Radio Frequency (RF) filters are designed to remove unwanted conducted interference in all forms of conductor cables and are an essential part of any RF shielded facility aimed towards keeping out electrical interference. EEP RF filters are tested to ensure very high attenuation to both symmetric and asymmetric interference.
Installation of Radio Frequency Filters reduces susceptibility of equipment to electro-magnetic interference.
When a standard RF filter is not sufficient, EEP undertakes the hardening of critical facilities against the damaging and disrupting effects of an Electromagnetic Pulse, by installing EMP filters. EMP Protection generally comprises of a Faraday cage coupled with the necessary electrical filters and surge suppression systems.
This EMP protection can take the form of a room or a whole building, or alternatively EEP can manufacture and supply EMP protected enclosures, cabinets or doors. To ensure compliance with the high international performance standards needed to protect key infrastructure installations, EEP developed specific test equipment for this critical task. These high performance range of single phase and three phase telephone and control line filters are specifically designed to prevent interference from Electromagnetic pulses. EEP EMP filters are designed for pulse performance and protect the incoming supply, as well as protecting against surges produced from solar flares, nuclear weapons and lightning strikes.
The carefully designed HEMP filters can be developed for any military, homeland security, public utility or commercial application.
The comprehensive range of EMP filters, including Standard Performance Filters, Extended Performance Filters, Control Line and Telephone Line are manufactured according to the highest standard, and can be utilised for a variety of applications worldwide. This range of single and three phase power filters meet the PCI (Pulse Current Injection) requirements to filter Mil Std 188-125 E1 and E2 pulses. All lines are individually filtered and feature inductive input, offering superior transient handling and good continuous EMC wave performance, even on low source supplies.
These Extended Performance Filters provide increased insertion loss performance, specifically for applications where additional performance is required over normal EMP capabilities. All lines feature high-energy varistor transient suppressors, to offer superior continuous wave EMC performance in a small package.
These multi-line EMP protection filters are specifically for control lines and are suitable to be used in various EMP protected installations.
All lines are individually filtered and feature inductive input, to offer both good continuous wave EMC performance and superior transient handling performance. A range of telephone protection filters are available for EMP protected installations meeting PCI requirements of Mil Std 188-125 E1 and E2 pulses. Some rogue states have developed an ability to deliver a light missile payload to the necessary altitude for an EMP attack.

The United States military services have developed, and in some cases have published, hypothetical EMP attack scenarios that are likely to be much more technically accurate than those that appear in the popular press. The United States EMP Commission was authorized by the United States Congress in Fiscal Year 2001, and re-authorized in Fiscal Year 2006.
The general consensus in the community of scientists and military who deal with EMP on a day to day basis, is that a solar or military EMP is not a question of if, it is only a question of when. A nuclear explosion produces an electronic wave, and the generated electromagnetic field may damage electrical or electronic equipment. The electromagnetic field may totally destroy some electronic parts and confuse other equipments. Thus, for CBR(chemical, biological and radiological) protection facility level 1, 2, you have to be equipped with the proper protection facilities.
EMP is an abbreviation for Electromagnetic Pulse and a form of EMI which is characterised in that the electromagnetic field has a short rise time and very high intensity. NEMP (Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse), which is caused by nuclear explosions in the atmosphere.
An exact specification of requirements must therefore contain an indication of a test standard which specifies the distance between aerials and shield as well as attenuation requirements for magnetic field, electrical field and plane waves at stated frequency ranges. To implement effective EMP protection, you must have the following standard equipment and products accredited by domestic or overseas authorities. EMP Doors, EMP Beehive-shaped Vents, Gas Shut-off Connecting Pipes for Electricity and Piping, EMP Breakers, EMP Filters to protect Electrical Wires. Our Bullet Resistant Glass Systems offer you an unparalleled combination of visual clarity and superior attack and ballistic protection, making them the most effective protective glass product available today!
We can custom-develop systems for a variety of ballistic, forced-entry and impact-resistant applications, including automobiles, aircraft, boats, prisons, guardhouses, courthouses, law enforcement facilitates and retail stores. For over 15 years our Bullet Resistant Glass Systems have offered our customers an unparalleled combination of visual clarity and superior attack and ballistic protection We can custom-develop systems for a variety of ballistic, forced-entry and impact-resistant applications, including automobiles, aircraft, boats, prisons, guardhouses, courthouses, law enforcement facilitates and retail stores.
Bulldog Direct Protective Systems Security Glass Clad Laminates provide long-lasting protection against moderate ballistic and forced entry threats. Vehicle Safety Glass offers protection from: Anti-theft, anti-riot, anti-physical assault, ballistic protection, and discreet protection.
Bulldog Direct’s Transaction Windows are a complete turnkey system, consisting of a bullet resistant frame, bullet resistant glass, a deal tray with a shelf and a speak-thru. In addition to our various Bullet Resistant Flat Glass Systems we now offer a full line of accessories: Bullet Resistant Frames, Deal Trays and Speak-Thrus.
All cables - power, signal, data and communications (both copper and fibre optic) entering and exiting the protected area need to be suitably protected.

Nuclear electromagnetic bombs have three distinct time components that result from different physical phenomena.
Nuclear weapons in general have a much heavier missile payload, however advanced weapons design enables larger weapon yields with lighter weight.
The commission is formally known as the Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack. It can be used to interrupt enemies, can be made to detonate highly effective explosive compounds and destroy enemy electronic equipment and electrical circuits during a war. For this purpose, it is necessary to plan design standards, constructions, and operations to ensure that systems in place are adequate, and among the basic requirements would be the installation of an EMP Door. For waves which are not plane, the distance from the EMP source to the shield and whether the measurement is to refer to the magnetic field or the electrical field will also be of decisive importance to the shield's ability to fulfil a desired degree of shielding. We custom fabricate each system to meet your unique specifications and to fit within your budget.
Our glass laminates can be shaped to fit OEM specs for windshields and other curved surfaces. It is difficult to know if any particular rogue state has the necessary combination of advanced missile technology and nuclear weapons technology to perform an effective nuclear EMP attack over an industrialized country.
An offshore detonation at high altitude, by contrast, would present less technical difficulty and would disrupt both an entire coast and regions hundreds of miles inland (e.g. Our flat glass systems are fabricated using the latest equipment: high- temperature, computerized slumping and forming ovens.
When Bulldog Direct develops a bullet resistant system, visibility is never compromised for safety. In the report, predictions run as high as 90% of the population would die off in the year after an EMP because of the complete collapse of our infrastructure. We have found innovative ways, ranging from chemical treatments to advanced materials, to combine visual clarity with superior attack and ballistic protection. And because spalling (the spray of glass fragments on impact) can be as damaging as the threat the glass stopped, we offer a full line of low-spall and no-spall barriers for many applications.

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