We have a number of light fittings whose design has been influenced by what was seen as both functional and industrial lighting of the 1900’s. This fitting is finished in brushed steel with a white metal shade and the cage covers the lamp. Yes on standard dimmerStandard dimmers are recommended for mains voltage lighting only.Leading edge phase cut dimmerGood quality leading edge dimmers can be used on wire-wound transformers and compatible electronic transformers.
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This fitting is finished in antique forged iron and the lamp sits behind a cage under the pendant canopy. Many of these lights feature the use of Faraday style industrial lamps and are ideal for use in restaurants, bars, kitchens or anywhere that suits a more heavy duty style fitting.
Comes supplied with 3 x 300mm and 1 x 150mm rods for you to choose when installing to allowing you a maximum drop of 1050mm and a minimum drop of 150mm.
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