To find out about what essentials you need in your first aid kit and how to use them, click on an item. If a wound is bleeding but is fairly small, a waterproof plaster can be used once the wound has been washed with water and padded dry.
If the wound is small or the patient has a foreign object in their eye such as dirt or grit, but is not embedded, you can use an eye pad or small dressing until you get medical advice.
To use the eye pad, apply it lightly over the eye and secure it with some bandage around the head using a knot or tape. If you think it’s just a strain and some of the swelling has gone down as a result of the ice pack, apply the crepe bandage for support and secure using tape or safety pins.

When applying, the pad should be completely sealed down to stop infections entering the wound and stop blood seeping out. Sterile gloves are used to protect the patient if the first aider’s hands are dirty and protects the first aider if the patient is bleeding.
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If you’re preparing food in the kitchen, use a blue plaster so you will see it if it drops in the food.
If the wound is on the arm or leg, cut along the seam of the trousers or the shirt and on a side away from the wound. If the swelling does not go down, it could be a break so you should seek medical advice as an x-ray may be needed.

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