The ES10i powered subwoofer has its own source of amplification (as opposed to passive, non-amplified subwoofers which require an additional power amplifier).
Finding home theater speakers that sound great, look great with your home decor, and priced right, is not always easy.
The EMP Tek Impression range is another in a long line of impressive speaker systems to hit the TrustedReviews test bench recently, providing sophisticated, detailed sound quality, elegant looks and amazing build quality. If you encounter problems ordering, please check out our Frequently Asked Order Questions page to find an answer. The AC510 in-ceiling speaker is designed to be mounted in the ceiling and used for stereo applications such as multi-room audio. This subwoofer can add considerable low-frequency, deep bass performance to your home theater or audio system.
If you are looking for new set of loudspeakers for your home theater, you might want to check out the stylish and great sounding EMP Tek Impression 5.1 Home Theater Package. If you’re after a little extra oomph in the bass department you might have more joy from some of its similarly-priced rivals, but for most people this system really will leave a lasting impression.

I bought my E55Ti towers and my ES1010i sub about 80 hours playtime ago and WOW, THEY JUST WOKE WAY UP - Came out of their cocoon , which might I add was already pretty awesome but they have turned into a pair of beautiful and breathtakingly detailed butterflies.
We found that the E5Ti's, in our review, had better in-room response than the specs suggested, and we feel confident that these new speakers will perform similarly. I really appreciate the fast communication and help you've given me let alone the great speakers I’ve got. The ±3dB switch allows the output of the tweeter to be increased or decreased, which allows the AC510's sound to be custom-tailored to each room environment. I’ve had a lot of compliments on the looks and sound of my speakers since I purchased them. It is the ideal combination of superb performance matched with compact dimensions and an extremely sturdy ABS frame and baffle with a rigid aluminum grille. I will admit, they do, to me, need the help of my sub for my taste and lucky for me the ES1010i fit the bill flawlessly.
I’m probably going to get a pair of the black E55Wi surround speakers once they become available.

The 5¼-inch woofer is made from poly graphite and the shape of the cone is optimized for perfect sound dispersion. The sound quality ranks right up there with the Martin Logan EM ESl’s I pitted them against.
The pivoting 1-inch silk dome tweeter remains free of distortion or edginess at even very high frequencies. Both the grille and frame can easily be painted in any color for a perfect integration into any decor. Para saber quanto pagarA? de envio, digite o CEP do endereA┬žo que deseja receber o produto no calculador de custos.

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