This custom Polaris Ranger Aftermarket accessory from Extreme Metal Products expands your carrying capacity, and offers durable, long-lasting performance. Buyer Must Provide a Commercial Address with Loading Dock capable of typical 18 wheeler freight carrier. If you are unable to provide a commercial address with loading dock, please contact us so we may arrange shipment to a 3rd party close to your location.
In order to lock your tailgate you must add a padlock hasp on the inside of your cargo area (not included).

The roof is wear the complete system need to be, because that the last place any mud or water will get to. This cover is made special for the Full Size Ranger and is laser cut from .090 inch thick 5052 Aircraft Grade Aluminum. I don't care how water resistant the system is, its going to last longer above your head and I think the sound will be exactly were you need it to be. It is texture black powder coated, will be compatible with most cabs and can installed or removed in minutes.

Some great features of this be are the two cargo doors that have lockable slam latches and gas struts, and your tailgate will still open after the cover is installed. You can add the option to lock your tailgate by purchasing a padlock hasp on the inside of your cargo area (this is NOT included).

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