Announcement Posturing Since July, 2012 when the Zetas first announced that Obama was planning to admit the presence of Planet X, aka Nibiru in the inner solar system, the announcement team has struggled to get the message out. Caribbean Tilting The Zetas predicted that during the S America roll, the Caribbean Plate will tilt – lifting at the north side and sinking at the south side where the hump of S American rides over it. Bugs as Food Eating insects is an issue increasingly getting press these days, as starvation is on the increase and insects and earthworms as a food source have so many advantages. Earthquake Increase For over a decade, the USGS has been dumbing down the increase in earthquakes and volcanic activity.
A new study has discovered how a circumbinary planet forms and grows to orbit around two different stars. Although infused with disinformation, this article's mention of Nibiru, Planet X and intelligent ETs alongside a discussion of rogue planets that produce subsurface heat and water is clearly pre-announcement related. When this is done violently during the 7 of 10 roll, the crumbling we have described for these lands will occur. The protein harvest from farmed insects is far larger than the harvest from beef, for instance, and even feeding cattle an insect mash  instead of corn is more economical. In keeping with the National Security edict demanding a cover-up over the presence of Planet X, such an increase would be deemed to incite panic in the people, and thus was to be denied.
Para reproducir la musica que tendra que actualizar su navegador o actualizar el Plugin de Flash. The Caribbean Plate will be pushed up behind them, bunched up, fracturing the rock layers so they go in all directions, up as well as down. But as the months ticked by, nervous ZetaTalk fans were looking for obvious signs that the announcement was still on track.
NOAA’s Nautilus had been exploring the Caribbean all year, and by chance was near Puerto Rico in early October, 2013, creating a nexus in the public’s mind. But if one has saved old charts, one CAN compare, such as these charts comparing 2008 to the current year 2013. Note that the 2008 chart is from the highly active December magnetic trimester change, normally a time when earthquakes are strong and more frequent, whereas the 2013 chart is from the relatively quiescent October period. The markets in the US have a facility to shut down, as they regularly do over the weekends, but these automatic shutdowns allow some trading to continue and also to automatically start UP again, based on the clock. Altering the programs that run these market systems requires testing, and some testing, to be certain, must be live.

The drawers that are seen in the cemetery facilities are called "grave liners" who use from 1990 to the present to place the coffins and then bury them.
NASA's website was unavailable as non-essential services were closed, and the White House web page was not being updated, after a lapse in federal funding.
Well the United Nations, an international organisation that works to tackle some of the world's big problems, is saying more of us should start tucking into bugs.
In a new report it claims eating insects could help fight world hunger and reduce pollution.
Grave liners, often confused with coffins, are used where the ground is wet or likely to become wet due to flooding or tsunami. Mass death from the tilting and fracturing Caribbean Plate would result not only in new bodies in body bags, but also ruptured graves from local cemeteries. Insects are everywhere - they reproduce quickly, have high growth and feed conversion rates, and a low environmental footprint. Bodies cannot be simply buried when the ground is soggy, as the fresh water supply quickly becomes polluted. It was the arrival of coffin liners that sparked panic, as the Nautilus had long been scheduled to arrive at the Greater Antilles in early October. The planet, which has only six times the mass of Jupiter, was identified by its faint and unique heat signature. Modern man misunderstands what the cave man ate while lolling about during their vegetarian periods. The astronomers were actually searching for failed stars known as brown dwarfs when they came across PSO J318.5-22, which stood out because of its red color. They ate any and everything that was handy, and this included numerous insects and slow moving life forms such as mollusks and possums.
They ate less meat, but the diet was highly varied and included occasional small bites from sources other than plants.
Now the residents of the tiny islands just east of Panama also find themselves on sinking land.
Thus, those modern humans who try to live what they interpret to be a strictly vegetarian life suffer from malnutrition - poor immunity, anemia, lack of strength, and inability to deal with stress. Man was not designed to live by vegetables alone, and must accommodate their body with protein sources from living creatures other than plants, or suffer the consequences.

If one of the arguments by the cover-up crowd was to be that it was all under Obama’s direction, orchestrated by Obama, then other tentacles of the announcement team would lead! These tiny islands are on the eastern edge of this platelet, thus subject to being crunched during the westward push of S American and the downward push of the Caribbean Plate. A swarm of moon jellyfish from the Baltic Sea were sucked into the cooling pipes of a nuclear power plant on the Swedish coast last week, shutting down one of the three units for four days. The Sumerians in ancient Mesopotamia achieved over one hundred "firsts" for human civilization. In 2008, another such "bloom," glowing purple, wiped out an entire farm of salmon in Northern Ireland by stinging and suffocating the 100,000-strong school to death. Advances in writing, agriculture, science, mathematics, medicine, astronomy, transportation, building, military, schools and city planning, all originated in Sumer.
Every summer, since the early 2000s, fishermen in Japan brace for swarms of Nomura jellyfish, tentacled monsters the size of a Smart Car.
The Sumerians credit these achievements to The Anunnaki–giant, winged gods, who are only found in ancient cuneiform texts. In Israel, where jellyfish routinely clog plumbing in power plants, some companies have set up designated summer jelly-watch squads.
If you visit China, Korea or Japan — or even restaurants in America featuring those cuisines — you shouldn't be surprised to find them on the menu.
People in the Far East have been eating jellies for millennia, served in various degrees of crispiness, after being harvested, dried and salted. Jellyfish populations have been recorded in stretch zones such as the East Coast of the US and across Europe from Norway through the Mediterranean to the Black Sea, and from Buenos Aires up along the east coast of S America. Stretch zones release methane gas, which incites an increase in various bacteria, essentially increasing the food supply up the food chain. This is likewise true of those areas experiencing stress in the rock due to fracturing rock under compression, such as along the San Andreas, along New Zealand, from the Philippines north to Alaska, and around India.

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