We have the Republican Party joining with the Democrats on importing a whole bunch of new low-income people which will end up Democrat voters. Hundreds of thousands in Ohio’s food stamp program could see a $50 cut in their monthly assistance starting in January, according to the Toledo Blade. The Toledo Blade reported that with 869,000 households in the program, the cut could add up to $520 million. Because of the way the federal government calculates utility expenses for people receiving the benefit, a mild winter nationwide last year, and a lower price for natural gas, many families could experience a significant cut in aid, those familiar with the program say. What’s called the “standard utility allowance” — the amount deducted from a person’s income when the state determines his or her eligibility for the food stamp program — will decrease by $166 for 2013, translating to about $50 less per household in food assistance. In the comments section of the Toledo Blade article, powered through Facebook, some are questioning the timing of the cuts, just a week after the election in a state that was considered one of the presidential battlegrounds.
Currently, close to a million impoverished Ohioans collect federal assistance in the form of food stamps.  If the thrust of last week’s election was, as many have argued, a welfare quid-pro-quo, it’s clear these people represented a big portion of the buckeye state’s pro-Obama vote.
I wonder how they’ll react when they find out their monthly check is about to get $50 smaller.

Lisa Hamler-Fugitt, executive director of the Ohio Association of Foodbanks, told the Blade the organization is “really worried” about how the cut will impact families, especially those who might lose assistance all together. Tyler Durden from ZeroHedge also recently pointed out that the USDA seems to have delayed its monthly release of the number of Americans enrolled the food stamp program by nine days and didn’t release its August data until last week as well. The Dayton Daily News reports that the USDA will provide training and data-mining assistance to identify suspicious patterns of benefit redemption that could indicate illegal activities. The USDA estimates that about 1% of food stamp benefits are misappropriated because of fraud. So the Republican Party is wittingly or unwittingly participating in the importation of more Democrats who will be granted a pathway to citizenship and who will be shown how to vote and access food stamps.
For the 869,000 households enrolled in the program for the poorest Ohioans, that could amount to about $520 million annually out of the grocery budgets,” the aggregate combined grocery spending. Some consider it ironic that the announcement is coming just a week after the election in this swing state, which was won by President Barack Obama.
Several other organizations that provide supplemental food as well were reported as saying this cut would bring a strain on their system and the families they serve.

The state and county agencies are in charge of investigating fraud among residents who receive food benefits. The program distributed $74.6 billion in fiscal year 2012 - that means about $746 million was lost to fraud. Department of Agriculture, which oversees the food stamp program, officially known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, but the USDA denied the request. We have the regime advertising in Mexico on Mexican radio soap operas for food stamps in America, how to access them, how to get them.

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