When you arrive at the Anchorage War Memorial, you're likely to find Ghouls there, and perhaps some other survivors wandering the wasteland. Once inside, things will happen quickly, but there's really no reason whatsoever to go slowly or quietly here.
Well upon speaking to Moira again, you'll find that there's only one more portion of chapter two to finish, and that has to do with Mirelurks down at the Anchorage War Memorial.
Leave them alone (why cause trouble when you're on an otherwise-innocuous side quest?) and look around the memorial's base for a collapsed section alongside the water. If things went for you like it did for us, Mirelurk eggs are waiting just ahead and around the bend. To your right, around the bend, you should find some Mirelurk eggs sitting in the water (continuing down to the end of that corridor will lead to a door you simply can't open right now).
There's good news, though, and that news is that this is an extremely short and easy outing.

Carefully walk down into the crumbling section of the memorial and turn around, looking to your left (if your back is facing the memorial).
Mirelurks themselves are simplistic enemies, but remember that you'll not want to harm them if you want to fulfill Moira's optional request not to kill any of them.
Analyze the eggs when you find them (they might not be in this exact location, so keep looking, and you'll find them easily) and choose to place Moira's probe in the eggs.
Moira will tell you that creatures called Mirelurks really interest her, and she wants you to go investigate the scene and see what you can find about them down at Anchorage War Memorial. A door into the base's structure will be seen; simply jump up to it and pick the weak lock to get inside.
Holster your weapon and dodge them as best you can, making sure to stay out of the toxic radiated water as you head forward. You've almost certainly been there already (especially if you're doing the chapter sections in the order we are), so you can instantaneously travel there with your Pip-Boy.

Once outside, quickly transport yourself instantaneously back to Megaton and report your findings to Moira to wrap up the second chapter of her three chapter survival guide.
If for some strange reason you haven't yet been there and therefore can't instantly teleport yourself there, the war memorial is essentially due east of Megaton, across the radiation-filled Potomac River. But what's waiting for you ahead is more difficult and time-consuming than the tasks we've already performed for her. Three Stealth Boys and a Shady Hat, if you successfully completed both the mandatory and optional objectives.

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