The EMP Rear Dust Shield is made of MR-10 hard coated Polycarbonate to insure the greatest strength and longevity a shield has to offer. This Rear Dust Stopper is engineered from Lexan Magard (Polycarbonate) for maximum strength. This material coated with the Margard MR-10 makes this shield the toughest on the market with resistance from yellowing, breaking, scratching, coating failure and light transmission; it is also rated for teperatures of -40 to 270 deg F.
This Rear Shield also features a lower 16 guage steel portion that covers the bottom opening of the Ranger and gives it extra protection from unfortunate mishaps.

This will possibly be the last windshield for your Sportsman Ace as it will hold up for years.
This rear sheild attaches with the EMP rubber Fast Strap which allows you to install it or take it off without any tools.
This rear Dust Shield is installed with quick connect clamps so tools aren't required for installation or to take your Dust Shield on or off.
This product is made to be one of the absolute toughest and longest lasting Dust Shields on the market, and best of all, it is made right here in Cleveland, OH, USA.

This windshield will keep you safe from weather conditions and keep Mud and Water off of your back while riding.

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