With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. The small diagram on the back is an alternate firing setup if the momentary switch with 2 channels is not available. It would require another relay, momentary switch and 390 ohm resistor, and inexplicably a blue LED. Movie note: Jigawatts was an accidental mispronunciation of Gigawatts entered into the script as a kind of equivocational jab at complex scientific naming procedures.
In this article, I'll show you how to create a simple yet effective way of scaring off intruders. Step 2 Create the circuitThe circuit is quite simple, consisting of the transformer, transistor, resistor, capacitor and diode from the camera circuit. Step 3 Solder capacitor to transformerFinally, desolder the tiny yellow capacitor from the disposable camera circuit. Step 4 Attach magnet wiresNow that the circuit is finished (make sure you install a switch into the circuit!), it should easily operate on the average AA battery, or 1.5 volts. Step 6 Attach wires to aluminum stripsNow, take one of the wires you cut earlier and attach it to ONE of the aluminum strips. Step 7 Mount the voltage circuitNow, mount the voltage circuit on the other side of the door with some tape or similar adhesive. Snowboarder Girl Chased By Bear - I Was Singing Rihanna Work And Didn't Know It Was Behind Me!
If Stephen Hawking, the multi-awarded scientist considered the smartest physicist on the planet thinks seriously about this, so do I, and so should you.
The Terminator, the Lawnmower Man, and many other flicks, books, and cultural elements have long since proposed the idea of a world taken over by AI.
In a recent interview, Stephen Hawking talked about the new technology used to power his device that helps him communicate.
The idea is not new, as the British scientist and grandfather of modern computers Alan Turing was wondering in the 1950s: a€?Can machines thinka€?, however, the concern is.
Much like in the sci-fi movies, the artificial intelligence becomes so intelligent that it ultimately develops a conscience of its own. It is my feeling that the realization of artificial intelligence will be a sudden occurrence. But probably the most alarming factor of concern in this direction is that IT evolution is growing at an ever-accelerating pace. The way for a possible conquest of the machines has already been paved, as society is welcoming them more and more into our lives.
Spell checker software exists in every computer in every home, and it is a very basic program, yet it is able to speak our language better than us. However, this nightmare scenario, though it can occur anytime without warning, is not necessary for a small scale machine apocalypse to happen. Until the few scientists concerned with this issue get the governments mobilized (if they do, that is), you need to be prepared. If machines develop conscience overnight, a zombie apocalypse scenario would seem like a childa€™s play. EMP stands for electromagnetic pulse, and ita€™s basically a burst shot of electromagnetic energy.
If you are familiar with EMP guns, you are probably thinking of big generators and atomic bombs. Similar to the rod used for the EMP handgun, use a hollow one this time, which fits the firecracker.

Stick the Neodymium magnets on either end of the firecracker, and connect the wires to them. It will knock out any near by electronics (temporarily) and could melt the wires if they are strong enough.
I would like to make one and get familiar with EMP's cause when I get older I want to design weapons. I have an array of 30 400v capacitors I made, I'd just need to find some wire that works well.
Of course, there are methods around this approach, but it's great for office pranks and general fun.
Using the photo below, locate the large, black battery-like cylinder and cross the two prongs with a screwdriver. Follow these steps to create the circuit, or use the schematic below (the circuit could easily be made on a protoboard or standalone).
Also, if your doorknob doesn't look like mine, or is round or another shape, the concept is simply to place the aluminum strips in a place on the handle where the victim would touch both, thus completing the circuit.
You can easily attach the wire to the aluminum by bending over a portion of the tape, and wrapping the wire around it.
The voltage from the capacitor isn't lethal (unless seriously misused), but should deliver a startling blast of voltage sure to leave the victim's arms tingling! NEVER work with large amounts of electricity unless you are experienced with safety and the dangers of electricity!Soldering irons are hot! No More Censorship, Unlike YouTube and Others!Though the idea of an Artificial Intelligence world domination may have a cartoonish status in our survivalist community, unfortunately the concept is closer to the truth than you might think. Unlike the case of a war or a hurricane, the problem with a war of the machines is that it can happen overnight in just one instant, thwarting any chance of preparing whatsoever. If you look at sci-fi movies you can notice that ever since the 60s, the ideas imagined back then have more or less came true.
The technology uses his previously used words in order to predict what he will say next, not unlike the similar technology on smart phones. The concerns are all the more real as we ask ourselves: what exactly determines conscience?
It would be well if a large number of intelligent humans devote a lot of thought to these problems before they arise. From the internet to phones and computers, the new generation machines already take several months to be developed. More and more functions are being done by machines instead of humans, from simple ticket vending machines to transport systems, air traffic control, and nuclear warfare. Machines are metal and circuit giants which cannot be stopped by bullets, no matter how well prepared you are. This energy has the ability to partially or completely damage or temporarily disrupt the functions of electronic equipment of any type. Take it somewhere far from any other electronic device, preferably outside in the backyard. Just because society evolves in a direction that tends to remove the humanity in its individuals bit by bit, doesna€™t mean that individuals will turn into machines, or worse, be ruled by them.
The American military have been doing research into them because an EMP could be used to take out an underground bunker without killing anyone. The power requirements nesisary to even disrupt electronics fro 10ft away are far beyond what is coming into you're house.
The tricky part is getting the victim to complete the circuit with their hand and release the power stored in the capacitor through their hand.

The idea here is to create a "circuit" out of your doorknob, so that when someone attempts to open it, the circuit is completed and electrocutes them.
The wires from the aluminum strips should easily wrap around the door itself, since they are very thin and there is usually some leniency in distance between the door and the door frame. Most people don't look at a doorknob before they open a door, especially if it's one they go through often.
I dona€™t need to point out the obvious: the signs are all around us, from the self-driving car developed by Google to 3d-printed bionic limbs and organs, and if Nobel-prize winner theoretician and physicist Stephen Hawking himself fears an impending machine attack, then the red button has been pressed as far as I am concerned.
This means that the human mind can anticipate how to the world will evolve 50 to 100 years time in the future. And the scientific answers are so downright simple, it is truly alarming: a sum of electrical impulses in our brains. If everything grows at an exponential rate, it isna€™t difficult to imagine where will it all go in a decade: a world ruled by computers; and are there so many paces left to the state where machines develop conscience? Ita€™s a known fact that the stock market downfall in 1987 was caused by computer transactions.
Given the right proportions, an electro-magnetic pulse can disrupt any device with electric circuits, from a cell phone to an atomic bomb.
You dona€™t need to build a complex circuit to be able to have an EMP gun for close quarters use. To distrou electronics (the only way for it to last more then a few seconds) it would need to be many thousands of times stronger.
Attach two 5-inch pieces of magnet wire to the positive and negative high voltage outputs of your transformer circuit. It's better to disguise the silver tape if your doorknob isn't silver—there are many ways to do this.
Imagine what would happen to the world economy if the internet would simply cease to exist tomorrow. Transport systems blocked, security door blocked a€“ people trapped inside buildings, elevators, trains, and most importantly, credit system collapse.
Actually, the circuit is already built and you can find it for less than $5 at any store: a disposable camera. If you think about it though, a nuclear bomb is an EMP, a NEMP (nuclear electromagnetic pulse) to be precise, because gamma rays from the nuclear blast knocks electrons out of their orbits.
It's easy to remove the insulation from the magnet wire with a soldering iron, because it just melts off.
All the financial crisis in history combined wouldna€™t match the real consequences of such a financial disaster. The electrons form an electromagnetic pulse which has a range varying on how high up the NEMP is. The brutal truth is that we already live in a world controlled by machines one way or another, except they are not sentient. If the NEMP is on the ground the explosion has a larger range than the EMP but in the air (e.g.

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