It’s no surprise that Muslims are constantly being caught in food stamp fraud, Medicaid fraud, welfare fraud, you name it. Authorities early Tuesday morning raided a Liberty City market suspected of fraudulently processing $4.2 million worth of food stamps. In all, 14 people were arrested across South Florida, including two employees of Diamond’s Grocery Store, 6600 NW 22nd Ave.
Mohamad Issa, the store manager, will face charges of money laundering, organized scheme to defraud and grand theft. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement says the market allowed customers to redeem state-issued food stamp debit cards.
Agents also arrested Jehad Hasan, 38, of Kissimmee, a former registered owner of the market. I’ll give you one piece of evidence that what you are following right now is NOT the religion of peace. Federal agents counted about 80 Link users standing outside one South Side grocery to get cash.
A store employee came outside to say everyone would be let in one at a time, according to a federal. In a detention hearing last year for MUNTHIR HAMAD, who faces charges related to food-stamp fraud, prosecutors alleged that he sent thousands of dollars a month to his girlfriend in Palestine.

One law enforcement source said at least 25 percent of the Chicago food-stamp fraud cases he has reviewed showed bank transfers to overseas accounts. As authorities in Chicago keep searching for stores scamming the program, they’re also hunting for at least five other fugitives besides ABU SIESSI who are charged with food-stamp fraud. Al AWAWADA was sentenced in 2004 to 70 months in prison for stealing $801,000 from the food-stamp program at his store. Debbie, i lived in miami years ago and even then food stamp fraud in the muslim ghetto marts was well known. Instead, the rich appear to be getting richer and the poor are facing more challenges, while the middle class is disintegrating.
But instead of food, the market owners gave the customers cash — taking a cut for themselves, agents say. After a mix-up with his bail a week ago, ABU SIESSI was accidentally let out of a federal lockup. Yet the store claimed to do hundreds of dollars in sales a minute and redeemed 82 percent of what a Dominick’s in the same neighborhood redeemed. They were waiting for the state to credit their cards with benefits after midnight — the first day of the month. Though prosecutors in Chicago have made no direct links from food stamp fraud to aiding terrorism, HATEM FARIZ, a Chicago grocery owner, has been charged with ripping off $1.6 million from the Link program at his store.

A federal judge let Al AWAWADA attend his daughter’s wedding before he was supposed to surrender to prison. Between 2000 and 2012, the number of Americans resorting to food stamps increased more than 171%. The expenditure for food stamps in 2012 was $74.6 billion, almost 116% higher than what it paid in 2008. Later that day, an informant wearing a hidden recorder received $180 in cash and store owner ANWAR HADDAD took the remaining $180 by making eight phony food sales. That’s a cost that could pick up even more speed if, as all indicators show, inflation begins to rise.
Prosecutors have not publicly linked his suspected welfare scam in Chicago to his alleged funding of the PALESTINIAN ISLAMIC JIHAD.
FARIZ faces a retrial on a conspiracy charge in the Tampa, Fla., case after a jury there deadlocked on the same charge last year.

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