Faraday kafesini, yüksek ekranlama performansA┬▒nda yerel teknik eleman kullanarak kendiniz oluAYturabilirsiniz.
The size is unlimited from a small bench top units up to Aircraft hangar sized shielded facilities. The shield is working and the ambient ElectroMagnetic Interference (EMI) is excluded from the faraday cage. Omdat werkfrequenties vergroten en apparaten steeds complexer worden, kunnen zij gevoeliger zijn voor elektromagnetische interferentie (EMI).
Wij zijn een wereldwijde marktleider in de productie van EMI afschermende materialen en Faraday kooien. Blijf op de hoogte van de laatste ontwikkelingen in Holland Shielding Systems BV door het aanmelden voor onze nieuwsbrief. PD shielded room, also known as faraday, can be used to eliminate electromagnetic field interference, in order to make the suitable PD noise background when carry out partial discharge test in accordance with IEC 60270. The design and size of the shielded room will be determined depending on the specific application. The mobility makes the box well suited for forensics when the current state of an electronic device needs to be frozen by blocking all wireless contact with the outside world. The box can be equipped with shielded power filters for power connection in the box while still blocking all wireless signals.
Values are measured under laboratory conditions.In your situation results may differ, please read our Guarantee. To get a quotation for High performance shielded boxes within 24 hours fill in the form below.
If you are looking for a small EMI shielding housing for protecting circuit boards (PCB's) against EMI then we recommend our 1900 Series EMI housings. If you are looking for a more economical shielding box with a lower attenuation than we recommend our Medium performance shielded boxes.

If you are looking for a shielded box for low frequencies than we recommend our low frequency shielded boxes.
Worldwide leading manufacturer of EMC (electromagnetic compatibility), EMI (electromagnetic interference) and RFI(radiofrequency interference) shielding solutions. Keep up to date with the latest developments in Holland Shielding Systems BV by signing up for our newsletter. LBA is a leading manufacturer & integrator of lightning mast protection systems, sophisticated radio antenna tuning & coupling systems, provides transmission & shielding system design-build integration & markets RF test equipment. LBA EMFaraCage® faraday cages are EMI and RFI shielded boxes and RF test enclosures which bring convenience to device testing. EMFaraCage® faraday cage enclosure systems are fully featured to support a wide variety of test missions. Highest level of FLEXIBILITY and FEEDER COUNT in the industry - Europlacer iineo - one machine with NO LIMITS. Meet current and future demands with Europlacer XPii - modular, flexible PICK & PLACE platform. This ten card wallet exhibits all the reassuring quality of a Launer wallet, but comes complete with the additional comfort of a Faraday shield. This special model is available in Launer’s fine calf leather in shades of black, dark brown and burgundy. As with all our products, this item can also be made in one of our wide variety of other leather colours and types - please contact us for details. A copper wire is then threaded through an air vent which negates the shield integrity (as per faraday cage engineering rules).
De persoonlijke en effectieve aanpak die we brengen bij elke opdracht waar we aan werken, maakt het verschil.
This makes the shielded box ideal for the testing of cellular handsets, RFID, Bluetooth, Zigbee, WiMax, WLAN or similar wirelessdevices.

Specify below the desired dimensions and add the product to your quote cart to receive a quote. The faraday cage is ideal for isolating critical systems in high field RF environments, or wherever RF ingress or egress must be minimized. The standard faraday cages include effective power, dataline, and RF signal isolation in a large test volume. This thin, flexible metallised mesh, discreetly hidden within the lining, protects your cards from reading and duplication. Er moet een effectieve EMI afscherming verkregen worden maar en tevens moet er voldaan worden aan bovenstaande specificaties. Onze strategie is om helemaal te gaan voor elk project en de hoogst mogelijke afschermende resultaten te bereiken en zo onze klanten tevreden te stellen.
Furthermore they are equipped with a PD-free lighting system, emergency lighting, and security loop. Security, production testing, biomedical research, and semiconductor testing are only a few of the many areas where EMFaraCage® faraday shielded enclosures are employed. The EMFaraCage® faraday cages are much more affordable than shielded room solutions, and with the convenience of portability.
Onze PCB afscherming experts werken met je samen van ontwerp, snelle prototyping tot productie.

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