Due to the increase of the terrorist risk in soft locations as hotels, shopping malls, restaurants, airports, seaports, Technokontrol has reached an agreement with the top European Tour Operators, Government authorities, insurers and hotel groups to begin the issuance of the new TK-QSSHE certification directive in which the incorporated establishments have or are in the process of protecting their operational assets including fuel storage, power plants with the recommended safety and security technologies to guarantee the maximum levels of protection for their guests, clients, employees and corporate assets. The risk of a terrorist attack, sabotage, suicide bombings increasing by the day and always wishing in being prepared for the worst case scenarios, these main tour operators,hotel groups, government authorities, insurers protecting their visitors,clients, employees, assets and commercial contracts with the most advanced, long term and environmental friendly safety technologies presented by Technokontrol exclusively.
As these storage installations, deposits, fuel tanks being mostly in open air locations and next to the hotels, shopping malls, public locations the need of anti-explosive protection being paramount and using Technokontrol Safety Technologies allowing the full deactivation, null ignition or even non-explosion of these storage facilities regardless of the amount, type of the stored fuels, thus rendering any accidental or intentional incident null and fully protecting the guests, employees and establishment against the type of incident. Cleaner, natural gas engines for ships needing Technokontrol Safety Technologies in cancelling risk in vessel fuel gas tanks and LNG explosions, fires, sloshing and vaporization. Technokontrol has developed a practicable natural-gas fuelling storage anti-explosion, anti ignition, anti sloshing system for current diesel-powered ship engines. Researchers in Technokontrol R&D have developed over the past year a new IX Generation unique, patented fuel tank safety anti-explosion 3D alloy technology which enables the use of new, modern motor injection systems and other related technologies for using liquid natural gas (LNG) to fuel large two-stroke ship engines at the highest of HSE, SSHE, safety levels being protected against not only possible operational, climatic incidents but also terrorist and criminal attacks of the vessel globally.
However, all of these global manufactures having the same basic issue and need and this being "safety", this is one word which cannot be forgotten as they all depend on the above mentioned operational points but without the most important point "safety" their technologies are of less value as all of these shipping contracts are agreed , approved by corporations with the highest levels and standards for corporate "Good Governance and Corporate Responsibility".
The use of Technokontrol Safety Alloys and technologies now not being only an option but should be mandatory as the only viable , adaptable, and long lasting safety technologies combining long term investment, efficiency and safety but also rewarding the designers, fabricators, clients other additional operational benefits as the total cancellation of oxidation, corrosion in newly protected storage tanks, the non-growth of algaea€™s in all types of fuels, reduction in fuel vaporization(environmental contamination) and anti-electrostatic properties which are the cause of nearly 50% of all fuel tank storage explosions, fires, incidents at global level regardless of having electrical-lightning safety systems which are obvious donA?t work too well due to their past safety records.
No global corporation, national company, supplier, petrol chemical producer, logistical global operator, engineer, can ignore that if a 30kg home use gas cylinder has an explosion radius and destruction of a 200KG TNT explosive device what would be the outcome of an explosion in any global storage facility, port terminus, with hundreds of millions of liters of fuels, gases, chemicals surrounded by hundreds or even thousands of civilians, employees, homes, businesses? As recently stated in the press in Malta where a new LNG jetty, terminus is being designed the level of destruction, damage of an accident would be comparable to 50 atomic bombs, regardless of the possible discussion if the destruction would be of 50 or 1 atomic bomb, we all agree that the destruction at atomic level would be massive.
One thing is not having the technology to avoid these safety, high risk issues and another is ignoring them thus as the law well states, "not knowing the law doesna€™t mean you are exempted from it", even though just at moral, ethical, human, or simple common sense all safety measures and technologies should always be implemented as one should only wish the same for oneself as for others and not waiting in becoming part of an avoidable incident with the knowing that a solution existed but was ignored. That is why all new environmental, efficiency, cost cutting technologies also must be integrated in the best safety and security technologies available if we wish to strive forward for better and safer world.
New engine technologies in this field are being tested and implemented being one of the most advanced the LNG-fuel control system being the first in the world with two-stroke heavy marine diesel engines, and has generated commercial orders from shippers, stated by MAN Diesel & Turbo in Copenhagen. MAN Diesel & Turbo has already launched the system on the ship market as an option for new ships and for existing ship engines. The orders include engines on 43 new vessels, of which 1 container vessel will be built in Croatia. The new engines are cleaner burning than traditional two-stroke ship engines running on heavy fuel-oil or diesel, and will help ship operators meet the EU's tighter emission rules on marine sulphur pollutants. These LNG-fuelled engines will also meet the even stricter regulations entering into force for the North Sea, the Baltic and the Channel, which are being designated "sulphur-emission control areas" with a limit on sulphur in fuel of just 0.1%. An engine fitted with what is known as M-type, electronically controlled, gas injection (ME-GI) technology also cuts nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide emissions by 24% compared to a similar engine using only diesel or heavy fuel oil, according to tests carried out within the project.
While natural gas has been used as a fuel for four-stroke marine engines, to date a control system suitable for the low-rpm (revolutions per minute), two-stroke diesel engines that power 95% of vessels over 5 000 tones has not been available. Researchers have developed a new high-pressure gas-injection system for these large marine two-stroke engines.
The project also created a testing infrastructure for a diesel-gas engine which will be used in the coming years for further tests on gas supply technologies.
Some of the new equipment was developed by universities (sensors) and SMEs (new injectors). Demand for the new engine as likely to build while fuel prices rise and emission controls become ever stricter.
The gas-burning engines tend to be more fuel-efficient than fuel-oil because of the higher calorific value of gas as a fuel. Due to Technokontrol continuous investment in TK-Aviation safety R&D programs we have seen that our development programs are being used as bench marks for other technical safety manufacturers and especially aviation manufacturers around the globe whom are trying their upmost in increasing all together the levels of security and safety in all means of aviation, aerospace and emergency sectors incluiding HSE, SSHE, ASS, etc. Our TK-airbag technology has also been incorporated into the unique TK-Emergency Life Pods Evacuation Systems in which not only having these "Emergency Life Pods" incorporated into their unique design but also being fully protected and also having our unique internal, external, personal, structural designed aviation emergency airbags which together with our emergency parachute deployment systems, anti-explosion fuel tanks, specialist resistant materials creating possibly one of the safest aviation, emergency evacuation systems in these industries.
During the present year 2015 Technokontrol will have broken all the historic records due to having been presented and approved over 100 patents which are at present being processed.
Technokontrol is one of the most varied of technology patents corporations in Europe, continuously patenting new, unique and exclusive technologies, systems and applications from energy related patents to environmental, security, construction, safety, efficiency, aviation, military technologies which most of them can be viewed on the Technokontrol web site.
During TechnokontrolA?s R&D with regards of our fire-flame-thermal proofing panels via the use of Technokontrol unique patented construction panels we discovered many different levels of testing of such materials by the top global manufacturers, civil engineer institutions and authorities and the lack an unified global testing standard and even how low testing times and thermal heat temperatures are required to be tested within these extreme physical and chemical exposures to obtain such product certifications and usability for their clients projects and markets. In order for a fireproofing product to qualify for a certification listing of structural steel, through a fire test, the critical temperature is set by the national standard, which governs the test. Thus believing that even though the 11-S was an extreme example of structural damage with explosions, structural impact damage and force with the burning of more than 50,000 liters of burning jet fuel and its disbursement on many floors, internal fuel as furniture, tangible office and consumable materials, plastics, cabling, vents, textiles this can or may occur again and this experience should be made as the standard of testing globally as the World is getter even more dangerous and less safer than during 2011.

This meaning that the width and weight of the annexed panels being considerable on the total building structure, wall panels, ceiling panels and without forgetting that the higher the wall panel width, the higher the loss of valuable net floor space.
After performing at least with a 100% superior product & performance qualities in all fields the a€?cherry on the cakea€? being than these extreme performance levels can be reached with a panel consisting of a maximum panel width of 12-16mm which is at least to state a 400% higher performance and a massive reduction in weight and width which saves thousands of meters of gross wall and ceiling space per project.
This allows the constructor to offer the maximum protection and safety to their clients and at the same time having at least the same net floor space using the competitors 30 minute panel and in the event of having to install a 180 minute panel saving at least 30mm-40mm of floor space around and internally in all of the building in comparison and if one estimates a floor retail sale cost of 6,000-20,000 USD per meters in the most expensive projects in the World meaning millions in savings to the constructor and increasing net sales profit income as the floor space remains the same in the worst case scenario or with massive floor space savings in the best depending on each ones building regulations and standards. TK wall,floor and ceiling fire protection paneles surpass with over 100%-200% all NFPA 286 Standards.(National Fire protection Association). We can also protect homes, buildings against magnetic, radiation, electromagnetic fields being the cause of more and more people becoming ill and even becoming allergic to these types of waves, pulses at atmospheric levels. This type of an attack on the US continent would have an overall financial and economic burden on the USA nation of aprox 3 Trillon USD and even worse over 20 years in returning to pre-attack levels. THE FUTURE IN HIGH RISE BUILDNGS PROTECTION AGAINST FIRE, TERRORIST AND NATURAL DISASTERS. Technokontrol and its R&D team are in continuous evolving safety, security programs, technologies and systems to which we try to create our vision of worst case scenarios and to find viable, efficient , pragmatic systems and technologies. We at Technokontrol have designed, patented our unique safety technology and security systems to protect and to act in a preventative manner and to a€?attack head ona€? worst case scenarios at medium, high altitude buildings.
What has Technokontrol R&D designed, patented, manufactured to resolve these Security, HSE & Safety issues? In the event of using fire protection foams, plastering materials extreme levels of care during spraying must be taken to ensure that thermal expansion of structural elements do not damage fire-resistance rated walls and floor assemblies.
This variable spraying process isnA?t secure to say the least as it doesnA?t allow a secure validated method of correct uniform installation of the entire installation process especially when air gaps, nook, holes can be covered with initial foam coating creating invisible air cavities and thus rendering inefficient the whole process of spraying and of fire proofing.
Structural steel requires external insulation (fireproofing) in order to prevent the steel from weakening in the event of a fire. The lowest temperature at which a plain carbon steel can begin to melt, its solidus, is 1130 A°C. These several past weeks have been more than an eye opener to all of those people whom state with little or no knowledge that gas, fuel, petrol chemical, sewage infrastructures, road tankers, gas cylinders never explode. Around the planet these past weeks we have all seen the intensity, exponential increase of human related incidents, operational accidents, terrorists attacks to which we can very sadly state will only continue to increase especially when our national infrastructures, crime and terrorist risk, wars, civil unrest only worsens by the day. Anyone with any political, religious, economical , environmental, social, corporate agendas can study, prepare, implement with very little funds and knowledge the use of this basic destructive acts and can cause any major disasters without the use of explosives, arms and even worse without being tracked by the law enforcement and secret services of any nation especially dormant terrorist cells. Anyone with malice or ignorance can make this simple domestic gas cylinder become a 200 kilo TNT explosive without anything other than the use of a simple starting fuel to ignite a fire as a fuel jerry can with several liters of gasoline? The Canadian Government has received from various environmental platforms a parliament request to stop all transport by rail freight of chemicals, fuels, gas related and explosive materials via the Canadian rail networks.
During the last years more and more rail incidents, accidents have been finally found to have a political, economical, religious, criminal back grounds but have been stated and classified as being accidents to not increase the social, media awareness and worries of the increase of these means of transport incidents. Where could any terrorists, criminal find the option and opportunity of having 12-15 million liters of high explosives, flammable liquids, free massive global media projection for the simple expense of unscrewing, damaging, vandalizing, explosive planting of a 100-120 rail car freight train in the developed World and especially in built up areas, towns and cities? Without also taking into account the extreme cost increase in insurance premiums, liability costs, punitive legal damages, rail network repairs and even worse the cancellation and prohibition of rail freight transports of dangerous materials with the final cost being applied to the consumer as other routes and installations as new pipelines, road tankers would have to intake these closing of rail networks. Presently the most efficient, effective and low cost method of transportation being rail freight and even more so as also being A the most unregulated, nearlyA  free from bureaucratic ties which at present benefits the whole petrol chemical industry thus at least if the Administration cannot withstand such investments at leastA  some of the financial burden of the modernization, safety and security increase should be shared by the operators, clients via the purchase, use, lease of new protected and safety rail freight cars even if only used by these corporations which can be written, deducted via tax liabilities if all parties are interested in finding a real solution.
IRTA (International Road Racing Association) & FIM (International Motorbike Federation) have approved the use of Technokontrol Safety alloys in all motorbike formulas under their supervision. Thus Technokontrol entering also into the world of motor sports safety & security and also awaiting the final approval for more auto-sports championships and especially the Formula One Championship which are also undergoing final testing and technical due diligences. On the 12th March 2015 the Technokontrol Engineering Team has been holding safety, security and also fuel testing including fuel vaporization savings, sloshing liquid testing and many more technological tests in this highly technological based sector which are being tested for the introduction in the the World Motorbike Championship. In this article, I'll be showing you how to make a simple yet effective static electricity generator. Step 2 Building the Shocker!The circuit schematic is represented in the (incredibly detailed) drawing below: The generator charges you up like a capacitor, then when you come in contact with a grounded object (person), the voltage is discharged through them. Do you happen to know if an anion generator that is meant to run on 12 volts will still function off of a 9 volt or lesser battery? All installations, services, maintenance programs and products being fully insured by AXA Group. This new advanced breakthrough is good for the environment and people a€“ while helping the shipping market meet more stringent EU rules on sulphur emissions.

Thus not being able to avoid, downplaying the principal issue of SSHE,HSE, QSSHE, environment protection and now being even more important "safety-security directives", due to the increase of possible terrorist risks as mentioned in the House of Parliament Piracy Report and in the Homeland Security Reports and Guidelines-API. Strategic & infrastructure protection studies in Spain also stating the high risk of destruction at the main ports of Tarragona, Barcelona, Galicia, Cartagena which would also reach thousands or even hundreds of thousands of deaths, injuries, millions of Euros in losses in the event of a terrorist attack, accidental incident, climatic disasters. Without forgetting the legal, criminal and punitive damages which just during 2015 in the USA have been in the billions of USD, thus why not investing and protecting now than destroying and paying in the future?
Thus being Technokontrol, a must for all of these new energy, efficiency, fuel storage technologies from vessel fuel tanks to gas cylinders or even being used in the new hydrogen auto cylinders. Orders have already been placed from companies in the EU, Japan and the US for 20 such dual-fuel engines, with options on 50 more in the offing, he adds. Sulphur is a major cause of acid rain, and as an air-borne pollutant contributes to a host of human health problems. This could be a 14-cylinder diesel engine that is 28 meters long, 13 meters high and weighs over 2 000 tones. Such engines typically run at around 100 rpm, often turning a single large propeller via direct drive.
As the attractions of running on gas become clearer, more and more ports are being fitted with LNG refueling facilities to meet demand. A normal 30 minute fire resistant panel ranging the 8mm to 12mm width thus a 180 minute panel mass of 6 annexed panel reaching easily 42mm to 72mm. Penetrants in firewalls and ferrouscable trays should be installed in accordance with an appropriate certification listing that complies with the local building code. Instead, it is used in traffic tunnels and locations where a hydrocarbon fire is likely to break out. Why arenA?t the authorities not preparing for the worse even though having more data than ever with regards of terrorist attacks and their possible destructive strategies?
Canada has seen a massive increase in rail freight through their rail networks and also have suffered with extremely high rail accidentsA  which have reached over 100 deaths, hundreds of injured persons, distraught families and hundreds of millions of dollars of costs during the last 12 months. However, when reports form modern, developed nations thus believing that these incidents reports are non bias having found traces of C-4 explosives, grenades, homemade explosives, unscrewing-damage, vandalism of tracks , etc.
Basically, this device allows you to carry a constant static charge on your body and discharge it on anything grounded or of opposite polarity. Did you come up with the idea completely on your own or did you see something similar somewhere else? This is why Technokontrol Team will always be part of any new technological advancement as being our obligation as a technological and R&D corporation in doing so. The retrofitting job will take about four weeks with a supervising team of eight people from MAN.
Thus, steel and concrete compete against one another not only on the basis of the price per unit of mass but also on the basis of the pricing for the fireproofing that must be added in order to satisfy the passive fire protection requirements that are mandated through building codes. As 2.1% carbon (by mass) is approached, the austenizing temperature climbs back up, to 1130A°C.
The increase of rail freight incidents has reached over 4,000%(Four thousand per cent) and after undergoing a very serious study of this exponential increase of incidents the bases has been found mainly in the use of old 1970A?s rail networks, with no upgrading or modernization to withstand the ever increasing rail freight traffic especially with dangerous, flammable, explosive products, the use of again 1970A?s unprotected, outdated rail tanker cars and even worse without any real safety technology installed to withstand a derailment, natural disasters, operational incident or similar.
It is the teams responsibility to follow these regulations and if requested provide us with the necessary information to confirm this. The picture also shows some copper foil, but any conductive metal will work.Finally, punch a hole in the sole of the shoe and run the high voltage output from the negative ion generator through. At the same time similar testing programs are being held for the Formula One World Racing around the World. The shock is enough to startle your friends, just like a static shock from a trampoline or carpeted room.
The time it takes for the steel element that is being tested to reach the temperature set by the national standard determines the duration of the fire-resistance rating.
While concrete structures that comprise buildings are able to achieve fire-resistance ratings without additional fireproofing, concrete can be subject to severe spalling, particularly if it has an elevated moisture content.
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