The name of the device is intended to honor Michael Faraday (1791-1867), the discoverer of electro-magnetic induction, electro-magnetic rotations, the magneto-optical effect, diamagnetism, field theory. The Beam Instrumentation Workshop (BIW) was started to provide a forum for in depth discussions of techniques for measuring charged particle beams produced in high energy accelerators. The BIW10 recipients of the Faraday Cup Award are Florian Loehl (Cornell University) and Kristen Hacker (DESY).
A need for femtosecond resolution beam arrival time measurements has arisen with the transition from many-picosecond-long bunches in ring-based accelerators to a few femtosecond-long bunches in high- gain free-electron lasers. We tested this scheme by distributing a laser pulse train to two locations in the FLASH linac, separated by 60 m, using length-stabilized optical fibers. Here's how the contest works: Download the contest rules and an entry from the store's website or pick one up in the store. Judging will be done between 10-11am and winners will be chosen from each category and then the Best in Show dessert will be chosen from the category winners.
BIW10, the fourteenth Beam Instrumentation Workshop, was held May 2-6, 2010 at La Fonda Hotel, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA under the sponsorship of Los Alamos National Laboratory.
In its simplest form it consists of a conducting metallic chamber or cup, which intercepts a particle beam.

The large US and European Particle Accelerator Conferences   dedicated a few sessions to instrumentation,  making it difficult to have significant interaction among those in the field. Here we present an electro-optical detection scheme that uses the signal of a beam pick-up to modulate the intensity of a femtosecond laser pulse train.
By measuring the arrival times of the same electron bunches at these two locations, we determined an rms bunch arrival time resolution of 6 fs. It measures the intensity of lowest beam currents, circulating in storage rings, or extracted through high energy beam transport lines, respectively.
We're betting there will be more entries and more folks tasting dessert samples in the new, bigger Shops in the Galleria location. Dessert entries will be sampled in the store from noon until 3pm and customers will be encouraged to vote for the People's Choice Award. Each category winner will receive a gift basket ($200 value) and the Best in Show winner will take home a Cuisinart Elite 12 cup stainless steel food processor ($249 value). It became apparent to Dick Witkover at BNL that a conference or workshop  dedicated to instrumentation was needed. This unprecedented monitor resolution allowed us to reduce the beam arrival time jitter from almost 200 fs down to 25 fs with an intra-bunch train feedback.

Detection can be as simple as an ammeter in the conducting lead to ground or a voltmeter or oscilloscope displaying the voltage developed across a resistor from the conducting lead to ground.
Alternatively, the same detection scheme can be used for large dynamic range micrometer-resolution beam position measurements by using a stripline-type pickup mounted perpendicularly to the beam path, and then detecting the arrival time difference of both pick-up signals. A bias voltage applied either to the cup itself or a repelling grid preceding the cup, or a magnetic field,  is usually used to prevent secondary emission from distorting the reading. The idea for the Award was born during the last day round-table discussion as a means of encouraging young engineers and physicists to become more innovative. Discussions between Bergoz and the Organizing Committee continued through the Beam Instrumentation Workshop (as it was now called) at the Fermi National Laboratory in 1990, with final agreement  on how to keep the Award fair and non-commercial reached in 1991.
The procedures for selecting the winner were written, primarily by Bob Shafer soon after and have remained virtually unchanged since. The clever name of the Award, referring to both a trophy and a measurement device, is attributed to Bob Webber.

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