As a cyclist, I have been on the look out for a bag that I could used around town,  that would also be practical while riding.
The Faraday Tote is handmade in San Francisco, California, using 10.10oz Martexin Original Waxed Canvas and Horween vegetable tanned leather. Laura is often found camped out in a coffee shop, exploring back alleyways in foreign cities, or on one of her three bicycles. Plenty of room inside for a water bottle, but an internal water bottle pocket would be a great add-on feature.
Smith Optics ChromaPopMost sunglass innovation these days comes from clever changes in frame designs or more environmentally sustainable materials, but Smith Optics has achieved something new with the lens itself.
Arc'teryx Alpha FLMinimalism strips away the nonessentials, but sometimes it strips away durability and real-world performance, too.
Fischer Vacuum Ski BootsAlpine boot liners have been moldable for decades—pop 'em in an oven to soften them, put them and your feet in the boots, and 20 minutes later you have a customized fit. Salsa Beargrease CarbonCan't resist the pun: The biggest thing in mountain bikes is fat bikes. Marmot Isotherm HoodyPuffy jackets don't breathe, or at least they didn't until Alpha, a new synthetic insulation developed by Polartec and applied by Marmot in the Isotherm Hoody. Scott's LCGThe only way goggle lens changes are going to get any easier than Scott's LCG is if they come with a goggle valet who swaps lenses for you. Yeti’s SB75The biggest buzz in mountain bikes is a new wheel size, 27.5 inches, which is designed to combine the nimbleness of traditional 26-inchers with the terrain-gobbling capabilities of 29ers. Dynafit Beast 16The holy grail of adventure ski bindings is a device that has the reliability, release, and sturdiness of an alpine (resort) binding with the touring capabilities of a mountaineering—or randonnee—binding.
Rossignol Soul 7Skis that become legendary almost always combine versatility and high performance, with an ease that any good skier can jump on—skis like Rossignol's stunning new Soul 7, the embodiment of a modern all-mountain, do-everything stick.Inbounds, off-piste, in crud, or groomed, the Soul 7 more than holds its own and always with a light touch. Jones UltracraftSplitboards were a retrograde development—snowboarders wanted a way to skin into the backcountry like skiers, then board back down.
Zeal's HD GogglesGoPros are awesome, but not everyone wants to ski or board with a Martian antenna atop your helmet. Nikon 1 AW1The biggest development in cameras this season doesn't come at the professional level, or on phones, or with point-and-shoots. Nemo's Canon -40The next time you're camping in serious subzero conditions—which is already on the calendar, right?—Nemo's Canon -40 is going to be your best choice for staying warm.
Kelty's PK 50Kelty's PK 50 is an organized backpacker's dream pack—the 50-liter weekender has nine different compartments, a huge removable front pocket, and nary a zipper on it.
Kitsbow SastanNot that long ago, people would have laughed if the phrase "bespoke bike clothes" was uttered, but times have changed.
LuminAID's Pillow LanternIt's cute, it's clever, it's designed to help save people in distress. Thule's Round Trip TransitionIt's shocking that some cyclists travel with their very expensive bikes packed in cheap cardboard boxes. Leatherman Hail + Style PSHaving a snowboard binding bolt come loose is no fun, but in the backcountry it can lead to misery. Faraday TotepackIf you loved messenger bags back when they were cool in 2005 while appreciating that totes are very much of the moment, the Faraday Totepack should be on your list.
Giro RepublicBike apparel is undergoing a revolution in sophistication and a sharp move toward understated urban style—and so are cycling shoes. Goal Zero Nomad 3.5 and Switch 8 BatteryAs phones increasingly replace handheld GPS units and technology becomes more prevalent in the backcountry, the need for power becomes more critical. Faraday out of San Francisco is having some good success with their Porteur line of bikes, which were one of our favorite e-bikes to ride because it still felt like a regular bike when not using the motor. Check out the new Cortland and Cortland S models and some of the new options that may have you wanting to ride more!
The Faraday Cortland takes a lot of cues from the Porteur we first saw a few years ago, but in a step-through design with some smoother lines.
The lesser expensive Cortland S comes with a standard chain driven 8-speed derailleur, mechanical disc brakes, and metal fenders.
The Faraday Parent Pack gets you and your kid ready for adventure.  It includes the more elite Cortland and comes with a Faraday rear rack, Bern kids helmet, and Yepp Maxi Child Seat. Also for $3,499, the Faraday Timbuk2 Commuter pack gets you and your Cortland ready for commuting right out of the gate.
According to the above schedule, if things are on schedule, early birds can expect to be riding as early as this Summer, and it may hold true since this isn’t their first rodeo. Want to Contribute?We’re always looking for enthusiastic, positive and talented writers that know their way around both a bicycle and sentence structure.
Enter the San Francisco based design team Modern Industry‘s  newest urban carrier, the Faraday Tote. ChromaPop lenses, seen here in the Frontman model, make colors more vibrant and everything a little sharper and better defined than traditional lenses.
Polartec claims Alpha is twice as breathable as existing synthetics—and it really does live up to these expectations in the real world.
The most strikingly visual example is in the see-through tip and tail, where you can look straight through the hollow honeycomb core to be reminded exactly why the ski turns so effortlessly—there's next to no swing weight to hold you back.

Trouble is, cutting a snowboard in half splits the core, destroying high-speed stability and edge holding. Take a much stealthier, lower-key approach with Zeal's HD goggles, which look like any other goggle but pack a 1080p camera into their frame. And with the arrival of DJI's Phantom remote copter it's now within reach of enthusiasts, hobby shooters, and just about anyone with a GoPro.
The coolest camera of 2013 is aimed right at the middle of the adventure market, with features that are game changing: The Nikon 1 AW1 is the first digital, interchangeable lens camera that's waterproof, shockproof, coldproof, and dustproof. The 850-fill bag is more than just stuffed with down, it's also taken design inspiration from the apparel of Inuit people, whose parka hoods form tunnels in front of their faces.
Yes, to cut weight, promote simplicity, and rethink tradition, Kelty punted jingling, noisy zippers in favor of roll-top closures throughout.
Led by brands like Rapha, Giro, and Outlier, bike apparel has gone decidedly upmarket, with strikingly better fits and attention to detail. LuminAID's pillow lantern was born when design students Anna Stork and Andrea Areshta watched the Haiti earthquake disaster unfold, then were themselves in an earthquake in Japan in 2011. Thule's Round Trip Transition is simply smarter insurance: The hard-sided case protects your ride from just about anything this side of getting run over by a 737. So Leatherman's inspired snow tool, the Hail + Style PS, is a smart backup to toss in your pack. This handmade-in-San-Francisco bag serves as a traditional handled carryall until you flop the top to the side, tuck the handles away, and pull out a shoulder strap that lets you carry the Faraday just like a messenger. Giro's Republic takes a massive departure from traditional road shoes, which often look like blinged-out bowling slippers.
While enjoying the Porteur’s success, they determined a step-through design would be the bee’s knees, but why stop there? Step through frames aren’t just easier for wearing a skirt, but make it a ton easier getting on and off the bike when toting a child carrier or loaded down after a grocery run. Of course, it will track your ride like any decent app should do, but also allows you to adjust your boost, (anybody else thinking an e-bike version of Fast & Furious?). The standard higher end Cortland comes equipped with hydraulic disc brakes, an internal 8-speed Shimano Alfine hub driven by a Gates belt drive system, and stylish bamboo fenders. Another $4,000 value, the commuter pack includes a Faraday rear rack, Timbuk2 Proof Messenger bag, Bern helmet, Spurcycle bell, and ABUS lock.
While the Kickstarter campaign for the bike just launched, it is already more than halfway to its goal of $100,000. Made of ultra abrasion-resistant AC2 ripstop nylon, the Alpha FL is a 45-liter weatherproof sheath that can handle being tossed onto taluses and not blink. Because of their massively oversized tires, fat bikes can roll through snow or sand without bogging down, opening up mountain biking to all four seasons and terrain that was once off-limits. Yes, but Olympus more than backs it up with the extraordinary output of the compact, retro-inspired OM-D E-M1. This warm wool coverup sprang from a collaboration between tiny indie label West America and venerable Woolrich, with West America pushing the Pennsylvania brand into unexpected directions. Its Switch suspension doesn’t inchworm during grinding climbs, so you get excellent traction, and seemingly every bit of power you put into the pedals goes into the rear wheel.
The 106-mm sidecut is narrow enough to hold an edge when you're posse skiing bell to bell, but it's wide enough to support you when you slip out the backcountry gate to hunt freshies.The overall sidecut dimensions—136-106-126 centimeters—make a delightfully fun profile for short or long turns, and there's just enough rocker to make going left and right buttery.
Video quality rivals that of GoPro, and footage is easy to download via USB to your computer.
We're talking about radio-controlled aerial photography, which can take your footage to literally unprecedented heights.
Yes, there have been pocket cameras you can take into the briny, but never has there been a digital camera with the versatility and range of the 1 AW1.
Nemo calls this feature the Stove Pipe, and it creates a pocket of warmer air that protects your lungs and helps you sleep easier. In practice, going without zippers doesn't make much difference—at three pounds, the PK 50 is middle of the road for a pack this size. The experiences spurred them to combine their fascination with the potential of solar and the need to find affordable ways to help after disasters, and the result is LuminAID. It has a sleek, urbane upper of microfiber, which looks and feels like leather but is far more breathable.
To get the Cortland off on the ground, Faraday is once again crowdfunding the project through a KICKSTARTER campaign but letting you add some pretty neat options and packages allowing you to customize it to your needs at a pretty legit savings. It lets you control the lights, turning them on or off while riding, and if you spring for the $449 GPS tracking device, you can track your bike wherever it is. They recently started Oil & Blood Garage as a way to combine these two passions and this tee is one of their most popular designs. Smith says that red, blue, and green light interfere with each other at certain wavelengths, muddling the view.
The inner pack contains a rolltop closure that holds about 30-35 liters, while an extendable drawstring collar holds the rest.
And the new Beargrease, since it's made of carbon, is far lighter than its brethren, which aren't exactly svelte.

You can change lenses with bare hands or gloves and do it so fast you won't get lapped on a powder day. The fabric comes from what's called dead stock—inventory that Woolrich was no longer using in production. It also lets you fly down descents, because Switch absorbs both small and large bumps easily and predictably when you're hammering with speed. It's built on a touring platform—the immensely popular and proven "tech" system—but its release functions much more like an alpine binding, which allows more aggressive, confident skiing, whether you're inbounds or out. This clever idea let Jones abandon the reinforcement normally required to bolster handling and instead let him focus on cutting weight. This three-layer, highly water-resistant parka has a built-in tether to keep your precious device from disappearing into the pillows of Snowbird powder. There's still a little room for improvement, though: The in-lens viewer is more distracting than not—it's easier simply to press start and just point your nose at what you want to capture for posterity. It charges with six to seven hours of sunlight, burns for up to 15 hours, weighs just three ounces, and, yes, can serve as a pillow when inflated. There's plenty of room for both wheels (if you've ever scratched a frame in a too-tight travel case, you know how much that matters), even though they're stored in padded bags (which also protect the frame). The Hail handles breakdowns with a ten-mil wrench, flathead screwdriver, base and edge scraper, boot-lace puller, and, most important, bottle opener. The nylon outsole is stiff enough for stomping on the pedals, but it still flexes enough so that you can walk without waddling like a penguin. The panels weigh eight ounces and charge a phone directly in about three hours; the battery adds three ounces, can be precharged via USB, and tops off a smartphone from empty. Nothing on this car is superfluous, every vent, wing and inlet has been tested tirelessly and exists to serve a single purpose. ChromaPop, the company says, blocks those "wave intersections," giving you truer, more intense colors.
There's enough space for a summit assault—rack, puffy, water bottle, spare clothes—and tool hooks on the outside. Tipping the scales at 26 pounds, the bike weighs about the same as far more slender, traditional bikes. The raised handgrip fits snugly in your paw—nice for one-handed, hanging-over-the-crag shots—and the whole body is weatherproofed and ready for the outdoors. It's quite soft for hearty wool, incredibly warm when draped in it on a cool fall night, and the whole thing rolls up into a bedroll. Five inches of travel in the front and back is just enough to feel comfortable on any singletrack, but not so much that it dulls cornering. Even with a heavy dose of carbon, Jones says the Ultracraft is 25 percent lighter than most splitboards.
It's not surprising, perhaps: DJI is a leader in six-propeller copters that carry big payloads like DSLRs, and it took that technology to the lighter four-blade Phantom and packed it with very smart, easy-to-use functions. There's a bottom sleeping bag alcove, plus you can hold a long weekend's worth of clothes in the front detachable pocket, and there are two water bottle stash pockets reachable even when the compressed straps are cinched. The fabric is a bi-weave—the soft, next-to-skin first layer is merino wool, while the weather-facing side is tougher Cordura that resists abrasion even from sharp branches and thorns.
Oh, and that perforated upper keeps your feet cooler and much less sweaty when you arrive at work. But you won't care if it's pixie dust at work—all that matters is that the world looks happier, brighter, and sharper, like having rose-colored prescription glasses.
And what's coolest about it is that it handles much more like a skinny bike, rather than wallowing as so many fat bikes do.This more nimble feel is very much by design—Salsa said it aimed to build a fat bike that didn't handle like a fat bike—and comes thanks to frame geometry, slimmer wheels, and stiffer thru-axles. Loaded with features to keep winter at bay—a high collar, two-way pit zips, pass pocket, double wrist gaiters, taped seams, a storm flap, powder skirt, and more. It also smartly uses a SRAM 11x1 drivetrain, which has just one chainring up front and 11 gears in the back. The Nikon has a blazing fast autofocus, so you won't miss a shot, and it captures up to 15 frames per second, too. This means there's no front derailleur to inhibit the fatter, four-inch tire, plus chain slap is eliminated and the weight is lower.
It was intended as a proof of concept and it was hoped that it would become a special order option for the standard Corvair 95 Loadside pickup.
And it sports two failsafe functions: If the battery dies or connection with the controller is lost, the Phantom lands itself automatically. Many thought this was the first 4-door Porsche sedan ever made but it actually wasn’t, thanks to a slightly offbeat Texan named Dr.

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