If you spend most of your time at home watching the tube, your chance of serious accident or injury is probably not high. Having a good basic knowledge of first aid practices along with some useful first aid items can make the difference in providing care and comfort should an injury occur. To address knowledge needs, basic first aid classes can often be found locally through the Red Cross or similar organizations, and are sometimes combined with cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) instruction.
Even better than basic classes is Wilderness First Aid (WFA), which is targeted to teach assessment and treatment of a victim in a situation where professional medical attention is not readily available. It's wise to carry a first aid kit in your vehicle or on you at all times, especially out in the dirt.
If you choose so, you can purchase individual supplies and build your own first aid kit from scratch to suit your specific needs. Use the improved version now new real brand new US Army IMPROVED FIRST AID KIT CASE ACU PURPOSE POUCH ACU personal emergency medical kits and paid to U.S. Real brand new unused * Unused and is brand new, but the storage of military bit of rubbing or dirt, may be fraying. We have provided first aid courses and safety training as far away as Hearst, Ontario and Inuvik Northwest Territories!

But, for those of us that venture off-road in all manner of motorized vehicles, we place ourselves at some elevated risk of bodily injury. Persons lending aid need to first determine that the area is safe for them to proceed and that any danger has subsided. In addition to addressing injury, the classes can help you deal with a person that may be unconscious, has stopped breathing, or suffered cardiac arrest. There are hot engines, exhaust pipes, and scalding fluids that you want to keep far from contacting skin. By its very nature, off-road travel often puts us into remote areas where an injured person might not have access to proper medical care for many hours. There are many commercially available first aid kits in many sizes from pocket kits for hiking to far more serious kits for extended trips with large groups of people. This allows you to become more familiar with the kit you carry and tailor its contents more towards the types of injury scenarios you are likely to encounter. Ironically though, many injuries out in the dirt don't come from vehicle activities, but can occur simply due to falls and sprains hiking over boulders, ledges, or other terrain. Professional responders on a race track are taught this fundamental thought, but as weekend warriors we are not.

At the extreme, this knowledge and preparation could save someone's life when professional medical help is not immediately available. In general, you should know how to properly use the tools and supplies in your kit, otherwise you may cause more harm than good administering poor first aid.
Building your own kit also allows you to cater to any container restrictions you may have, whether it’s a small dirt biking pouch or a very substantial first aid kit you carry on your 4WD or race vehicle. Severe burns that breach skin layers are much like a cut with an extra large, exposed surface area.
You'll want to ensure the vehicle is stable and then proceed to aid the driver and passengers. In the rush to right a vehicle quickly, someone outside the vehicle could also be injured in the process.

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