The history of American jazz is chockablock with LGBT performers and composers, many of whom found refuge from the mainstream in its culture. OutBeat was a four-day event that included lectures, discussions, and interviews in addition to the concerts that took place in venues throughout the city.
A highlight of the festival was its celebration of the legendary composer, arranger, and Duke Ellington collaborator Billy Strayhorn, which featured an afternoon panel conversation moderated by jazz journalist John Murph. Karen Rile lives and writes in Philadelphia where she edits the literary quarterly Cleaver Magazine and teaches in the Creative Writing program at the University of Pennsylvania.
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About JSTOR DailyJSTOR Daily provides insight, commentary, and analysis of ideas, research, and current events, tapping into the rich library of scholarship on JSTOR. The porsche club membership is invited to come to the "Lewiston Jazz Festival" to show their cars (no prizes) in the center of town and enjoy the Jazz, food, etc. Once you get to the parking area on Main Street in Lewiston, you must stay all day until we are escorted out at 4pm. I understand there will be a presence by the British Car Club (triumps, MG's, and a few jags) .
The president of the Jag Club is CLIFF SCHULZ, and he told me, he'd be happy to answer any questions not addressed here. The 2014 Car Show will be held on Saturday, August 24th from Noon to 5pm and will be located along Center Street. Take advantage of our free parking available in Artpark's Lower Level Parking Lot located off of North Fourth Street.
Duke Ellington might be a more recognizable name than that of Billy Strayhorn, but Strayhorn’s influence and genius cannot be discounted. To play the media you will need to either update your browser to a recent version or update your Flash plugin.

So you might be surprised to learn that until this fall, there has never been an LGBT jazz festival in the US.
That evening, in collaboration with the Philadelphia Jazz Project, OutBeat presented a multi-artist concert titled Lush Life, after Strayhorn’s famous 1938 standard. There is a strong sense, often articulated, that jazz is a universal form that surpasses individual identities.
She is the author of a novel, Winter Music, and her fiction has appeared in literary magazines throughout the US. Our "rising stars" of the twenty to thirty something age group, will grab you with their emerging interpretations of this musical genre. Under the tent, you will find extraordinary jewelry vendors featuring everything from vintage to contemporary pieces.
Here you will find vintage Jaguars, British cars, European collector cars and cars of special interest. It is a short 20 minute drive from Buffalo, and a less than 90 minute drive from Rochester, New York and Toronto, Ontario.
Born in Ohio, Strayhorn’s mother moved him to Pittsburgh where they could avoid the alcoholic nature of his father. Featuring a group of diverse, multi-dimensional musicians, vocalists and poets from the Philadelphia area, the event will embody exactly what Strayhorn stood for throughout his musical career and personal life.
But the OutBeat festival drew audiences of all gender identities, ages, and many nationalities.
She writes frequently on arts and culture and has published articles and essays in The San Francisco Chronicle, The New York Times, The Philadelphia Inquirer, and others journals. Our more seasoned musicians will perform jazz tunes that span six decades of straight on-jazz, latin jazz or pop-infused favorites. To whet your appetite, a selection of wines from the Niagara Wine Trail will be available for your enjoyment.

Don't leave the Jazz Festival without stopping by the Jazz Shoppe, located in front of Stuart Sports near North Fifth Street at 486 Center Street. The pianist’s mother and grandparents raised him, and they would become his main source of musical inspiration.
The event will include performances from big bands, a cappella groups, solo acts and ensemble groups as they recreate some of the most important compositions known to jazz, in honor of Strayhorn. Here you will find our signature Jazz Festival apparel and an assortment of Jazz related wearables. The arrangements, prepared by bassist and composer Keith DeStefano, will feature not only Strayhorn’s brilliant works but also many other original compositions that his work influenced such as pieces by Thelonious Monk and Charles Mingus. Originally, Strayhorn wanted to write classical compositions but soon realized that the prejudices at the time would not allow him to enter a genre primarily dominated by white musicians. He gave up on classical dreams but not soon after joined Duke Ellington for one of the most prolific collaborations in jazz. Strayhorn, over his 29-year-musical career, was not only known for his pioneering works but also for his forward thinking on human rights.
Strayhorn was openly gay during a time when race and sexual orientation in America were highly delicate political and social subjects. Strayhorn’s experiences and courage laid the groundwork for future LGBT artists in the jazz community to be out and proud of their identity.

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