From character building and personal fitness, the outdoors and personal growth, to leadership development and learning values, Scouting helps a boy develop into a well-rounded young man. To view DOC files, click on the file and select either 'Open it' to view it now or 'Save to disk'. Delighted to read President Beck's awesome article on 'Capturing the Vision of Scouting' in the Jun 212 Ensign.
Last week, the LDS Church re-issued the Scouting portion of the Church Handbook of Instruction. There doesn't appear to be any significant changes in the May 2012 version (beside the section numbering), but the April 2011 version was a major update from the previous version that had been around for several years.

Last week I was teaching the second module of Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops (ILST) to Troop 1186 in Cedar Hills, Utah. Opinions expressed are not the official viewpoint of the Boy Scouts of America or LDS Church.
The new version, dated May 23, 2012, adds a section numbering system to the previous version issued in April of 2011.
Tell an inspirational historical Scout story - one of BP's adventures, or the fabled Scout in the 'London Fog'.
Tell an inspirational story of a modern-day Scout (just Google "scout saves life" or something similar).

Have your Scout 'share' what they are learning as they are completing the requirements in the Duty to God booklet. Review your family's emergency preparedness plan and status (completing requirements 2c and 9b of the Emergency Prep merit badge). Do some basic repairs around the house (possibly completing several requirements for the Home Repair merit badge).

Emergency preparedness in high schools
Bug out bag list pdf 2014
American vampire films online

Rubric: Solar Flare Survival


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