From classic fairy tales to Shakespearian plays to award-winning novels, many animated children's films have borrowed plots from literary sources.
Some intriguing news surfaced on Entertainment Weekly’s website Thursday, revealing that Elton John and Lady Gaga are collaborating on an original song. It’s especially true of this generation, which seems determined to break all records for how little time passes before feeling nostalgic. Seeking dynamic, high energy, and sharp students that are interested in a part-time Sales Assistant job in a cool environment. Boutique bicoastal tutoring agency is SEEKING TUTORS for students in grades 6-12 in ALL SUBJECTS AND SATs! To reduce waste, some students have proposed Associated Students UCLA restaurants start selling cups separately from coffee. ASUCLA should implement this plan because it will both help reduce waste and students' personal spending. Disposable coffee cups are a worrisome source of waste on campus, but necessary to regulate sanitary conditions and the amount of coffee customers receive. Fast-talking security guard Ben joins his cop brother-in-law James on a 24-hour patrol of Atlanta in order to prove himself worthy of marrying Angela, James’ sister.
Heather Karasek (Jane) and Juliette Brewer (Mary Ann) also got in on the action, posing with Brittany with cheeky grins on their faces as they hold up a pink sign that read: 'Why are boys such jerks?'Video production company Vision 22 is to thank for the amazing reunion pics. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Since Amazon changes their offerings frequently, we’ll update this list from time to time, as well. For Mavis Gary (Charlize Theron), high school was the best time of her life, and 20 years later, she hasn’t really moved on, ghostwriting soapy young-adult novels from a Minneapolis high-rise apartment decorated like a college dorm room. Instead of filling his film with scary, hard-hitting footage, Kenner made a well-reasoned documentary that politely pushes you towards its viewpoint.
The most surprising thing about Rango is how much Johnny Depp disappears into the character of a nameless pet chameleon who creates his identity when his terrarium falls out of the back of a car into the desert frontier.
For most kids, there’s something completely terrifying about packing up your things, making new friends and moving to a strange location. Helen Hunt’s directorial debut focuses on the early middle-aged travails of April Epner (Hunt), a 39-year-old Jewish schoolteacher living in south Brooklyn.
A combination of comedy, romance and high-school spunk, Clueless is a story with true ’90s flair.
Vampire stories are plastered all over American pop culture these days (True Blood, Twilight, this fall’s The Vampire Diaries), but leave it to the Swedes to produce a vampire film that manages to be both sweet and frightening. I hesitate to make any grand statements about Miike growing as an artist because he’s always shifting and most of his pictures don’t find distribution here—case in point one of his 2011 productions is the certain-to-be-ridiculous Ninja Kids!!!. CNN has called the Korengal Valley in Afghanistan the deadliest place on earth, and that’s where filmmakers spent time embedded with a platoon of U.S. There have been nearly as many “next Woody Allens” in film as there have been “next Michael Jordans” in basketball or “next Bob Dylans” in music, but sometimes the moniker fits. Proving that star power isn’t limited to those in front of the camera, Steven Spielberg and J.J. Park Chan-wook’s Oldboy is a mind-trip like no other, not to mention so violent it puts Quentin Tarantino’s flicks to shame. When last we left Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) of the Impossible Mission Force, he and his new bride were traipsing off to a car chase-free life of early retirement. So many of us turn to the Disney classics of our youths, like so much comfort food, when the strangeness of dorm life and the stress of midterms leaves us feeling overwhelmed and not quite ready for adult life.

Instead we have vacuous, lifeless retreads of popular novels, old (and sometimes not-so-old) movies, graphic novels, video games and theme park rides. Imagine the depth of character, the flood of genuine emotion, the stunning visual detail of a meticulously animated Verona.
There may never be another story that provokes more woe, in English students everywhere, than this of Juliet and her Gnomeo. The price of a cup of coffee wouldn't change, but students who bring their own mug would pay less for coffee.
While I love being able to order anything from Amazon and get free shipping, I often forget about the free, streaming movie selection that comes with being an Amazon Prime member. The captivating film takes us into the endless depths of the human soul as it explores life, death and everything between. Mavis is sexy and clever but also oblivious and cruel, and Oscar-winner Charlize Theron embraces all of it, shoving her inevitable awkward humiliation at us.
This lack of radicalism has made the film one of the most effective propellers for expanding the farm-to-table movement. It’s a very well-executed movie, offering corny one-liners and plenty of muscle-bound heroism to whet fan appetites. But unlike most kids, The Goonies have to deal with these problems while finding a pirate’s treasure, escape the Fratelli family of fugitives and still try to stay together as a group of friends.
Hunt’s instincts in the director’s chair are surprisingly sharp: Then She Found Me is rare in its eloquence and simplicity, a mostly unspectacular story about a group of grown-ups riddled with realistic (if unglamorous) flaws, trying their best to sort out their lives. Alicia Silverstone stars as the pretty and popular Cher, a privileged valley girl with a penchant for matchmaking.
That may help explain why Bill Hicks was one of the best comedians our country’s ever seen, since at his best his comedy was fueled by his rage, ripping apart a world he saw as full of inescapable stupidity and laziness. But 13 Assasssins feels like the work of a more mature filmmaker and perhaps the beginning of a new road for Miike, still unrestrained in its content but more considered with what that content is saying. In Whit Stillman’s debut, he staked his claim as the Woody of the upper-class WASPy NYC set and won a whole army of loyal followers. The film’s setup: a man thirsts for revenge and answers after he is held prisoner in a hotel room for 15 years, without ever knowing why. Released in 1973, Enter the Dragon was the first Chinese martial arts film to be produced by a Hollywood studio (with an accompanying Hollywood budget) and it shows. But director Steven Spielberg held the film rights for nearly 30 years, waiting for the right moment to give Tintin his cinematic due. We know the real story of Romeo and Juliet, or at least the version with Leonardo DiCaprio. How many of us brushed up on our American history enough to find out that Pocahontas married John Rolfe, not John Smith? We have now, for this new generation of fledgling moviegoers, a repackaging of the greatest love story ever told into a hectic farce about garden gnomes.
Windows 10 Proficient, Dell, MS Office, Photo editing, Apple Devices, Creative Writing Skills a plus. The story centers on two young convicts, Michael Perry and Jason Burkett, who were found guilty of a triple homicide in a small Texas town. Featuring characters taken from the Marvel comic universe, the film stars Oscar winners Anthony Hopkins and Natalie Portman and is directed by Kenneth Branagh (a guy more normally associated with the Great Bard than with Stan Lee). In The Goonies, members of the group are kidnapped, forced into captivity with a mutant, made to walk the plank and even fight an octopus (off-screen). While she cruises potential boyfriends for her girlfriends, she struggles to figure out her relationships.

One of the main questions being asked by American: The Bill Hicks Story is how exactly Hicks became so angry, not to mention how much of the anger was an act and how much was genuinely who he was.
Dealing with at least four fire fights per day instills a close comradery among the troops that is especially evident when one of them is killed. For good reason, too—seldom has any director, regardless of experience, so deftly juggled dialogue that could so easily have delved into too-clever-by-half-isms, or trained such a sympathetic eye on a sometimes questionable nostalgia for the end of an age.
The film is as much a celebration of filmmaking and a coming-of-age story as it is an action alien-invasion flick. As the story movies from one bloody rampage to another, the film’s daring audacity gives away to a beating heart behind the madness. Kicking off with a thrilling opening sequence, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol is the best entry in the Mission Impossible franchise, and one of the best action movies in recent years. Lee was given a large degree of creative control over the project, revising much of the script and writing and directing the entire Shaolin opening sequence. The Adventures of Tintin does just that, impressively capturing the spirit of the source material.
Did any of us even realize that “The Iron Giant”? was based on a book, much less one written by Ted Hughes? Just as we’ve done with Netflix, Hulu and YouTube, we put together a list of the Best Free Movies for Amazon Prime Members.
Perry sits on death row, eight days away from his execution, while his accomplice, Burkett, faces a life sentence.
The story has warrior Thor (Chris Hemsworth) exiled by his father Odin (Hopkins) to Earth from his fantastical home of Asgard.
The film is a charming, modern take on Jane Austen’s 1815 novel Emma, and with performances by a youthful Paul Rudd and Brittany Murphy, it’s anything but an airhead. There’s more than a touch of hagiography in American, which isn’t surprising since the film is made for fans. Most of all, though, seeing Metropolitan just makes you feel smart and witty and somehow elevated. Some of the best things about this film are the equally strong performances from John Saxon as the gambling playboy Roper and Jim Kelly as the Afro-adorned, incredibly smooth Williams. It’s clever in the best sense of the word—from the Tintin mini-adventure embedded in the opening titles to the meticulous attention to details throughout (a quality for which Herge himself was so admired). Whether you’re in the mood for an indie foreign film or a classic ‘80s comedy, we’ve got you covered. Together with Lee’s undercover agent (named “Lee,” of course), the trio are nothing short of captivating, especially in each of their wildly different interactions with the menacing Bond-villian-esque Han, whose private island hosts the deadly martial-arts tournament that makes up the film’s centerpiece. It’s surprisingly literate and even sharp in places, while not ever getting too dark or disturbing. Before every idiot with a computer suddenly had a loudspeaker to propagate his own truth in total anonymity. If you’ve somehow never seen this, track down a copy for Jim Kelly’s Williams alone, one of the most entertaining characters to appear in any martial-arts film.—K.

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