Chris Fisher of Regal Cinemedia and Michael Lauter of GW Hannaway associates provided in-depth discussions of HD for cinematic release. Covering consumer premise technology: Joe Ross of Motorola presented information on set-top products while Alan Brown of Cinemaquest gave us perspective of how the consumer views the confusion in the marketplace.
Paul Swedberg with EMC corporation closed our sessions with an informative discussion of storage solutions and life cycle management. Security is something that should be on the minds of all broadcast CEs and tower owners these days. In November, a couple of adrenaline-junkie BASE jumpers climbed the 1,000-foot WXPT tower outside Minneapolis and jumped off. The straw that broke the camel's back was a feature on PM Magazine showing jumps from our tower! Have you seen some of the letters and guest commentaries in the radio trade press about AM nighttime IBOC of late?
Over the last few weeks I have been reminded several times about the exodus of good engineers from the broadcast ranks.
If you have been at the station for a while and have most things under control, it may be hard to show much improvement. Whether you share your numbers with management is up to you, but I was once told you can't improve something unless you can measure it. Please note: SBE Certification exams are administered only by SBE and are proctored in-person by qualified and approved representatives of SBE. For FM stations the number of options of how to put what amounts to three adjacent channel stations into one antenna are growing with several options talked about. On the programming side the place was abuzz with the announcement by Howard Stern that he is jumping to the Sat-Radio provider, Sirius. Folks looking for an alternative to broadcast and satellite radio always have their computer with a number of stations still streaming their programming. I see where Boeing just got a contract for building three satellites for DirecTV that will be used to deliver HD nationwide. The FCC has launched a campaign to educate the public about DTV, trying to get us to switch. The FCC recently shut down one of the legendary pirate stations in Santa Cruz, CA, with the help of US Marshals. On a rather serious note an arsonist is attacking communications facilities in the Portland-Vancouver area. The plan was to have the new iPod ready for early-holiday shoppers, but there were shipment delays on the 60Gb drives from its supplier (Toshiba). Other than the new iPod, there's nothing else in the tech goodies that really stands out this year.
Finally, I've been playing with the preview release of the Mozilla Firefox web browser for the last couple months, and I have to say the Mozilla team has really come a long way with the browser. I especially recommend Firefox if you're using any Microsoft OS other than Windows XP, as Microsoft won't be making the IE security fixes for XP available for other operating systems (including Windows 2000, which XP is based on). There is a lot of RF Radiation spectrum out there, but the FCC makes very, very little of it available for citizens to use for garage door openers, wireless computers, family radio services, and the like.
The only practical solution is protecting your home, your children and pets, from the intense, maybe even deadly RF Radiation, that is being forced into you home. RF Radiation Exterminators Guarantees that we will reduce RF Radiation levels by at least a factor of 100 (What RF Engineers call 10 dB).
The FCC maintained in the R&O that BPL emissions are localized and at low enough levels to preclude harmful interference in the first place, and it left the door open to possibly upping the limit in the future. Haynie pointed out that both international treaty and US law entitle licensed radiocommunication services to protection from harmful interference that unlicensed systems like BPL might generate. The NTIA's September 13 submission to the FCC shows that even at FCC Part 15 limits, the probability of harmful interference is essentially 100 percent within 200 to 400 meters of a power line carrying BPL signals-depending on the operating frequency.
While extolling the purported benefits of broadband over power line technology, the 81-page Report and Order declares the FCC's intention to protect licensed services from harmful interference.
Ray Topp, Publisher of Radio Guide, invites all SBE members to receive a free subscription. With this new gig, I get to occasionally visit an historical or interesting place in my travels. In this case, West Branch, Iowa (on the Eastern side of the stateā€¦ go figure) has the Herbert Hoover Library, and his final resting place. You might recall that in the 1920's radio was an expensive novelty, and a few thousand hams (Herbert included) occupied the spectrum. In 1921, a year after women got the right to vote, Hoover was appointed Secretary of Commerce, and if you will recall your history, The Bureau of Navigation gave up it's roll in regulating radio in favor of the Department of Commerce. Licenses were granted for 3-months at a time (This was when the "public interest, convenience and necessity was the driving force) and there was a band plan.
While many medical providers are dithering about enhancements to their computer systems that would lead to a paperless scheme, Kaiser Permanente is already there. Calculation of a coverage map from a repeater site out to mobile units is considered the basic building block of radio system design. Did you ever notice that when you blow in a dog's face, he gets mad at you, but when you take him on a car ride, he sticks his head out the window?
Spike Milligan: Money can't buy you happiness, but it does bring you a more pleasant form of misery.
Afschermprestaties van alle deuren in ons assortiment.(Deze waardes zijn gementen onder lab condities. De volledig automatische afgeschermde schuifdeuren worden ontworpen voor RF en EMP-dichte toepassingen. De beweging van de deur en de ontsluiting van de contacten zijn volledig automatisch; zij worden pneumatisch en elektrisch in werking gesteld.

De openslaande fingerstrip deuren doors staan bekend om hun hoge afschermprestaties en worden gebruikt in geprefabriceerde Faraday kooien maar ook in ons Mu-Copper systeem.
Om de vereiste reductieniveaus te bereiken, hebben wij verscheidene types openslaande deuren in ons assortiment. Voor toepassingen waar een reductie van 40 tot 60 dB worden gevraagd kunnen wij standaard houten deuren ombouwen tot afgeschermde deuren.
Je kan door browsen op de website of je kan het formulier nu invullen en al uw samples aanvragen.
Om een offerte voor de Kooi van Faraday deurenbinnen 24 uur, vul dan onderstaand formulier in. When you want a quotation for a shielding door (Faraday cage door) then please specify the following information. Blijf op de hoogte van de laatste ontwikkelingen in Holland Shielding Systems BV door het aanmelden voor onze nieuwsbrief. PBS discussed the PBS delivery methodology and Robert Poletiek of Intelsat cave us an overview of Long Haul delivery technologies. The last two months, we have reported on tower arson fires in the northwest and tower site vandalism in the south. We had as much passive security as we could at the site, including a ten-foot fence around the tower base topped with razor wire, but these jumpers were determined.
There has been a good back-and-forth between Buckley's Tom Ray and Leonard Kahn in Radio World. The author was making the case that his station, a 1 kW daytimer in Omaha on 660 kHz with a 54-watt secondary nighttime authorization, would be wiped out at night by first-adjacent-channel class A stations running IBOC.
Some of the CPs went for much more than what an operating station of the same class could be bought for in that market. However, if problems are occurring, the numbers above will give you information you can take to management about the cost vs. Given that most channels are now defined in 6.25 kHz increments, and no known equipment actually operates in such a narrow channel, channel stacking will take place more often than not. Usually it's some kind of meeting downtown that results in lots of Sat-Trucks and protesters. List price on the new 60Gb iPod will be $500, and it's expected to be a grand-slam for Apple. Firefox is quite nimble, has no issues with pages designed for IE only, and doesn't hog resources like previous versions of Mozilla and the Mozilla-based Netscape browser (remember them?) did. Their professional organizations often cite transmitter safety as one of, if not their main concern.
RF Radiation limits set by OSHA allow ten times the potentially lethal RF Radiation that is permitted in Russia. Whether killed or injured in war, or by the increasing RF Radiation, the government has little motivation to protect the safety of a few people, especially when they believe this serves the larger good. Usually just fractions of a Watt, nonetheless, gas stations won't let you use one while pumping gas because they can cause gas stations to explode. Inside your walls, a thin steel and copper mesh blocks out both magnetic and electrostatic RF Radiation. Homes on Look Out Mountain were very sought after and valuable before the awareness of the RF Radiation problem made selling a home difficult and sometimes impossible.
We help you with choices of RF Radiation proof window treatments, RF sealing doors, and manage the entire installation process from beginning to end. The signal, from Deutsche Welle in Germany, is legal since radio amateurs share that part of the band with broadcasters in Region 1 (which includes Europe).
Deutsche Welle plans to gradually shut down its analog shortwave transmissions, he said, as DRM receivers become more available globally-something not anticipated until late 2005.
Of course, the vagaries of propagation will be a big factor as to the amount of interference US hams experience at any given time. Radio Guide carries much practical technical information, equipment reviews, and interesting stories of radio's history. A religious sect asked for permission to build a station to disseminate warnings of the world's imminent end. These devices can be monitored or have their parameters modified by wireless gear operating on an unlicensed basis in the 402 - 403 MHz band. Once this process is mastered, the next level of sophistication is to study the variance of that talk-out radio coverage with the effective talk-back coverage. Enkel of dubbel openslaande deuren met hoge afschermprestaties uitgerust met enkele of dubbele fingerstrips (elektrisch geleidende contactstrips) behoren tot de mogelijkheden. De afscherming bestaat uit elektrisch geleidende pakkingen (gaskets) aan de bovenkant en zijkanten van de deur en een elektrisch geleidende koperen borstel en drempel. De deur kan geïntegreerd worden in afgeschermde ruimten, kooien van Faraday maar ook voor in andere toepassingen. Iedere opening en sluiting van de deur heeft een zelfreinigende werking op het contactvlak (Fingertrips en het mes van de deur). Wij produceren enkele fingerstrip deuren voor medium afscherm prestaties (reductie tot 110dB) en dubbele fingerstrip deuren voor hoge afscherm prestaties (reductie tot 140 dB). De standaard aangepaste deur kan in een schuif of in een openslaande uitvoering worden geleverd.
While stealing the car is still a crime, the owner may share some civil liability if someone is hurt in the ensuing police chase.
In reality, AM IBOC transmissions in that spectrum are more like -35 dBc as documented by some spectrum measurements provided by a transmitter manufacturer of an operating IBOC station. Transmitter systems, often with radiated power of up to five million watts, kill, on average, three transmitter engineers a year, and no one knows how many are injured or how many lives are shortened by their constant contact with RF radiation equipment. Even more RF Radiation for you as the new spectrum owners use the spectrum to make billions to feed the FCC money machine.

Military and commercial users, in particular broadcasters, use up and directly or indirectly through taxation, pay for the bulk of RF Radiation spectrum. The government forced the Wave Scrambler technology off the market not because RF Radiation protection wasn't needed, but because they felt the particular product didn't work well enough. Go to any hearing concerning towers and you will hear of cancer cells, lives shortened and distorted, computers, TVs and other electronic equipment rendered useless or intermittent.
If a broadcasters fails to transmit enough power, the FCC will give their license to another who will.
If you fail to disclose the potential RF Radiation danger to a potential buyer, you may become liable. Herbert told them to spend their money for airtime on existing outlets; if the world was really going to end in a month, it would be a far wiser investment. By analyzing studies that had been done plus the treatment records of their 8.3 million members they found that a slightly higher dose of the old drug was just as effective as the new drugs. If the device is implanted in muscle, fat, or a blood vessel, each environment has a different dielectric constant and as a result the wavelength for a given frequency is different. De standaard aangepaste deur wordt onder andere gebruikt in ziekenhuizen, EEG, EMG en meetruimtes. Kahn's allegations that first-adjacent channel IBOC skywave signals will produce massive amounts of nighttime interference. By my calculations, that means that the power radiated by a 50 kW AM station in the first-adjacent-channel region is on the order of 16 watts, not 5 kW as stated in the commentary.
Neither of these would enter or raise the RSS night limit of the author's station or cause him significant interference. As one who has worked in several different professions, I have to admit that being a broadcast engineer is different than most jobs out there.
That is one of the best ways to ensure our future in this unique profession, and ensure the paycheck truly reflects our value. BE was showing a prototype of a new 50kW transmitter that they are going to be rolling out.
The suspected health issues of RF Radiation outnumber the discomforts that the patent medicines of the last century offered to cure. Any two-way radio shop either has, or wishes they had an RF cage; and any caring, professional, company provides these to its workers. Residents who bought homes in the area weren't informed of the RF Radiation levels any more than the residents of Love Canal were told that their environment was poisoned. The FCC rules actually prohibit broadcasters from operating at less than 90% of their required power with fines and other penalties for failing to operate at licensed power! Isn't it far better to offer your home for resale as RF Radiation proof following our time-proven system of RF Radiation mitigation?
The receiver threshold of the repeater is generally higher than that of the mobile units, which are used in establishing a suitable talk-out signal level. Amateur radio operators, exposed constantly to RF Radiation, have a lower than average life expectancy. Ask any radio technician if their delicate work isn't better done in a room that has been RF-proofed, and they will tell you an RF shielded room makes all the difference.
The FCC, which regulates all transmitters, makes billions from the sale of RF Radiation Spectrum. Likewise regulations in any nice neighborhood discourage outside antennas, virtually requiring residents to purchase cable, or that broadcasters keep the RF Radiation levels be so extraordinarily high. You can prove this by wrapping a magnet in aluminum foil and see that it still picks up metal objects. Only a certified Broadcast Engineer can measure the danger before and verify after that the shields are functioning properly. It is very common for the rf link loss to change once the mobile unit has been contacted by the repeater.
I suggest you start tracking at least four numbers: Total number of unscheduled off-air minutes per month, number of engineering-related problem events per 1,000 events, the total number of events per day, and the revenue impact of the above. This same simple technology, which has been in use since the last century, can be designed into your home.
Is there a comprehensive study being done to determine if cell phones are safe or can be made safe? Most countries in the world use many smaller transmitters, located away from neighborhoods rather than the millions of Watts that American TV stations use.
Special suits (the kind that radio technicians wear for protection from RF Radiation) are expensive, and very uncomfortable. At that point, if it is a hand-held unit, it is removed from contact with the user's body and the actual body losses can be much less. Stern was issuing comments about how his move will be the beginning of the end of terrestrial radio.
Even a century ago, when scientists were just beginning to understand RF Radiation, the dangers were clear. More than that, American broadcasters put their transmitters not on the open plains, far from concentrations of population, but right in the middle of residential mountain neighborhoods. We can provided more assistance in properly handling these particular situations when you are calculating coverage with your TAP software. Faraday developed his Faraday Shield, sometimes called a Faraday Cage to stop RF Radiation in its tracks.
Unfortunately, as the problems go away, the bean counters wonder what we are doing, and some even wonder if we are needed.

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