go out, the food supply chain will be broken, heating a home will only be possible for those with woodstoves or fireplaces, emergency assistance will not be readily available because calling 911 will no longer be an option, and the 7,000 or so planes that are typically in the sky above America at any given time will likely fall to the ground and spark multiple fires.
With the previous article as prologue, we turn to the review of the work at hand a€“ One Second After, by William R. It is of such a degree that the usual survivalist reaction of stocking up on water, food, medication and, yes, the weapons necessary to ensure survival will not be sufficient for the relentless decades-long echo from the EMP effects.A  How long will it take to rebuild the electrical grid?A  Can we rebuild it? A good reason to invest in an old manual car, one where switches are mechanical and there was a carburetor…even if the EMP fries your battery a clutch-start will get it running and the battery will recharge.
At the time the nuclear devices were tested and the resulting damage that the EMP created was noted, the electrical grid was not as large, and a number of American families were not yet dependent upon the grid and there were not that many devices, which would have been affected by an EMP.
Whether the damage will be as extensive as some experts claim today is yet to be determined.
One problem is that it may take days for information to filter down to the citizen level that it was an EMP attack. Those that live in a heavily populated metropolitan area will, in all likelihood, suffer the most from an attack. In some extreme cases, you could take over a bottom floor apartment if the other occupants evacuated. You might assume that the government would counter to prevent another attack, but you could not count on retaliatory action to be successful. Martial Law may be enacted and this could mean the military could provide generators for temporary shelters. The type of civil unrest may be different from what we have seen in the past when riots focused on a particular event that occurred locally. You would have to bug-out before the riots began if you expected to be able to get clear of the city.
Most people could not, or would not make the decision to leave minutes after the power went out. What would cause violence and riots more than anything else would be the lack of necessities.

The authorities would be aware of this fact, but whether they can do anything about it is another story.
Some people have actually stated, whether jokingly or not, that they welcome a power grid failure for various reasons. Food poisoning cases will rise and so will deaths from drinking bad water or from lack of water, lack of heat or from lack of air conditioning. A “military-style” attack on a California power station was first thought to be vandalism, but then escalated to an FBI-involved investigation. The director of the National Security Agency has acknowledged that China is capable of using a cyber attack to shut down our power grid. But when discussing electromagnetic pulse attacks and the insecurity of our power grid, there are groups that have organized seeking to thwart such scenarios. The detonation of a ballistic missile a few hundred miles over our atmosphere could wipe out our entire infrastructure, sending the country back to the 1800s.
Cost, he explained, could be broken down to a per subscriber level, or each subscriber would pay about 25 to 50 cents per year for 10 years.
Legislation to help the government strengthen our power grid’s security has never made it out of committee. A history of failures by Iranian leaders to uphold agreements and treaties with other nations has prompted renewed concerns about the Obama administration plan, the Blaze reports.
Iran’s history of failing to uphold existing treaties and agreements has been put in the spotlight, as has the direct threat to the state of Israel. Such an attack would most likely take down the antiquated and overly-taxed American power grid.
Some military and survival experts feel the estimate is far too generous, and up to 80 percent of the populace would perish after such an apocalyptic event. That nearly 2 in 3 Americans would perish in the resultant waves of disease and starvation because the land will not support the food needs of our current population clustering and density?
Anyone that has been paying attention has likely gathered information about an EMP, and thus, has a reasonable expectation about what may happen. Experts do know the damage that can be caused by an EMP resulting from a nuclear detonation however, because nuclear devices were tested decades ago.
As with any crisis there are varying degrees, but an EMP attack, regardless of severity, will have an impact on everyone.
People living in apartment buildings, for example, may have to leave, because it will become too dangerous to live in a high rise apartment building without electricity.
Being at ground level provides greater options, mainly you can extract yourself more easily if the building is torched or overrun by looters or gangs.
However, the fact there was one attack means there would be a high probability of other attacks, so there may be rolling blackouts if you will. This means that if you did bug-out to another area, you may encounter the same problem, but now you have left your home, and getting back home may prove to be an even bigger challenge.

However, in the case of an attack against the country all of the people would have a common enemy, one that attacked the nation as a whole. This is all conjecture of course, but certain events in the past have proven that the nation tends to come together when people feel the entire country has been attacked. You would naturally want more information, but it would be difficult to get any information in the hours after. It may even be an accident that causes an EMP that would result in a grid failure just like a nuclear detonation could be an accident. My personal view is that this was a dress rehearsal,” said Mark Johnson, a former PG&E executive, at a press conference on grid security.
One power company claimed that it defends itself against 10,000 attempted cyber attacks a month.
How many even think about, much less plan for this kind of scenario?A  To be sure, there are a certain percentage of fatalists out there, but by far there are many more who are complacent about being prepared until the crisis is nearly on top of them (witness the run on stores on the eve of a blizzard or hurricane) and when disaster does strike, there is an expectation for assistance from first responders that exceeds availability rather than fending for ones’ self.A  So what is one to do? This means that not that many people would be contemplating evacuation in the first 24 to 48 hours. You do not want to be living on the 10th floor without elevators, smoke alarms, and sprinkler systems or without heat or air conditioning. The highways, side streets, and bridges would be gridlocked, and any vehicle that operates would be a prime target, so it may be commandeered by the authorities or you could be carjacked. However, more citizens than not will likely rally together, and the anarchists, antagonist, and other trouble makers may be dealt with quickly by other citizens. You may not have to worry about looters because so-called friends and neighbors may turn on you for what little you may have. The ones that secretly wish for it to happen will be in for a rude awakening, because they have over anticipated their own abilities. Folks did it because they were trained to do it,” said Cooper about the “Prepper” movement. Untold numbers of others will die because they will attempt to cobble together generators and from tinkering with equipment and tools with which they have no experience. We will be trying to survive the fallout, trying to survive without a food and water supply chain.
Without medical care and trying to survive without help from the local authorities, that do more for our very existence than we may realize until we have to survive without it.

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