Contains essential first aid items for the immediate treatment of minor (non chemical) burns and scalds.
Includes an instant cold pack, first aid spray, antibiotic cream and an assortment of Water Jel burn products and additional burn dressings.
Contains a comprehensive assortment of recommended first aid items for treating common injuries, as well as products treating burns and scalds. Contains a full assortment of practical, single use, products to treat injuries in a sanitary way. Includes personal protective devices to help reduce the transmission of communicable illnesses and disease. Contains Steri-Strips, light stick,forehead thermometer, sunscreen, burn care, foil rescue blanket, CPR protective device, first aid reference guide plus miscellaneous supplies. Trauma & Crisis First Aid Kit Suitable for emergency rescue personnel, police, firefighters, first responders,lifeguards, industrial first response teams.

Includes additional items to deal with more serious injuries, emergency childbirth, broken limbs and severe burns. Durable, weather and water resistant utility boxes come complete with convenient lift-out trays, recessed carrying handles and metal securing latches.
Includes an instant cold pack,CPR protective device, first aid guide and an assortment of bandages and dressings. This semi-rigid carry case with adjustable shoulder strap provides additional protection for your Powerheart G5 AED, and makes it easy for a rescuer in a hurry to retrieve and transport the unit and other needed Ready items.
Lightweight, compact and portable soft pack with sturdy double belt loops can be worn around the waist. Packaged in lightweight, water-resistant, 420-denier nylon pack complete with shoulder straps. The keychain pouch is large enough to add exam gloves (included), and includes a snap clip to attach to a belt loop or other handy place.

UKIT001A), and the back pocket provides extra storage for additional pads, and other needed items.
The design ensures that the Ready Ready® indicator and the pads’ expiration date are clearly visible at all times. Contains first aid supplies, foil rescue blanket, candles, flares, waterproof matches, flashlight,light stick, safety vest,drinking water, hand cleaner, medical exam gloves and first aid ointment.

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