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February 1, 2016 By Administrator 1 Comment The main function of a Preamplifier is to amplify small and weak signals for further amplification. January 22, 2016 By Administrator 1 Comment Have you ever tried to design a variable regulated power supply? January 21, 2016 By Administrator 20 Comments Inverters are often needed at places where it is not possible to get AC supply from the Mains.
January 20, 2016 By Administrator 4 Comments Sound is a phenomena that is a result of vibration of materials. January 18, 2016 By Administrator 5 Comments A Smoke Detector is a smoke sensing device that indicates fire. December 18, 2015 By Administrator 1 Comment Robotics is an interesting and fast growing field. October 28, 2015 By Administrator 1 Comment Adders are digital circuits that carry out addition of numbers. October 28, 2015 By Administrator 6 Comments Land mines buried under the ground causes threat to the lives and affect the economy of the nation. October 27, 2015 By Administrator 10 Comments GSM controlled robot or SMS controlled robot is a wireless robot which performs the necessary actions by receiving a set of instructions in the form a Short Message Service (SMS).
October 27, 2015 By Administrator 36 Comments This article explains you how to control the electrical appliances using an Android device.

Raspberry Pi is being used as a low cost web-server platform for an ambitious project to provide schools and colleges in Africa access to online libraries of articles, books and videos for education. As part of the Kwiizi project a digital library of thousands of books has been created in PDF and EPUB format. All this made possible by the Gutenberg Project that brings thousands of books ranging from literature to science. There is also a library of videos of TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) conferences. The aim is to offer low cost computers which run standard browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.
Phil on Google and IBM servers to reduce data centre power: ‘IBM servers to reduce data centre power with Power?
Electronics Weekly is the market leading and longest-established electronics magazine, read in print and online by key decision makers throughout the industry for more than 50 years. We will provide superior products, timely service, and high levels of ongoing technical competence through our staff and technology partners.
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Generally, weak signals from microphones, audio sources and other sound detectors must be extracted with compromising the intrinsic signal to noise ratio (SNR). Being a branch of engineering, the applications of robotics are increasing with the advancement of technology. Detection and removing of these mines manually is a dangerous task, which may sometimes causes accidents.

In this project we can control the robot directions like forward, backward, left and right by sending SMS from the mobile. We have already seen how a DTMF controlled home appliances system works in the earlier post. Electronics Weekly is at the heart of the electronics industry and is reaching an audience of more than 120,000 people each month.
We retain a flexible, organized team environment where all ideas are heard and responded to with an open mind. Till now we have seen a lot of power supply circuits, but the main advantage of this power supply circuit is that it can vary the output voltage and output current. For the transmission of this energy between transmitter and receiver, presence of a medium is necessary. Smoke Detectors are very useful devices as the damage caused by fire accidents is catastrophic. The concept of Mobile Robot is fast evolving and the number of mobile robots and their complexities are increasing with different applications. Adders can be constructed for most of the numerical representations like Binary Coded Decimal (BDC), Excess a€“ 3, Gray code, Binary etc. Operating conventional wall switches is difficult for physically handicapped or elder people.

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