Angry Birds Transformers is a game by Rovio that combines Angry Birds and Transformers into an action-packed 3D shooting adventure. Angry Birds Transformers lets you collect and unlock roster of Transformers’ heroes and villains each with their own unique attacks, skills and abilities. Angry Birds Transformers is free to play and require a network connection when you play for the first time and when downloading additional game features. You can use Telepods to temporarily unlock new Transformers, boost your Transformer’s power, recharge your Transformer’s armor, and play Telepods events.
This Angry Birds Transformers cheats will give you unlimited Gems, Pigs, Coins, Free Shopping, and free Telepod hack.
Its game story started with a mysterious EggSpark crashing into the Piggy Island, and transformed everything in its path, including the Birds as Autobirds and Hogs as Deceptihogs.

The Slingshot weapon, from previous Angry Birds franchises was change into serious firepower like lasers. In order to stop the EggBots and save the Piggy Island, the Autobirds need to join forces with their arch rivals the Deceptihogs. Dodge falling hazards by transforming into vehicles like cars, trucks, tanks and even planes. You can use the Telepod hack to obtain boosts and power-ups for your bots without having the Telepods product. Using it will fully patch your game save using exploits which will give you access to infinite gems and coins. The game also features using Telepods, where you can scan to unlock boosts, power-ups and revive your bots.

Wait for the trainer to successfully detect your device and your Angry Birds Transformers game saved data.5.
For the detailed instructions on how to use Angry Birds Transformers hack, read the guide below. Optionally you can teleport bots, boosts plus power-ups with the use of the Telepod hack in your game save data. Wait for the patch to finish, then unplug your device and open your Angry Birds Transformers Android or iOS app.

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