Within these pages are contained 3000 interesting, unusual, and amazing bits of information presented in almost 100 different categories, all assembled by oen of the world’s outstanding authors. And that—there are 2,997 more facts to be found in Isaac Asimov’s Book of Facts?
Basically, this is a a€?toilet booka€?a€”something to sit down with for the odd minute or so to entertain onea€™s brain while onea€™s body is otherwise occupied. The book suggests hither and yon that Isaac Asimov’s Book of Facts, Volume Two is on its way.
Reformers campaigned for new laws to improve working conditions for children and give children the opportunity for schooling. By 1880, the law said that all children aged 5 to 10 must go to primary school, so every child would receive at least a basic education.
A popular children's alphabet book included the rhyme 'Q is for the Queen, who oft [often] goes by the train' - which Queen Victoria sometimes did. One sensible school rule was: 'Broken needles [for sewing] must not be thrown on the floor'. Victorian teachers kept a list of 'object lessons' - things to talk about, with picture cards to show.
Victorians liked stories with a moral, such as one about Naughty Nellie who played with matches - and burned her hair off.
This was a group of workers in the countryside, doing jobs like weeding, sowing seeds, and harvesting crops. Temperance organization which tried to stop people, especially children, from drinking alcohol.
A school run in her home by an elderly woman, known as a dame, where children were taught basic reading and writing.

A group of men who travelled around Britain to investigate the working conditions of children in both factories and mines. Boys' schools, started in the Middle Ages as an alternative to Church schools and giving free education to some boys. The era of rapid and great change in industry and manufacturing with the growth of factories, beginning in the late 1700s.
These were pieces of slate (like a flat stone), sometimes set inside a wooden frame, used for writing - with a special slate pencil. Disease causing fever and, in those who did not die from it, leaving 'pockmarks' on the skin.
Place where people without means of support (usually the very poor, young and elderly) were sent to live; they got a food and a bed in return for work.
Domesday Book was known as the Book of Winchester when it was housed in the royal treasury at Winchester. Domesday Book provides a vast amount of information for those who want to build up a picture of life in England under the Normans. Im actually pleased that this give me some deatail answers because my homework was for facts about domesday book.even though im in yr 7 im very pleased that this website give me detailed answers then other websites. Great: I am sooooooo pleased, my homework was finished really fast and you had some great info on here too!
Only richer families could afford to pay the school fees, though some schools gave free places to poor boys. Journalist Robert Raikes started the first Sunday School for poor children in Gloucester in 1780.
In 1891, girls from St Mary Cray, in Kent, danced round their Maypole in front of 10,000 spectators.

People learned to write in a style we now call 'copperplate' - the name comes from engraving work.
In Victorian times, coal heated homes and provided steam power for machines, trains and ships. If ownership of property was disputed, whatever was recorded in Domesday was the final word on the matter. However, because it was compiled by humans, it is riddled with mistakes, inaccuracies, omissions and confusion. In the meantime, should you need any assistance, please contact us at +1-855-300-1336 (toll free in the United States) and we will be happy to help at no extra cost. Poor girls did not go to school when the Victorian age began meaning they had little education. Poor parents working hard to earn a living paid her a few pennies a week to look after their children, and perhaps teach them the alphabet or how to sew. From 1833 factory owners were supposed to provide at least 2 hours education every day for child-workers, but not many children actually got lessons. Granted, you can guess which of the main topics it would be found under and read up to 20 pages or so to find what you‘re looking for, but an index would be so much nicer. While you will be able to view the content of this page in your current browser, you will not be able to get the full visual experience. Please consider upgrading your browser software or enabling style sheets (CSS) if you are able to do so.

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