According to a US Army report from 1994, one single high-altitude detonation has the potential to generate an electromagnetic pulse capable of covering the entire continental United States.
So how can you protect your devices?  You can spend hundreds of dollars on “EMP protection” bags, boxes, etc, or you can construct your own for a fraction of the cost. Any static charge will be unable to reach the bag’s contents due to the non-conductive insulation layer. Cut a piece of aluminum foil which is larger than the plastic bag by at least 1 inch on each side, and three times the length of the plastic bag.
Place “tape rolls” on one side of the plastic bag, and tape the bag to the aluminum foil so that the bottom of the bag is even with the middle of the foil, as shown. Once the bag is taped to the foil on one side, place additional tape rolls on the exposed side of the plastic bag, then carefully fold over the foil. Another emergency protection you can take is unplug a microwave, place your electronic device inside the microwave, and close the door.  The microwave acts much like a Faraday Cage, so that microwaves do not escape while cooking food.
Then you're gonna love my free PDF, 20 common survival items, 20 uncommon survival uses for each. What about using the “metalized” mylar storage bags, like from a food storage supply? Just an FYI: for a Faraday cage to be effective against a given frequency of electromagnetic radiation, the gaps in it MUST be smaller than the corresponding wavelength.
Electromagnetic pulses occur at various frequencies depending on how they’re caused, and you need various strategies to protect your electronics. You don’t need a Faraday cage to protect small electronics from EMPs caused by lightning or solar flares. The components inside the cage must be electrically isolated from the conductive material of the cage; wrap them in a towel or a rubber material, or set them on an old mouse pad.
You may use a wire mesh to build your cage, as long as the mesh is smaller than 1 millimeter. Faraday cages are not necessary to protect small electronics from solar coronal mass ejections (solar flares) or lightning, because they occur at low frequencies (long wavelengths) which can’t couple energy into small circuits, unless long wires are entering the system. Lightning strikes and solar flares create EMPs at frequencies ranging from 3 Hz to 30 KHz, which is far too low a frequency to couple directly with your small electronics.
A nuclear EMP, on the other hand, can damage electronic devices by coupling energy with their integrated circuits.
Because of the so-called skin effect, the conductive material can be very thin. You can make your own Faraday cage by placing your electronics in a cardboard box and wrapping the box with heavy-duty aluminum foil, which is about 24 microns thick. In the video, I demonstrate a DIY Faraday cage made from a cardboard box and heavy duty aluminum foil. Place the items inside and isolate them from the container with a towel or rubberized material. Anti static bags offer some protection, and those certified to MIL-PRF-8170 or MIL-PRF-131 offer the most. If you completely enclose the shed (top, bottom, and sides) in a Faraday cage, the electronics in your motorcycle will be protected.
Empress Of Drac, A Frugal Cebuana Blogger A true-blue Cebuana, blogging about Frugal Living, Self-Reliance, Prepping, Freelance Life and of course Cebu.
SHTF blog (“Sewage” Hits The Fan blog) offers preparedness news, information, commentary – and other awesome stuff. Thirty years ago, most of the cars used carburetors, and only a few people believed that electromagnetic pulse (EMP) is a real threat.
Nowadays, even NASA admits that EMP is one of those events we could not recover from: it would stop all infrastructures that sustain modern society which rely so much on electronics. So if you are one of those readers who wish to consider EMP-resistance as a factor in selecting a bug-out vehicle, then you should not miss this article.
I have been doing the survival thing for some time and I see precious few absolutes when it comes to survival and a whole lot of gray area. Considering this, I will take a poke at answering some questions about EMP and how it would affect automobiles, which were asked by our readers after our recent article that described some top picks for ideal bugout vehicles. A large and strong enough EMP could stop the extraction, refinement, distribution and sale of fossil fuels. By the time you pile in what will surely be everything you own in this world, your spouse, your 2.4 kids, grandma and the golden retriever, you may be looking for ways to increase your vehicle’s carrying capacity. Features such as 4-wheel drive, a full size spare, plenty of ground clearance, all-terrain tires, lockers, extraction or trail gear, towing points, winch and off road lighting will come in handy post-EMP because roads will no longer be maintained, disabled vehicles and vehicles that have run out of fuel will litter the roadway. An expensive custom vehicle might look cool online or be fun to daydream about, but after a HEMP, the first time it needs a part, you might wish you bought something a little more pedestrian (no pun intended). Some newer vehicles have in excess of 100 processors that run on miniscule amounts of power. How far are you going to get without an engine, fuel injection, transmission or 4-wheel drive system? For the best EMP-resistance, choose a vehicle with conductive metal body enclosing the engine and passenger compartment or cab over a vehicle with body panels made of fiberglass, plastic or any other non-conductive material. If your vehicle already has these features or you are already doing these things, then you are already part of the way there. No matter which automobile you choose, there is always more that can be done to minimize the effect of HEMP on the vehicle.
Park in an EMP-protected garage: I described how to build such a structure in the article How To Turn Your Q-Hut Into an EMP-shielded Home. Rewire with shielded wiring: Verify that your wiring is shielded or replace all you can with shielded wiring. Re-bond metal body panels: Remove body panels and make sure that you have good conductive bonds between body panels by removing paint and installing conductive gasket material or make sure you have metal on metal contact with as much overlap as possible. Protect cable entry and exit points with surge suppression: This will need to be fast-clamping surge protection faster than one millisecond that will handle high voltages. Keep spares of vulnerable parts you cannot replace in a Faraday cage: You may have a vehicle that is mostly good to go, but it still parts like a starter, alternator and voltage regulator that do not contain microelectronics, but could still conceivably be affected. Manual transmission: Some will surely disagree with me on this one, but they are easier to repair and make it possible to push start vehicles even if the battery is shot or missing. You will have to do a little research on specific models to figure out what year the manufacturer started installing EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) and so forth because I am supposed to be writing an article or two as opposed to a book here, but the topic is certainly worthy of a book.
The simpler the motor the better, but with larger motors, long wheel travel and skid braking, they will go faster than I want to go, that is for sure.
They are short on carrying capacity, but can sometimes fit in small planes when disassembled. Ford, Chevy, Dodge, these older US-made trucks are very common and are great candidates for a low profile bug out vehicles that double as daily drivers. There are even some shops that will fix them up for you if you are not particularly mechanically inclined. They are very reliable and you may find them hauling supplies in jungles, running the Dakar Rally, fighting fires or plowing snow in the North. Large diesel rigs like Unimogs and Deuce and a half’s are sometimes outfitted with marine diesel appliances and solar power and can even be fitted with a wind generator. Maybe your bugout plan does not involve a blue water voyage, but it does involve running a stretch of river, lake or crossing a body of water.
A couple recently rowed across the Atlantic Ocean, but I would not recommend it and I am sure they would not either. But if your route involves crossing a smaller body of water, a small watercraft may be an important arte of your plan.

I have been grateful for them on trips that I have used them and it is plain to see why they figured so prominently into life until the advent of the automobile and how they will again if we lose are large electrical transformers due to EMP or any other reason. Motopeds and bicycles are quiet and can be carried on the outside or on top of your rig as backup transport. In truth, there are many vehicles that would serve the function of bug out vehicle admirably, but in the end, your choice will likely be determined largely by availability, opportunity and economics.
Similar to the prepper who is all guns and no groceries, every so often, I see someone who owns a car that is worth more than their home or someone who has invested a substantial portion of their net worth in a vehicle while living in an apartment. Find a vehicle that will get you from point A to point B and make sure you have your food storage and other survival priorities in place.
About the Author Latest PostsAbout Cache Valley PrepperCache Valley Prepper is the CEO of Survival Sensei, LLC, a freelance author, writer, survival instructor, consultant and the director of the Survival Brain Trust.
Will anybody care about minor emissions or tag violations for Motopeds during a catastrophe? In a post disaster scenario, you have to watch out for the Gestapo types who think they must run things. The 80s CUCV, chevies, can be found cheaper than military surplus in the "civie" models with the same diesel engine.
I am a huge proponent of modular kit and will be publishing a book on that topic soon, but it's a good thing to have backup transport on your transport as it increases the likelihood of you being able to refuel it or repair it t get it back on the road should it break down. I am currently restomod'ing a '82 K5 Blazer as my BO vehicle, along with a trailer still in the design phase. I would imagine it would provide substantial protection as long as it was made of all metal, but it could have leaks.
The main issues are all of the gaps, non-conductive paint at doors and where metal sheets are joined and non-conductive gaskets on the doors. Thanks for all the very good info, this saves all of us interested in the subject a lot of time and energy. I'm aware that EFI was introduced in 1974-1975, but there are plenty of carbureted vehicles. As far as Conex containers as, I spent some time managing an ATF-approved explosives magazine built from one and some of my other EMP articles and comments detail the drawbacks and utility of shipping containers as protection from a HEMP. This will also subscribe you to my newsletter so you stay up-to-date with everything: new articles, ebooks, products and more! An upper atmospheric detonation of a nuclear device basically produces an EMP (actually 3 distinct pulses) that covers a huge range of the EM spectrum. If you can, place that package in a metal cabinet (without allowing contact between the metal of the package and the cabinet). If you have one that no longer works, it can be used to store electronics that will fit inside. These EMPs cause damage by driving voltage spikes into things that are plugged into your electrical outlets.
The wavelengths involved range from several miles to 100,000 miles in length, so they can’t couple with the short wiring circuits in a cell phone, a thumb drive, or a radio.
These occur at frequencies of around 1 GHz, which corresponds to a wavelength of .3 meters, or about 1 foot. Modern ovens operate at a frequency of 2.45 GHz, and their built-in shielding will exclude all frequencies below that, including nuclear EMPs. One thing I neglected to mention in the video is that LED bulbs are highly susceptible to EMP damage. Even they had some electronic components, but none of them are required to start and run the engine.
It must be heavy duty foil, which is 24 microns thick, and I use two layers just to be sure. What is often overlooked is what nations like North Korea and Iran could do short of using their nuclear weapons for a direct military attack. No communication, to transportation, and no escape with your fancy new car out of the crowded urban jungle. And I am not a mechanic or car salesman by trade, but I do have a solid background in technology and understanding of EMP as well what most people would term as vast experience as a self-reliant consumer.
Diesel motors are somewhat simpler than gasoline motors in that they do not have an ignition system. Imagine the highway or even your own street after a snowstorm without any snowplows or drivers to remove the snow and 4-wheel drive and over-size tires starts to look like a pretty good idea. Without computers, there is only so much to “do it yourself” on newer vehicles so older vehicles have greater appeal. Better still would be 2 or 3 less-expensive vehicles as opposed to a single vehicle that strains your financial resources. He would take multiple beat-up vehicles and turn them into fewer good ones … and have a bunch of spare parts left over. They sense and control virtually every function of the vehicle and are very sensitive to EMP. Sure, car manufacturers take reasonable precautions to shield them, but not against such great field strengths or over the entire frequency range EMP covers.
There are many features to look for and modifications to make to both your vehicle and your SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) regarding that vehicle. This will help the body conduct energy through the vehicle skin like the skin of a Faraday cage.
If you can find a 4×4 with the solid front axle and a carbureted 22R motor, you have a good starting point. Depending on where you live, a simple model of any of these may be a must have or you might keep one or more at a retreat or in a Toy Hauler trailer. I do not believe that any other vehicle on this list has the volume of accessories and options available to customize it. Plan B Supply can hook you up with a Deuce and a half that is all decked out for the apocalypse for less than $40K, which is a tenth the price of a Knight, UniCat or the like, a whole lot less than an Earth Roamer and way more likely to still run after a HEMP. They were first manufactured just after WWII and were sold as the Freightliner Unimog in the US. Space is limited on boats and must be carefully planned out, but many vessels have miniature versions of all the comforts of home.
They usually have one or more sails, a diesel power plant and appliances that run off diesel, use solar and sometimes wind as backup power sources. As some of our troops were surprised to learn in Afghanistan, there is just no substitute for horses and pack animals in certain terrain.
Mules are an important part of maintaining many of our nation’s wilderness trails to this day and American mountain men would not have been able to travel the Western US trapping without horses and mules.
You do not have to be a prepper to appreciate not having to deal with the Department of Motor Vehicles and being able to park in the bike rack. If the motor is small enough or it doesn’t go faster than a certain speed motopeds are not classified as motorcycles in many states, but this varies by jurisdiction so check your local laws. A descendant of pioneers, Cache was raised in the tradition of self-reliance and grew up working archaeological digs in the desert Southwest, hiking the Swiss Alps and Scottish highlands and building the Boy Scout Program in Portugal.
I read article after article of ;"what we need to survive," in all the various SHTF scenarios.
The DMV is so full of them that back in California, I referred to them as the Motor Vehicle Dept.
Granted, not overbuilt like the ton and a quarter mil models, but even the half tons are plenty stout, they are, afterall, old 'merican pickemups.

I haven't seen what electronics they do or don't have, but the are neat little bikes for sure. That is a fantastic bike with a very reliable motor and little to break that you can't fix.
Here is one of my articles on the subject because both projects have about the same obstacles to overcome. Current thinking is that a geomagnetic EMP (CME or solar event) would not affect most vehicles as long as they are not connected to he grid or other long conductors, but it would affect the extraction, refinement and distribution of fossil fuels. My friend had to drive from San Fernando to Wallace Island (Northern Philippines) right past a Voice of America station that was transmitting stuff across the South China Sea. In tiny little no-budget sliver of EMP testing done on vehicles that is not classified, many minor glitches were reported.
However, they do couple with long power lines and create huge voltage surges which are transmitted through power cables connected to the electrical grid, so if you have something plugged into the power outlet in your wall, it can be damaged. Very small gaps are OK, but to offer protection, they must be significantly smaller than the wavelength of the EMP; in the case of a nuclear EMP, the greatest gap you want is about 1 millimeter. Add to the the fact that many modern flashlights have electronic circuits that control the output, and your flashlight is definitely an item you want to protect. To get at any of remaining fuel, you will need a pump and hose like the Jackrabbit by Black & Decker. Just do not allow yourself to be fooled into thinking that the vehicle skin is without holes that compromise its integrity. As previously stated, there is no one standard followed by manufacturers even for EMP shielding. They are inexpensive to buy, inexpensive to work on as long as you provide the labor, simple to understand, inexpensive to insure and inexpensive to register. They are not so great for keeping a low profile, but they are the go to choice for many preppers looking for a vehicle with plenty of cargo space and can be had starting at under $10K. Invest in function as opposed to form when it comes to rolling stock, including bug out vehicles. Cache was mentored in survival by a Delta Force Lt Col and a physician in the US Nuclear Program and in business by Stephen R. But if you want your to run in an emergency, you had better prepare now while times are good, that's all.
Railroad track are very long conductors that run parallel to the surface of the earth and the atmosphere, so the could pick up insanely huge amounts of energy which is the opposite of what you are trying to accomplish.
Ours sits on two mounds (one at each end) of gravel with two rail road ties on the mound with the conex sitting on it. She gets 23 MPG highway, and has no electronic parts except for the chip in the HEI ignition. The motor would quit running for about half a mile and then start running again; so, he learned to come in fast and coast. Under a couple feet of soil or concrete would be best, but if that’s not an option, a basement is better than nothing. The best protection is to unplug your electronics, but use a surge protector in case you’re not there to unplug everything. People commit all kinds of crimes and atrocities during catastrophes, but after people put things back together, they haul people in front of a court and sort it out. Hopefully it will help save some time, money and elbow grease and while we certainly can't take some things with us, I'm not so sure sure that knowledge gained in this life is among them. That would be fried from a solar flare or EMP, but pop a new one in, and I'll be back on the road in 10 minutes.
But the take away from this is to be sure to try to restart and fix you vehicle after an EMP and diagnose it if circumstances allow as opposed to assuming it's toast.
There are other ways these rogue nuclear states could use their weapons that would actually inflict even greater damage on the US and in fact possible even cause the United States to cease to exist as we know it today.
You can catch up with Cache teaching EMP survival at survival expos, teaching SERE to ex-pats and vagabonds in South America or getting in some dirt time with the primitive skills crowd in a wilderness near you. I explain this to my student that say they will have free reign to be SSS (shoot, shovel and shut up) after "SHTF" or whatever. In this context, a Faraday cage is a container made of conductive material that completely surrounds your electronics. Certainly the rogue nuclear states could give a nuclear weapon to a terrorist group that could set it off inside the US and that would force the US to spend a great deal of time tracing the weapon back to its owner, but in the end the US would and that nation would face a dire fate. Maybe it's natural for some personality types to fantasize about finally getting to play judge or instrument of justice when a WROL scenario finally happens.
Another and more dangerous scenario would be for the rogue nuclear state to unleash an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP Bomb) on the US and in theory send America back to a pre-electric nineteenth century state. The world order would collapse and the Americans left alive would have to learn how to survive in this new non-powered world.We get a glimpse of what this might look like in the Hollywood fantasy TV show “Revolution” but how would an EMP Bomb disaster happen?
In the 1950’s the United States tested many nuclear devices over Pacific islands and in one such test scientists discovered that areas under a nuclear blast would lose all electric power.
On further examination these scientists realized that the nuclear blast had fried all electronic components in a particular radius under the blast. Further analysis revealed that the higher the blast and the more powerful the blast, the larger the area affected by the electronic devastation. Although this EMP effect has never been tested over a highly complex populated area the theory holds that a nuclear blast of any significance two miles above Kansas would fry every unprotected electronic circuit in the Unites States from Maine to California.
Only the non-contiguous states of Alaska and Hawaii would be unaffected.How might a rogue nation pull this off?
The United States has a limited capability to shoot down missiles fired from conventional launch sites and at least at the current time nations like North Korea and Iran don’t have the inter ballistic missile capability to reach the continental United States.
A merchant ship, converted to an impromptu missile launcher could be sailed to a point just off the US coast. Once the missle on board was launched the US would have little time to react and would most likely not even be looking for a launch from this method of delivery. Should the missle reach its destination above the US heartland and actually detonate, the United States would instantly go dark.Almost immediately the scene would be one of shock, anger, confusion and ignorance. At first most would think this a normal power interruption and they would be unaware that the same thing has happened all across the country. Only when they did something like go try to start their car would they realize that something was different and something was very wrong. Fully charged cell phones would be black, emergency generators would not kick in at hospitals and worst of all planes would start to fall from the sky. The only communication would be from two-way radio and that would only be between people lucky enough to have such devices.
Electric lighting, refrigeration, air conditioning, phone and cell phone communication and modern transportation would all be a thing of the past.Within a matter of days, as we say after Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, food would start to run out and panic would set in as food supplies ran out. Riots would break out and those in populated areas would face a hell like none ever seen in the United States.
Assuming there was only one EMP strike directed at the US, the rest of the world would be aware of what had happened and relief efforts from Europe, Asia and the remaining foreign-based US military assets would most likely begin in earnest but would be overwhelmed by the magnitude of the situation and 300 million Americans dependent on modern conveniences suddenly found themselves thrust to a pre-Edison world of growing and hunting their own food and defending themselves from human and animal predators.No one knows for sure if and EMP strike could be successful delivered or if the hypothetical would turn out to be a reality but the thought of an EMP strike is on that keeps US military and national security leaders up at night.
The threat is real, however, and will only become more so and more and more nations acquire nuclear weapons and look for the easiest way to use these weapons against the United States while ensuring that the consequences for them are as minimal as possible.

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