The details we've all been waiting for have hit twitter very recently via twitter from Major League Gaming.
I'm confirming that if the MTL boys are down that I'm gonna plan to go there for SURE! It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Mortal Kombat, although taken down from the game list is still confirmed for Dallas, Texas for the Fall Championship on November 2-4.

Stay tuned, people and start making your plans to either ATTEND or WATCH Mortal Kombat in Dallas, Texas!
Now, someone please help me find good streaming equipment so I can host casuals in my room! You saw who your first couple of fights were on Saturday before you even fought, and then you had all of Saturday night to prepare for who you were going to fight on Sunday.
Two are already confirmed: Madzin and STB Shujinkydink via the Online Tournament ran by Pig Of The Hut !

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