Primarily defensive in nature, mines provide the means to deny the energy the use of an area or channel an enemy's movement into a predictable route. This final catch-all category includes exotic weapons belonging to both Human and Cybrid forces. The Army is small, but a deadly fighting force.MechsThe Type 01 Akito is a fast attack mech suit with two modes, "insect mode" and Mobile Suit mode.
Aircraft armaments are advanced weapons and modules that can be equipped on or used by interceptors in XCOM: Enemy Unknown.
All aircraft armaments manufactured in Engineering are immediately produced upon purchase and will benefit from any discounts available there. Once fabricated by Engineering, advanced aircraft weapon systems can be installed within the Hangar. Changing an interceptor's weapon loadout takes 24 hours, grounding the aircraft for that time.
Aircraft modules provide temporary combat bonuses for an interceptor pursuing a UFO; only one of each module can be used per aerial engagement. Inspired by information gathered by studying alien corpses, these modules become available following select alien autopsy research.
There are three types of UFO armaments, all of which have a range slightly beyond XCOM's maximum: 101.
The battlecruiser can use the Yamato Cannon to destroy it at a safe distance as well as other long range units such as guardians.
Large numbers of units like zerglings or marines can take the cannon out, as it isn't very efficient against multiple foes.
High damage foes, like archons or ultralisks, can deal large amounts of damage faster than the cannon can. As with all protoss units and buildings, EMP shockwaves from science vessels can render them without shields. Tau X-WeaponsCompiled by Shas'El TaelThe following weapons are scratch builds or a modification of current Tau weaponry. SidearmsMisriah W1000 Laser PistolCompact, lightweight, extremely accurate and easy to use, the Misriah W1000 is the standard-issue sidearm of the Imperial Military. It is capable of building vessels during flight, using drones to collect whatever resources are needed for the construction of said vessels.
When viewing the Ship List and highlighting an available interceptor, selecting 'Details' will bring up a report specific to that aircraft. Although the protoss revel in the glory of personal combat, they also recognize the need for automated defenses. Developed and produced by Misriah Armories on Mars in the 2130s, it eventually went on to replace the IMI Ayyah 991 10mm Pistol. It can reached speeds of up to 100 miles per hour and is armed with 2x WAW-04 30mm Linear Assault Rifles ?Judgement? (can be mounted on sides of cockpit) 2x fixed Uruna Edge knives (stored within arm shaft) and 2x stake-shaped Tonfas (stored on arms, handheld in use). From this screen, selecting 'Edit Loadout' will provide you the opportunity to change the weapons currently equipped. Both XCOM and alien craft have a base armor penetration value that is added to the armament's. As such, the cannon fires an encapsulated antimatter sphere similar to that generated by the dragoon, which can target air and ground targets. The Misriah fires a highly-concentrated beam of directed energy (or a "laser") capable of tearing through unarmored opponents with ease and (almost literally) "boiling" the plates on armored foes, turning their protection against them. It can also be fitted with guided missiles, rocket pods, anti tank 'sniper rifles', and the like. On top of that, the Misriah's adapted energy cells are high-capacity, capable of firing off 45 shots before it needs replacement. They are typically deployed alongside Type 05's or deployed behind enemy lines like special forces.

While the Type 01 is considered to be a mechanized IFV, the Typpe 05 Samurai is a main battle tank.
The favored sidearm of the Vanguard Corps, the SS12 is popular with officers, ECWs and all sorts of other niche combat roles that would favor impact over practicality. Holding seven rounds, the SS12 is most useful for penetrating power armor and taking down tough opponents, such as mutants.
A descendant of the AR series (which includes the M16, M4 and M199 assault rifles, all based on the same weapon used by America forces since 1963), the M26 is a bullpup assault rifle and standard-issue for the Army Corps, Naval Infantry and most other non-Vanguard combat troops.
Officers or specialists may have 2X swords or 2X Maser vibration swords.High ranking officers and some specialist forces can customize their Type 05's to fit their fighting styles or typical mission requirements. Parts are 2 FBS, 2nd one for the extra barrel length, and one of the command systems from the old XV8-Commander package (which might be hard to find now-days). While seemingly "simple", the M26 represents an apex in ballistic weaponry, being chambered for the signature plasma cartridge, allowing it to hit well above it's weight. With good accuracy, range, modifiability and fire rate, the M26 is reliable and dependable, and the best friend of many a rifleman.
It stands 4.84 meters tall and boasts two distinctive horn like projections coming out from the sides of its head.
Bulky, ugly and too fragile for it's own good, it's not hard to tell that the M88 is the close descendant of the first Gauss rifles fielded by the U.S military in the mid-21st century. These are actually enhanced communications and sensor arrays to allow for better battlefield awareness. However, despite all it's flaws, the M88 carries a redeeming factor that wins out over most of it's competition; raw power.
It also features enhanced close combat capabilities, a white cape, and additional ornamental waist armor.
The M88 is capable of firing tiny, supercharged 2mm electronic slugs at a target, devastating whatever might have been unfortunate enough to be on the other side.
While small in caliber, the unique shape of the 2mm cartridge and the physics behind the rifle itself allow the round to penetrate most anything (including the hardest sets of power armor, thick walls and even lesser armored vehicles), punching through the thick armor plating before the leftover electronic charge in the cartridge "ignites" the round and causes it to explode, ripping vulnerable bits of the target to shreds while rendering their protection moot. They can be used in multiple ways varying from offensive to defensive, or as a means of transportation via anchoring them in an object. The M88 is semi-automatic, but capable of burst-fire when the rifle is adequately "charged". Type 18E is a modular Mobile Suit with a pair of "weapons binders" on the back of the unit. Vanguard Marksmen are also issued an M88, kitted with a scope and stabilizing barrel extension. DMR VariantWinchester X7 Plasma RifleThe Winchester X7, despite technically still being in the prototype stage, is currently being widely issued to various Vanguard and special forces units forces at the behest of Grand Marshal Turner (who himself is extremely eager to see the new, unique rifle in action, to put it mildly). Using a fusion core to fire superheated bolts of plasma at it's foes, the X7 also possesses a respectable rate of fire if not the best accuracy (something which the project leads have attempted to plead to Turner in vain hope that they can correct it before it's issue).
Two throwing knives are stored in waist mounted holsters, they also make excellent melee weapons. As it's distinctive appearance may suggest, the Hale-3 is a modified and modernized variant of the infamous MG-42 machine gun designed and produced by the Third Reich during the Second World War. It is generally agreed to be a superior choice, with it's deadly rate of fire and hard-hitting 7.62mm plasma cartridge.
Despite this, however, critics of the weapon often cite it's weight and bulk as visible flaws with the system.
A pair of beam machine guns can be stored within the binders alongside a five barreled gatling gun and a four tube rocket launcher. It's virtually impossible for all but the strongest individuals to effectively wield it without a MAGIS exoskeleton or other form of mechanized strength assistance. While the high ROF is one of the selling features of this "buzzsaw", support soldiers often find themselves reluctant to keep sustained fire for fear they will run their ammunition dry.

General Electric XM364 Vindicator Man-portable MicrogunThe Vindicator Microgun is, at it's core, essentially a mobile fire support device. It is a quadruped that uses its legs to cross any type of terrain, including vertical cliffs.
Designed to unleash thousands of rounds a minute, this minigun sees service in the Vanguards, where having "big guys with big suits holding big guns" is a necessity.
Utility and TransportThe Type 280 is a wheeled transport currently in Urranese military service.
Instead of utilizing the plasma cartridge like most ballistic weapons, the Vindicator is chambered for cheap, conventional rounds of 5mm, as it relies more on keeping an area held down with a near-infinite spray of bullets than actually penetrating armor, relying instead on riflemen armed with M88s to finish off any armored threats. Regardless, only the strongest could even hope to stand up to an opponent using the Vindicator, and it remains symbolic of the overwhelming force that is the Vanguard Marines.
FrenCo PAX-II Man-portable Gatling Laser CannonThe Paxton Type 2 (PAX-II) Gatling Laser is a best of a weapon, issued in small numbers to specialized units in the Vanguards.
It carries 10 fully equipped troops and can be fitted with a variety of weapons including a heavy plasma artillery piece.The Type 270 is a four wheeled general purpose utility vehicle currently deployed by the Urranese Army. It utilizes a unique system (not unlike the M37 RCW) to send it's deadly beams through a plasma-heated rotary barrel. 100 miles an hour is the maximum speed.ArtilleryThe Type 85 Shogun is a mobile anti orbital gun, similar in concept to the Navy's Dynamus Class High Altitude Cannon. The fact that the high-powered beams can rip through most organic targets in a matter of microseconds (coupled with a ROF to rival the Hale-3 and a respectable accuracy) make the PAX-II one of the deadliest handheld weapons in the arsenal. A 6 tube rocket launcher and twin anti personnel plasma cannons are also fitted.The Type 285 is a heavy artillery piece based on the Type 280 APC.
When the Rangers were first formed in the Winter of 2077, their ranks consisted of the best of the best among Hightower's mercenaries. Former US SOCOM, veteran guns-for-hire and, perhaps the oddest group to inhabit the ranks, a regiment of Gurkhas, shipped to the states from Hightower's business operations across the Himalayas. Despite their odd placement among the predominantly American force, Hightower's Gurkhas soon garnered a reputation for being the fiercest among the Rangers. During the Battle of San Francisco, nearly a hundred hundred Gurkha Rangers held the Golden Gate Bridge from a massive Government counterattack in the summer of 2078, spearheaded by over a thousand Marines and the US Navy's last supercarrier; the USS Harland.
The Gurkhas fought boldly and killed five for every casualty they sustained, even when their ammunition ran dry and they had to rely on their deadly Kukri knives. Eventually, Frenkish artillery arrived to finish off the bridge, killing the surviving Gurkhas and any hope for the USPG to retake the city.
Many historians consider the Golden Gate's collapse and the US Navy being turned back at San Francisco Bay to be an essential victory, and had the Gurkhas not sacrificed themselves to keep the Marines out, the war would have been lost. In honor of the Gurkhas who fell in the "Golden Gate Standoff" (as it's often romanticized), the Kukri blade was made standard issue for all Rangers.On top of being an attractive blade, the Kukri is a very practical multipurpose tool. Designed for chopping and slicing, it's perfect for cutting through anything, including the dense overgrowth that shrouds the Frenkish Outlands. It can also function as a can opener, small shovel and even a toothpick (according to some Rangers, at least).
Although the blade rarely sees combat, it excels when it needs to, capable of inflicting large wounds and cutting through bone. Like most modern blades built for utility, it is manufactured with a titanium alloy and forged with the assistance of nano-bots, allowing it to easily slice through anything from tree bark to mutant hides and even power armor.

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