We’ve established that an EMP incident will fry all electronics.  This occurs whether or not they are plugged in or turned on. In fact, with the knowledge of the protection that a Faraday cage can provide you, you may be able to enjoy nearly as comfortable a lifestyle as you did prior to any electromagnetic pulse.
Whether or not your electronics are plugged in, how long of an antenna you’ve got on something, what voltage it is, or whether or not they operate with batteries—all non-protected electronics will be affected by an EMP. Just because your car has rubber tires, it will not be impervious to the effects of an EMP.  Rubber containers are insufficient protection against an EMP. And oh yeah—yes, your Faraday cages DO need to be grounded.  If it’s NOT grounded, then the Faraday cage merely becomes a reflector or an amplifier. Yes, a microwave can act as a Faraday cage, but why in the world would you want to use it for that?  That’s just silly when you can make one simply. Faraday cages do not have to be solid, thus the name “cage” instead of the oft misused term—“box.”  In fact, many of them that you can build yourself or will see on the internet will resemble a bird cage or a very finely meshed chicken coop wire. Also, contrary to what you may see on the internet, a sheet of foil on a box will not protect you.
The cages do not have to be solid, but they do have to be constructed continuously without gaps between the protective material. You can have an instant Faraday cage with a galvanized trash can or a large stock pot like they use in restaurants. The radiation in a microwave makes a CD-ROM look like a spider-web of char and plastic almost instantly. My "um" was supposed to be with attitude in response to your know-it-all attitude which is propagating misinformation here on a blog I enjoy reading.
There is metal in CDs and DVDs, but they aren't at any more risk of damage from an EMP than the layers in a roll of aluminum foil are at risk of fusing together. I quickly found one source that states that CDs and DVDs are immune to EMPs through Google.
I'm planning on using my old laptop for storage purposes only, and keeping it in either a Faraday container or a galvanized trash can. Instead of using "thumb drives loaded with all of [your] vital information" I suggest you use optical storage (DVDs or CDs) They're cheaper and since they have no circuitry will withstand an EMP without any protection. Unfortunately, I have yet to find a quality "shaker flashlight" that provides suitable light. A good idea of something to keep in a Faraday cage is a shake flashlight that powers itself when you shake it. Faraday cages would also be useful if kept in the trunk of your car with flashlight, radio, replacement car stuff, etc., if an EMP struck while you were traveling and not very close to a city or town. To get a proper Ground the best thing to use is a copper ground wire attached to copper rod 9 feet long pounded into the ground and a 12 inch hole around the ground rod filled with water. 3.Just like you give someone a jump on a battery always make sure one connector is grounded. 4.In Iraq when on the move we always had a wire connected to the ground point and if we could not bury a ground rod we drove over it and then soaked the rod in water. 2.I went back through the US Army's EMP standards and the scariest thing I found is the Army is not sure if what they are doing for EMP will work! If I build a Faraday Cage like the first picture above out of 2x4 frame and a mesh wire fabric, does the bottom have to be mesh too?
If you use mesh, you have to use a very fine mesh so that the holes are not big enough to let in microwave-length radiation. What is most important is that whatever you are trying to protect is COMPLETELY enclosed (top, bottom, and all sides), that it is well-grounded, that whatever you are storing inside is insulated from the exterior mesh, and that there are no wires linking something inside with anything outside.
In other words, you could store your generator in a faraday cage, but to use it would require you to open the faraday cage in order to plug it in, etc. The problem with an EMP is the ions that travel at high-speeds, thus creating great power, which will destroy diode substrate layers, thus causing electronics to stop functioning.

So, the fact that you can or can not stop radio waves from getting in is not an indicator of whether or not it will work as a Faraday cage. Add to EJ Playlist  This is a short video on SOME of the things you can do to protect your equipment from a electro magnetic pulse or EMP for short. A rock crawling Jeep has an edge over this IH Scout, but it's not a practical for everyday use. WESTERN, MEYERS, CURTISS, FISHER, SNO-WAY, DIAMOND, SALT-DOGG, BLIZZARD, BOSS V SNOW PLOW ANY V PLOW EAT YOUR HEART OUT!
Add to EJ Playlist  The box I setup for EMP blasts & also for my backup portable solar charging system. Add to EJ Playlist  Taurus gets zapped by an elctromagnetic pulse just to see what happens. Add to EJ Playlist  My Answer to Portable, Take anywhere, Disaster proof amateur radio communications.
Add to EJ Playlist  I read Lights out by (Halffast) as a PDF a few years back and it scared me enough to make some changes in my preps. WESTERN, MEYERS, CURTISS, FISHER, SNO-WAY, DIAMOND, SALT-DOGG, BLIZZARD, BOSS V SNOW PLOW ANY V PLOW other than HINIKER IS THE BEST THOUGH.
Add to EJ Playlist  Uploaded by anthonyp43 on Jun 11, 2011 This is a WOODEN RAIL on WOODEN bridge. I have had to activate the "Comment Approval", this is the first time I've had to do this but I will NOT TOLERATE such rude and foul comments anymore on this video.
Power systems: widespread voltage control problems and protective system problems can occur, some grid systems may experience complete collapse or blackouts. Add to EJ Playlist  Protecting electronics from damaging Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) effects is much easier than you might think. Kellene, I was responding to the part where Alt says "since they have no circuitry will withstand an EMP without any protection". Alt, you could have a hand in a microwave for 2 seconds and not have any noticable effects.
By the way, something that I haven't discussed as of yet is that there's actually 3 levels of EMP strike that we can expect.
Yes, as long as whatever is being protected is completely surrounded with good, conductive metal that is then grounded properly. The reason I am asking is that I am looking to buy and old truck (late '60's to mid '70's) specifly for the reason that it would function in the event of an EMP attack or solar flare. If I had a laptop in the garbage can, would it need additional protection, such as wrapped in mesh wire?
If you have an old car that doesn't have any electronic ignition or any solid state parts would it still fry?
Wrapping the devices in aluminum foil - could not call the phone, keying one radio did not reach the other.
This would also cover strong solar storm that would be the equivalent of a world wide EMP that would last for hours or even days.
A diesel pickup truck like a dodge, ford or chevy GMC is good but then you have to have an ex cab if you have more than 2 people. We have a great lineup of speakers (including William Forstchen the author of "ONE SECOND AFTER" ) that will give you many tips on preparedness. What that means is if there is an EMP (electro magnetic pulse) that wires out all electronics, this car will keep on going. If you are thinking of off road BOV check out my video "Ultimate Bug Out Vehicle" I talk in detail about situations and when where and why a BUV Bug Out Vehicle.
It is a vehicle that if there is civil unrest or a major evacuation or whatever happens, is a vehicle that is reliable and will carry you and your friends to a safer place in a minuets notice. All you need to do is wrap whatever you want to protect in paper towel, using some masking tape to keep in in place.

Mesh wire will generally not work unless it is very small mesh (chicken coop wire wouldn't work). I would guess that if it doesn't have a an electronic ignition it would start assuming that it is all original factory parts under the hood.
And should that wire be grounded to the garbage can (which is connected to an outside ground rod)? If you put a cage in your basement, would you have to run a wire to the outside to ground it? So yes, if it's an EMP that has caused your power outage, then you should be fine after its impact. Not sure if it will work but I think it will be the best I will be able to do without a full retro fit of my home. I even took a Karate class for about a year until I lost patience with the rituals and didn't feel like it was doing me much good. Due to great MPG you can get far and pass by gas stations where people in an PHFT (Poop Hits The Fan) scenario. If this strikes a cord with you and you realize that things in this world are getting pretty volitle, then pay attention to this channel. The paper towel serves as an insulator between the device and the aluminum foil you will now wrap around the device. First of all, allow me to dispel some myths about Faraday cages—and boy, howdy, there are a LOT of them. It’s the substrate layers of the diodes and transistors that make them susceptible to a magnetic pulse attack. Since Faraday cages are not fool proof, depending on the strength of the pulse, I would recommend burying such containers 2 feet under the ground, storing survival electrical and battery items. This International Scout has just a 100" wheel base, same as a Jeep scrambler, it's built like a tank and drives like a Cadilliac. Car goes about 580 miles and everything functions beautifully with most wear age parts replaced.. You are simply left with the sudden consequences and whatever preparedness you have on hand.  So, other than your preparedness supplies, your new best friend may be a Faraday cage. Plus it's narrower than most full size suv's so it will get in and out of most places you want to go! You can make your “cage” as small or as large as you’d like.  It wouldn’t be out of the question to continuously line a basement storage room or hole in the ground with copper mesh wire and a grounding rod.
Bottom line, with an appropriately constructed Faraday cage, you can likely protect that which is inside from the electromagnetic attack of an EMP incident or solar flare, thus preserving the function of all that is contained therein. The Dana 300 t-case has a real low low, so even though I have 3:07 gear axles the low gearing more than makes up for that. They are then put in the microwave.  The one Peep that wasn’t put in the microwave met his untimely death, while the others were still intact. For a little bit of a science lesson on the workings of a Faraday cage, check out this YouTube link. The science professor is EXCELLENT.  Note though that he does say that a car is a Faraday cage, however, I want to reiterate that it is NOT sufficient to extinguish the effects of an EMP attack. Chicken coop wire would work, but only if you double or even triple layered it as the opening are too large.

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