Trail Pals Horse Trailer Accessory Store sells hard to find horse trailer parts and accessories. This is the kit for you if you’ve got a small band of horses instead of just a couple. Economy KitThis Kit is a perfect small kit for trail rides, trailers or to carry in your vehicle.
Horn BagTrail Riding KitThe Small Trail Horn Bag is one of our favorites because you do not have to carry extra items. Small Trailering KitFeaturing 36 Different Products and 153 Items, the kit measures 10" high, 16" wide, and 7" deep and wieghs 6.4 pounds. Large Barn Kit First Aid StationFeaturing 90 different products and 770 items, this kit measures 37" high, 18" wide, and 12" deep and weighs 61 pounds. Store bought equine first aid kits are often so skimpy it makes me wonder if the creators have ever dealt with a horse emergency or wound care.
One of the first things you're going to need is a sturdy zippered duffle bag to hold all of your supplies, most of which are bulky. It stands to reason that your your largest and most complete first aid kit will be kept at the barn. Since I can't reach through your computer screen and force you to put together a horse first aid kit before you need it, I thought I'd share this little story in hope that it will inspire you to take action. About 10:00 one morning I stepped out into the corral to fill the water trough and check on the horses, only to find one of our mares had torn up her left back leg.
As luck would have it, a very good friend of mine who lives out of the area just happened to call me as she was in town.
Whether you have any experience with wound management or not, I highly recommend you buy yourself a book on horse first aid. Gaited Horses and MulesFun informative interview on gaited horses with long time trainer and author Burl Brooks aka Moose.

It is meant to provide the essential needs for at least eleven to eighteen horses and riders or handlers; but will honestly care for quite a few more than that, depending upon the emergency. As a Trail Pals customer you can rest assured that we will provide you with the best possible customer service that we can.  If we are unable to sell you the part you need for your horse trailer we will help you find it! Don't be caught on a trail ride, in the barn or at your trailer without one of these kits for when emergencies happen!
A good book will walk you through the steps you need to take until you can get your equine to the vet.
And there is plenty of product to take care of much of the after care for injured or sick horses. Protect those horses with the best insurance you can find, an emergency first aid kit, complete with a full array of items for you and the riders and handlers who are also important to you. Next time you go the the feed store; stop and take a moment to grab some of the supplies on this list. We are a Christian based company who prides ourselves on our integrity, honesty, and stand behind our parts and our customer service. This kit offers 18 products that are specific to humans, as well as many products that can easily be used on horse or rider. The gal on the other end of the phone informed me that my horse was not considered an emergency. There won’t be many features or products that you will find yourself in search of, or in want of. If your band of horses numbers any where from about four to ten, this is the kit that you should rely on in your horse operation headquarters.
We’ve packed a lot more 3M Animal Care products in to this kit, a larger variety of liniments, poultices, ointments, dressings, bandages, and equipment to aid you in the first care, and after care of injuries and sickness. With plenty of elastic loops for jars and bottles, zippered sections, dividers, pockets, hand and shoulder straps, this bright red kit will maintain your medical supplies investment and always be ready to take to the site of need, and help you to readily find what you need, keeping those products clean and sanitary.

The products in this kit should help you sustain your injured or sick animal until your veterinarian can get there to diagnose and recommend a regimen of after care.
We encourage our customers to check out shipping information page about questions with shipping. A larger version of our Small Barn bag, this kit offers even more features for organization. And check out our Return Policy page for information on how to return a product that you dona€™t want or ordered by mistake. Once again, this roomy kit is oversized to our standard kit supplies do that you can add what you already own in the way of medical supplies; or supplement our standard contents with extra purchases from the optional section of our web site. Made by Stanley, and featuring a retractable handle, heavy duty wheels and a locking feature, this emergency station will meet all of your needs and requirements. Again thank you so much for choosing Trail Pals Horse Trailer Accessory Store for your horse trailer parts and accessory needs.
This bag also features two clear plastic pockets for your business card, or that of your veterinarian or mortality insurance company; easy and quick to find in time of need. Once you have reached your destination with your mobile station, one quick lever release, and you slide the top units backwards to open and reveal the lower two sections in one swift, easy glide motion. The very top section has two latches which release the lid and reveal a handled lift out tray, with a deep main compartment below that.
The mid section of the kit has compartmentalized sections, with removable dividers for customization. The bottom section is a very deep and sturdy box which houses many products and protects your bottles, jars, orals, larger bandaging materials and equipment.

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