If you are bugging out in the middle of summer, you need a way to keep your pet from getting overheated. This cute little dog bowl is perfect to throw in your bug out bag because it is lightweight and compact.
If your pet gets injured and you don’t have access to a vet, you will need a good first aid kit on hand. If you don’t want to buy a bunch of individual survival supplies for your pet, I recommend this kit.
Facebook Twitter Google+ PinterestAs all dog owners know it’s really important to check a pet over after having been out for a walk in the countryside or through a park where dogs are allowed off their leads. The first thing a vet normally does is carry out a swab test to see which type of bacteria is causing the infection and this is done by swabbing the infected area. If the bacteria has penetrated the skin tissue deeply it can cause a serious infection which turns into an abscess and as such the treatment would need to be rather more aggressive and vets would need to thoroughly clean, drain and then flush the infected area in order to prevent a deeper infection occurring which could cause more complications.
The type of antibiotic used would depend on the seriousness of the abscess and how deep it is in the dog’s skin tissue. It is really important to keep on top of any sort of skin injury, cuts and abrasions which then help prevent bacteria from taking hold.
As part of your doggy first aid kit cabinet, you should include a few topical treatments which are specifically formulated for use on dogs. Premium Canine First Aid Kit #909 for Dogs$34.952 customer reviewsUsually ships the same business dayNo sales tax. All words & pictures are copyright © 1997-2016, Gun Dog Supply or their respective owners. Sign up to our newsletter & receive emails on our special offers, promotions & latest products!

Not only will you need plenty of food and water to keep your animals happy and healthy, but you might need some other supplies as well. This Swamp Cooler vest will get the job done and it’s comfortable so your dog won’t even mind wearing it. It has everything you could possibly need prepackaged and ready to take along when you bug out. It is fairly common for a dog to suffer a small injury whether it’s a tiny cut or a larger type of surface wound. However, some wounds however quickly treated can turn into an abscess due to bacteria already forming.
However, another one is staphylococcus intermedius and both of these can usually be treated by using a topical antibiotic ointment. A blood test would also be needed because it is really important to know if the infection has entered into the bloodstream.
The dog would then be put on a course of antibiotics so the bacteria can be brought under control. Should the infection have entered into the bloodstream, the vet will need to make a thorough examination of the dog and carry out necessary tests to find out which bacteria is causing the infection before recommending a course of treatment.
These over-the-counter anti-bacterial treatments, whether it’s an ointment or solution can help reduce the chances of an infection setting in. Our family has a beautiful golden retriever that is basically like our third child and as we considered how we would care for her while bugging out, it became obvious that we needed a few additional supplies.
There are 50 items in the kit, but there is a little extra room so you can throw in any extras you need like prescriptions, vitamins, or just some dog treats. The kit contains food rations, blankets, light sticks, dog bowls, a leash, collar, extra rope, bags for waste collection, and even first aid supplies and dog treats.

However, if you don’t treat even the smallest of wounds correctly it can turn into something rather more serious and problematic especially if it gets infected and bacteria manages to penetrate deep into skin tissue. The problems begin when the bacteria gets deeper into the dog’s skin where it can grow and fester which then turns into a more serious infection in the form of an abscess.
As soon as an accurate diagnosis has been made your vet will discuss the best treatment for your dog. There is no one type for every dog and every situation, which is why immediate care is so vital.
I'm especially passionate about dog adoption and always advocate rescue and enjoy writing about canine health and nutrition, alongside overall well-being tips for happy dogs! Then fasten it onto your dog and the three layers will hold the cool water enough to keep your pet from overheating without feeling weighed down.
The AKC kit includes a nice thermal emergency blanket, reflective leash, pill container, alcohol cleansing pads, tweezers, magnifying glass, and a fur-friendly vet wrap, plus a lot more.
It is basically a canine bug out bag and has plenty of room to include some dog treats, a collapsible bowl, water bottle, and a map. Plus I love that it allows us to remove ticks from our golden retriever’s long fur coat without ever having direct contact with the tick itself.

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