Are You Prepared for a Worst Case Scenario?Sign Up for our free email newsletter packed with survival tips and tips on preparing for widespread disaster. One of the consequences of an economic collapse of America, or worse, a complete collapse of government, is a nation falling into chaos. What do you think is happening in Middle East nations like Syria and other nations like Somalia and Sudan?Lawlessness.
There's a reason that Americans and other Westerners are advised to be careful about their travels to other countries -- there are high rates of kidnapping in many places today and the day might be coming when that is the case in America as well.You or someone you love being followed, apprehended, and dragged away somewhere -- possibly tortured, some of you raped, some of you murdered, or simply beaten and left for dead. Consider what has taken place in the days, months, and years following the massive earthquake to strike Haiti (January, 2010) killing over 220,000 people. What's going on in Haiti reveals something alarming about "mob mentality" that can take place at a time of lawlessness such as following a massive disaster -- when bad men (even young teenage boys) band together, it only takes one of them to float the idea of rape, and if the group gives the OK, that's all it takes. There are over two million people approximately currently locked up in America's federal and state prisons and county jails (where many are awaiting prison time, they just haven't shipped off yet from jail).
If you're out with a group in the evening hours (which you shouldn't be as the night gives criminals lots of places to hide and opportunities to strike) have your weapon in your hand, even if it's a large knife, but keep it hidden under your jacket, or simply under a folded blanket or towel, etc. If you're coming up on a check-point or larger, armed group, you risk having your weapons, tools, food and even your women (including children) taken from you.
Before you come near the check-point, have this group split off from your group and sneak away through a nearby section of woods or field or side-street, etc.
If these people are a harder egg to crack than that, be willing to give up a few of your possessions if they'll let you by -- if you have any with you still. If they're becoming increasingly agitated and aggressive, then realize quickly that this may end in violence -- it might be a great moment to make a run for it, or quickly offer up some concessions, or even volunteer that you have skills you can offer them in exchange for amnesty or passage.Life on the streets is dangerous.

You're an experienced paramedic, nurse or doctor and can perform minor surgeries and emergency first aid, as well as understand medicine and antibiotics.
If you're by yourself one day or one evening, you're in more danger of being abducted than if you're traveling with others. If you have to escape though, and there's no time for an act, it's going to be best to do so as soon as possible.
You're an electrician experienced with off grid power systems like solar panels and wind generated power systems. When All Hell Breaks LooseSurvival Lists137 Survival Gear Supplies List For Military and Civilian Survival KitsAmerica's economy and government have fallen. Do you think these rapists (and people who fantasize about rape) are going to turn into saints if America suffers a collapse?Hopefully some will. Tent cities sprung up and today many people still live in tent cities -- and in these tent cities (and elsewhere in Haiti) many girls, many women have been raped and continue to be raped. In fact, if a group of you are walking down the street, if criminals see your group concealing "something" that looks like a weapon -- it might scare them off. We just linked the file or embed from Youtube then display them here to make visitor easy to find it.
Groups of men will just show up, drag a young girl away from her family, rape her somewhere, and she'll return home a few hours later. Your split-off group may have to travel a few miles out of the way to avoid being spotted.Your goal (if you can cross without hassle) is to re-connect with the group that has split-off a fair distance beyond the checkpoint.
The longer you are held captive, and the more food you miss out on and the more you lack exercise the weaker you are going to become, and the harder it will become to escape on foot.

If you miss the window of opportunity to escape -- if the person or people after you are too quick and over power you -- if an ambush was too well put together -- if you're taken captive -- go to Plan-B mode.
Typically kidnappers will put a target under reconnaissance for days and even weeks until they feel safe that they can nab the target without being caught or injured in the process.Of course, regarding children, sometimes kidnappings are simply a crime of impulse -- which is why it's important to keep your children by your side at all times -- especially when you're traveling overseas, when you're out in town, or if you're living in a time of widespread disaster where lawlessness is an increasing way of life for the population.
You're using your skills to buy yourself a few days or weeks of time in order to plan and make an escape. The less they see you as an escape risk, the greater chance you have of avoiding a severe beating as well as less restraints being used to hold you captive.
You may still be tied up or hand-cuffed or duct-taped -- but perhaps those cuffs will go in front of you, or perhaps you won't be hog-tied with that rope, perhaps just your arms will be tied. Sheer determination and a careful attention to details may be how you'll be able to eventually make your escape.
Kind of like a Western Gun Slinger being quick to the draw (mentioned recently in another article). If you carry pepper spray (make sure it's a powerful canister), be able to get to it quickly. If you carry a pistol or a knife or machete (or even a sword), be able to get to it quickly also.

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