The simple answer is that sealed metal cans with an enclosed oxygen absorber will keep food fresh longer at room temperature than any other storage container.
There are 4 dangers when it comes to storing food, especially for extended periods of time.
I recently ordered a three month, two person supply and delivered on the day when the outside temperature is 100 but unfortunately the package was in the delivery vehicle for two days with this temperature because I wasn’t home on the 1st attempt. Reduced shelf-life comes into concern when food has been stored at high temperatures for an extended period of time. By planning out your meals in advance, you can avoid any waste, even if you only have 2 people. A couple weeks back, Food Insurance invited Off Grid Survival to attend their Ready, Set, Prep Summit. Can you tell us a little bit about food insurance and how your product is different from other emergency food products? Easy to prepare– To prepare most of our freeze dried meals all you need to do is add a cup of hot water to a cup of food. Compact and light-weight – Because the water has been removed from the meals you can store a large quantity of food in a smaller space. Great Tasting– Some people feel that in an emergency situation as long as it is edible they’ll eat it. 25-Year shelf-life–   When stored in dry conditions at or below 72 degrees Fahrenheit we guarantee our freeze-dried meals to have a shelf-life of a least 25-years. Along with these high-quality emergency food supplies we also have a variety of other emergency supplies. What is the difference between freeze-dried foods and dehydrated foods, and is one better than the other?
This is a great question that people really should be thinking about when they are looking at buying an emergency food supply.
Dehydrated meals require more effort to reconstitute and in the time and preparation of the meal. Do you have any tips on how people can Maximize the Shelf-Life of their emergency food stocks? The best way to get the full shelf-life from an emergency food supply is to keep it in a cool dry place. Fun fact: we have tested food that was over 40-years old in the #10 can and it had the same taste, with only a slightly decreased nutritional value. When talking to people about stockpiling emergency food, I usually tell them to stock up on foods that they already eat and then rotate those foods into their normal life.
We have different freeze-dried fruits, vegetables, drinks and desserts that can act as a supplement to a preparedness plan that you may already have in place. We do stand by our offering 100% as a tried, tested and truly convenient emergency food supply in even the hardest of situations. GOFoods goes to great lengths to insure none of its ingredients come from sources that use GMO techniques. These modifications are intended to introduce traits such as increased resistance to herbicides or improved nutritional content.
I thought you guys were against these bulk emergency foods and seeds, am I wrong about that?
Quality articles is the main to invite the viewers to pay a quick visit the site, that’s what this web page is providing.
Leveraging Social Media platforms and technology allows us to stay connected to the foundation of our business, You!
One of the most important and sometimes very much ignored asset of a food service provider, is their commercial vehicle. And that is why California food truck insurance is of such paramount importance to the overall success of a business.
Just as an insurance policy is essential to safeguard all the major investments of a business, it is likewise necessary to protect the most vital of all your investment spending in business, on which the ultimate success of your business depends- your mobile truck vehicle and all its associated assets. With California mobile food truck insurance you can easily ensure the smooth business operations, with no pending risk or uncertainty in the future. In order to run a successful business, you need to be well aware of all the essentials that are necessary to be covered within your mobile food truck insurance. Your mobile truck might suffer severe damage due to an accident, which might leave you in the lurch with no possible means to acquire a new one on short notice, or pay for the repair service of the ruined one! Your vehicle coverage will prove to be the much needed backup plan you need to deal with any such troubling scenarios.
The latest equipment, appliances, gadgets and different paraphernalia installed in the mobile truck, if damaged as a result of an accident, will not be covered under the vehicle policy. For all workers engaged in the cooking and distribution process of your mobile food truck business in Sacramento, San Francisco, Fairfield, Vacaville, Suisun City and Dixon, it is essential to have a sound workers compensation plan, to cover any employee injuries on the job. Other liabilities associated with the food itself, its quality and the associated detrimental effects, if any, should best be covered with a suitable liability coverage plan.
Are you ready to see what type of option you have when it comes to your California Food Truck Insurance?

Chalked full of money saving discounts, tips and ways to assure proper coverage at competitive prices,this eBook is essential for anyone looking to make certain that their premium dollars are working for them. Since last week was National Hurricane Preparedness Week, it’s the perfect time to review some important hurricane preparation tips. Family members are often separated when hurricanes strike; it’s important to plan how to contact loved ones well in advance of a disaster.
Since communication lines may be down or tied up in the immediate area of a hurricane, identify an out-of-state contact that can relay information between separated family members. Finally, as a family, determine safe evacuation routes and have a primary and secondary inland meeting location to gather in the aftermath of a hurricane.
Because hurricane evacuations are common and you may be forced to survive on your own, it’s important to have a supply of at least 72 hours worth of food, water and other necessary emergency items. Cover the windows in your home in advance of a hurricane, using permanent storm shutters if possible. Secure the roof to your home’s frame by installing straps and additional reinforcement clips. Clean out the clutter from your rain gutters and drain spouts and properly secure them to your home. Tie down or bring in lawn furniture, garbage cans or anything else that can be blown about in a hurricane. If you live in a high-rise building, you should make plans to take shelter on or below the 10th floor of your building. I was impressed with the company, and their dedication to helping educate people on the topic of emergency food storage. Food Insurance’s carries both dehydrated offerings and freeze dried offerings.  Our long term emergency food supplies are all freeze-dried.
For example, a six-month supply of food for two adults can fit under a twin bed and weighs less than 300 lbs.
With freeze-dried food, because it has already been prepared requires less water than dehydrated food, such as rice and beans. That may be true, but if you have the option of having food that tastes just like the meals you are accustomed to eating it will make significant difference. This means that you don’t have to worry about constantly rotating through foods and being caught at a time when your food supply may be running low.
Something we would encourage everyone who is looking to enhance their preparedness to do is check out what we have to offer when it comes to water purification and storage.
Natural disasters are probably the first reason that comes to mind to have an emergency food supply. We hear from customers that have purchase our meal plans, thinking that they would be prepared for a unexpected disaster scenario, but were grateful for preparation as they utilizes their food when they lost their job. Hyperinflation, rising food costs, food shortages, pandemics, political instability and a number of other disasters are always a possibility.
You’ll need to boil the water and then add the food and let the food simmer for up to 20 minutes. The #10 cans we sell are guaranteed to have a 25-year shelf life if stored at or below 72 degrees Fahrenheit. How will I use all 12 servings in a can at one time?” The answer to that is that you don’t have to make all the food at the same time.
There is always place for food that has a 25-year shelf-life, is easy to make and tastes great. Many people like to have a 1-3 month supply on hand of the emergency meals that we offer just to supplement any food they may already be storing and rotating.
The term genetically-modified organisms (GMO) is most commonly referred to a process where genetic engineering techniques have made specific changes to the DNA of a crop plant grown for human or animal consumption. Typically, genetically modified foods are transgenic plant products such as soybean, corn, canola, and cotton seed oil. Also have you actually tasted this stuff, because I’ve had some some emergency food that to be honest I would rather starve than eat. In general I always think it’s a better idea to store foods that you already eat, and then rotate those foods into your normal everyday eating. You invest in emergency food storage, it has an incredible shelf life so you do not even lose your investment and it’s once off. Many food service companies have constant use for food trucks which facilitate in the prompt operations of a business.
As any damage to the mobile truck vehicle, can cause a serious business loss, it is ideal to prepare against the worst that could happen and opt for a reliable California mobile food truck insurance company. Fill out a contact form ONLINE or call us at 1-866-779-8946 and learn more about the benefits of working with an Independent Insurance Agency like i80 Insurance. My teacher walked into class with a smirk on her face, suggesting that she was in an unusually foul mood.
And with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration “forecasting an active or extremely active” 2013 hurricane season, what better way to reinforce the seriousness of the issue and the value of preparation than to conduct our very own hurricane preparedness pop quiz? As part of your family communication plan, you should make contact information cards listing the phone numbers of each family member.

Make sure each family member has coins, a pre-paid phone card or a cell phone (with emergency out-of-town contact numbers preprogrammed into the phone). Food Insurance® recommends that you have enough food and water to last you and your family for two weeks. Sealed metal cans are one of the only storage methods that can protect from three of these for an extended period of time; moisture, oxygen and light. We are also extremely proud of our topnotch, knowledgeable and friendly customer service team who can help advise and create solutions to anyone person’s needs.
Because of their preparation and emergency food supply they didn’t have to buy groceries for a couple of months while they found new employment.
Through the freeze-dry process it is also possible to preserve meat, so that you can have real meat in these meals. The dehydration process cannot preserve meat in such a way that it can be reconstituted later, so dehydrated meals do not contain meat.
Once, a can is opened you have about 45 days to use all the food in the can, if stored correctly. The items we sell have gone through an elaborate process to remove both moisture and oxygen from the food and packaging, while preserving the nutrition and taste. That is why we try to offer a variety of items from a 1-week supply up to a year supply of food. Others have a year supply of our emergency foods and keep a 1-3 month supply of their own foods to rotate through.
Most foods that you buy at the store can be stored for at least a year, so you should be able to build up a 1 year stockpile that can be constantly rotated into your diet.
If you already have a pretty good food storage plan, then the next step might be looking at something like a long term storage option. While I haven’t tried everything Food Insurance has to offer, I did do a blind taste taste during their ready, set, prep summit and the Food insurance product ended up being my first choice. Guarantee that most people are going to face a crisis at one point that will require some amount of food and water to get through. But when you talk about a mobile food truck service, then the entire foundation of such a business rests on a properly functioning mobile truck, any damage to which can very well serve as the end to a constant flow of income, essential for a business. She instructed my fellow students and myself to clear our desks, and she proceeded to hand out the test.
As I looked around the room, I could tell that some of my fellow students shared my sense of panic. Using this food calculator, you can determine the number of days your emergency food supply will last, depending on the number of adults and children in your family.
If this pop quiz caught you off-guard, take measures now to avoid being unprepared for a hurricane.
You don’t need to depend on grocery stores, charities or government assistance to feed yourself and your family.
Both the freeze-dried and dehydrated emergency food supplies are light-weight and easy to store. Also, the #10 cans are much more resistant to being punctured or being ruined by insects and other pests.
So you could make a meal or two from that particular can a couple of times a week and use all the contents within the 45 day period. Storing the items in a cool and dry place will help to keep oxygen and moisture out of the packaging.
Also look at things like learning how Preserve your own foods and of course growing your own foods.
SMS messages are often more reliable than phone calls when a storm disrupts a cellular network.
Follow the aforementioned hurricane preparation tips and be prepared for any test Mother Nature may throw at you this hurricane season. We really wanted to provide a solution that so many people were looking for after seeing the lasting and devastating effects that nature and a lack of preparedness can cause. So if you are looking for something to take camping or hiking Mylar pouches are usually best unless you’re feeding a larger group. This means that the food needs to be stored in the house, preferably the basement if possible. As it turned out, despite the unexpected nature of the quiz, these students were thoroughly prepared and passed with flying colors. The garage is typically not a good place to store food unless modifications have been made to keep the garage under 72 degrees.
Unfortunately for many others like myself, the surprise caught us off-guard, and we suffered the consequences for our lack of preparation.
The other thing you want to watch out for is keeping bugs and rodents away from the food as best as possible.

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