Bikeminded, the cycling campaign run by the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, has announced a programme of cycling-themed films over the coming months. Tells the bitter-sweet story of the hopes and dreams of a better life of the poorer residents of Melo, sparked by the Pope’s visit to this small town in Uruguay. Parking is available near the IU Cinema at the Jordan Avenue Garage (the top level is open to all visitors). IU Cinema director Jon Vickers is available to speak to groups about independent cinema and the scholarly study of film. Get the back story about how the IU Cinema came to be, its world-class facility and equipment, scholarly endeavors and archives, and more.
I’ve been told that movies such as Beverly Hills Chihuahua are cute and harmless and should be appreciated for what they are a€” a momentary diversion made for children.
Look at me for example a€” I watched Power Rangers as a kid and I constantly find myself pulling on push doors. Nothing steams my pot more then walking into a hyper-violent horror movie and seeing the temporarily innocent eyes of a child staring back at me. With the risky nature of movie making, it’s all too all to tempting to release easy-to-market sludge like Aliens in the Attic. Shorts bills itself as a collection of vignettes about a town’s adventure with a mysterious wish-granting, rainbow colored rock. The movie is really just an excuse for Robert Rodriguez to cut loose and showcase as much special effects-created giant crocodiles, booger monsters and alien invaders as he can in an 80+ minute movie. There were a lot of pretty neat parts to the movie a€” especially the sub-plot dealing with James Spader as Steve Jobs-wannabe Carbon Black, the CEO of a company that invents and distributes a black box that can do everything from play music, make phone calls, toast bread and trim nose hairs.
It’s this desire to create the perfect all-in-one tool that drives Carbon Black to seek the magic rock himself in the hopes he can finally find the ultimate gadget. Other recognizable cast members that make an appearance are Jon Cryer (forever Ducky), Leslie Mann, William H.
The real stars of the film, though, are the cast of children actors Rodriguez assembled for the movie a€” led by Jimmy Bennett.

Unlike most movies with a children-filled cast, Shorts doesn’t have an overabundance of annoying precocious child actors.
Seemingly designed to make kids cackle with enjoyment as they watch a pterodactyl poop on another child while simultaneously watching their parents shift uncomfortably in their seat at all the inappropriate humor, Shorts is not a children’s movie that attempts to be anything but one big dumb gross-out joke. Unless you are an eight-year-old boy or have the maturity level of one, you are bound to be left a bit cold by Shorts.
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Children’s cartoons depict death more often than films for adults, and their main characters are more than twice as likely to be killed off, according to research released on Tuesday. Important characters overall die in two-thirds of cartoons aimed at children, compared to in half of films for adults, according to the study published in the British Medical Journal. It compared deaths of main characters with the two top-grossing films for adults released in the same year, not including action or adventure films marketed to children. It found the parents of main characters were five times as likely to die in children’s cartoons than in films for adults. Films featuring animated cars and toys were not included as it was not clear that the concept of death exists for such characters. You can purchase tickets online and pick them up at the IU Auditorium box office during regular hours or 60 minutes prior to any screening. If you have an IU parking pass, you can park at surface lots near the IU Auditorium during the week after 5 p.m. CINEkids brings a selection of international children’s films, featuring animation, comedy, and drama that you won’t see at the local movieplex.
Showing them the putrid pieces of garbage that Hollywood continuously churns out is putting today’s youth on a one-way short bus to that stool they make you sit on in school while you wear the dunce cap.
Parents who take their child to see rated R movies before the kids are ready to process that type of content will deserve it when their child eventually steals out of their wallet before unleashing a tsunami of swear words that would put a Turrets sufferer to shame.
How do we change our movie-going ways before our nation’s youth devolve into the hooting and chest-thumping primitives that are so easily mesmerized by the black, shiny obelisk that is G-Force?

He just seems like a cool guy and, to his credit, it honestly seems he tried to make what he thought would be a cool movie for kids. Told in non-chronological order (in a way that feels a bit too gimmicky at times), the film’s short stories hop through a collection of children as they find this magic rock and make wishes that, of course, cause nothing but mayhem and adventure. The cast Rodriguez put together (of which, three are his sons) are all believable in their roles a€” never crossing that threshold of tolerance.
Tomorrow’s generation of young adults are bound to grow up with fond memories of Spy Kids and Shorts. The Mikey from Life cereal of film fans, Robert will watch just about anything a€” good, bad or ugly. With Pixar only making one movie a year, the rest of the calendar is more often then not filled with the kind of movies you wouldn’t show a terrorist child during torture. Special features in the package include, as usual on Robert Rodriguez’s films, a ten-minute cooking school and a ten-minute film school. Hopefully, this nostalgia will send them out in search of films like El Mariachi and Sin City. We want our readers to be responsible while commenting and to consider how their views could be received by others. Also include are a couple of short mini-documentaries about the film’s production and actors. Please be polite and do not use swear words or crude or sexual language or defamatory words. FMT also holds the right to remove comments that violate the letter or spirit of the general commenting rules.The views expressed in the contents are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of FMT.

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