It would almost be possible to get behind a remake of Coming to America, for the sake of giving Eddie Murphy something good to do and bringing back some fond 80s memories.
Yes, they both apparently have a penchant for dressing up in old lady fat suits, but are we really supposed to assume that these two comedians are interchangeable? If the first Captain America movie was a war film with a superhero, then Captain America: The Winter Soldier is a modern high-tech spy thriller with a superhero.
Captain America (Chris Evans) and his supporting cast of heroes are back: Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson), Nick Fury (Samuel L.
Do stay for the credits, for there’s a special cameo (or should I say cameos?) at the end. Nur is a tinkerer of programmable things, an apprentice in an ancient order of technomages. This site and its contents (except where copyrighted by others) is copyright 2009-2016 by Krypton Media Group, Inc., a California corporation.
But all bets are off for Back to America, a movie that sounds a whole lot like a Coming to America part two, but replacing Eddie Murphy with Martin Lawrence.

Variety doesn't describe the movie as a Coming to America remake, but come on, look at the plot description: "The comedy centers on a working-class man from Queens who discovers he is heir to the throne of an African country and travels there to claim his birthright." You may remember that in Coming to America, Eddie Murphy plays an African prince who comes to Queens! The pacing was fantastic, the action set pieces were superbly executed, and you never ever felt bored watching it. The interiors and vehicles and costumes are expertly designed, and the fight chereography is superb.
Joining up with him this time is a new superhero, the Falcon (Anthony Mackie), who can fly with artificial wings. The movie plays out like a high-tech action movie and superhero movie both rolled into one, with intrigue and espionage and a lot of plot twists and turns.
Or a sad, sad attempt to profit off one of the few good things from the 80s that hasn't been ruined yet? I find that a perfect spy movie is where a mystery unfolds in front of us and all the key pieces fall into place with each reveal.
The great thing about this ensemble cast is how they all have an important role to play, and it doesn’t feel like any of them are extended cameos like in the previous Marvel movies.

This movie however, does not quite achieve that level of plot sophistication, though it attempts it.
The actors have also grown into their roles, and we see the main cast play their characters comfortably. Thus, we got a solid performance from them, and I have no complaints in the acting department. Also, the villain’s evil scheme had me scratching my head in its absurdity, but it does fit the tone of a comic book movie and is no less ridiculous than any of the over-the-top schemes devised by James Bond villains.

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