Moreover, wea€™re confident developers have just started tapping into the huge potential in mobile apps.
Warner Brothers is offering two apps for the Apple iPhone, each one related to a box-office smash that it distributed. For Warner Brothers, distributing the two movies this way allows them to be viewed by iPhone users in 35 countries vs. Because android is crappy and I can't emphasize enough on this: IT'S MOTHERASS LAGGY AND SLOW. It’s official now, Disney as its name suggests has somewhat belatedly joined the series of the numerous app publishers offer own custom keyboards for iOS. Officially released its own GIF app, called Disney GIF – acts as a keyboard extention and allow users to share a huge back catelogue in Message, Email, and various social networks. Support for more GIFs from an even larger collection will be added periodically, so we can expect a good number of updates for this keyboard app. Disney’s desire to be included in the meme- and GIF-generating world, and still own complete control over the output, makes the debut of Disney GIF more. The app is free to download, anyone interested in more premium content from the popular film Frozen can put down $0.99 for one of two themed packs from the animated musical.
Now that 2015 is slowly but surely coming to an end, Google created a special category in Google Play to showcase what the company believes to be the best Android apps of the year. Downloaded by over 80 million Android user, Backgrounds HD (Wallpapers) is completely free - no in-app purchases. Candy Camera wants to help everyone "take beautiful selfies anywhere and anytime", and it looks like tens of millions of users are appreciating this. Although its name suggests that it may be an app for kids, Colorfy - Coloring Book is presented as providing "stress relief therapy for adults", and being "the secret against anxiety." The app features lots of drawings that you can bring color to, organized into categories including patterns, animals, gardens, famous paintings, and so on. Cute - Beauty Shopping aims to provide the best deals on makeup and beauty products, and, since it's highly rated (4.5), it seems to be successful at doing that. Obviously, this is an app made for people who want (or need) to learn new languages - including English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Turkish, Japanese, Chinese, and Russian.
Microsoft Word needs no introduction, and, starting this year, it's available to most Android phones and tablets out there (as long as they run Android 4.4 or later, and have at least 1 GB of RAM).
Retrica is a famous photography app - it's simple to use, and provides tons of filters and layouts. Undoubtedly one of the most highly appreciated third-party Android keyboards, SwiftKey lets you type fast (either by tapping, or swiping), while also eliminating typos, and providing Artificial Intelligence-powered predictions.
As its name implies, TouchPal Emoji is a keyboard for users who really love emojis - it's got over 800 of them. Truecaller lets you identify unknown incoming calls, block unwanted callers, and even search for phone numbers (both local, and international) to see who they belong to.
Twitch is the go-to Android app if you enjoy watching broadcasts of famous games like League of Legends, Minecraft, Call of Duty, Clash of Clans, and many more. Yup, this is a weather and clock widget - one that you can personalize to your heart's desire. The official Wikipedia app for Android features tab browsing, link previews, article suggestions, image galleries, and much more - all in order to make it easy for users to access the famous free encyclopedia - the largest and most comprehensive that humankind has created thus far. Z Camera promises to be "freaky fast" not just when snapping photos and taking video, but also when editing images, applying filters, and sharing your creations on social media. Cygic is making the roads a little bit safer for everyone.Likewise, the Dashcam feature uses your smartphone camera to record everything that happens on the road ahead of you.

With larger extremely gorgeous screen 5 inches and up, the smartphone is becoming a small tablet of a kind.
Watching a movie on my Vibrant wasn't that great so I can't imagine it'd be better on a smaller phone. With iOS 8, Apple, for the first and foremost time allowed third-party keyboards on its platform that worked system-wide, not only within specific apps. You can use the GIF keyboard in any app across iOS that supports copying and pasting images, so that’s got you covered in iMessages, SMS, social networking, chatting apps, emails and pretty much everything else. There are several such GIF Keyboards out there already allowing you to find either images or even GIFs from a variety of sources across the Web. Images, memes, and  GIFs are a great way of saying more than what words would serve you for.
Rightfully called "Best Apps of 2015", the category contains 17 apps that (unsurprisingly) answer to diverse needs. The app features various filters that are "specifically" designed for selfies, diverse beauty functions, stickers, a silent camera mode, and also lets you make selfie collages. Easy controls let you simply tap to paint, while filters and effects allow you to experiment with your creations. The app appears to be mostly targeted at the fairer sex - though who are we to judge who should buy things from here, right? It supports MIDI controllers and audio interfaces, being an app that you should try if you're into mixing music on the go. With it, you can choose from a wide range of usually famous sounds (including songs, film scenes, internet hits, and so on), then take a video of yourself to match it with the sound you've chosen.
The app features vocabulary and grammar units, interactive tests and audio dialogues, and you can even submit exercises for native speakers to help you improve your skills.
The app has all the familiar features that you probably already know from Windows, letting you start documents, or finish those that you've started on your PC. It's got its own secure photo messenger, but it obviously also lets you share images via Facebook, Instagram, and other widely used social media platforms. Just like on Windows and other platforms, Skype for Android allows users to communicate with friends, family, or colleagues via instant messages, video, and voice calls. The app supports over 100 languages, and comes with plenty of themes and colors to suit your style. You can watch both live, and recorded broadcasts, while also accessing interactive shows by well-known companies like Sony, Blizzard, or Microsoft (Xbox).
Besides current time and weather conditions, the widget can display information about pressure, visibility, humidity, UV Index, or wind speed and direction. If you don't want to share, you've got a private gallery to keep your photos and videos safe.
Next Monday (April 11), Sygic will make the Heads-Up Display and DashCam features free for all premium users! The resulting footage can be shared online or used as evidence in the case of road accidents. From little tweaks to boost your productivity like an always-on swipe away app launcher, to fitness apps to time management and news. The downloads start as a 5 minute preview of whichever film you select and once the preview has ended, you can make an "in-app purchase" to buy the movie.You will be given the choice to download the movie onto your Apple iPhone ($10) or have it streamed to your phone ($12). Free-dom saw almost all major players fromthe Android ecosystem pop up on the iTunes App Store as well, and then admitting the trend dwindled down.

The app will also feature content from studios owned under the Disney corporate umbrella, with GIFs from movies like Star Wars and even ABC shows like Scandal and Once Upon a Time.
Nevertheless, there are hardly any platforms left that support just text-based characters, after all.
This will be the first time that comes directly from official source like Disney, and all the GIFs provided are free of any potential copyright issues as well, which is another plus point.
We have productivity apps, camera apps, communication apps, personalization apps, and even a shopping app. It's got thousands of them, divided into specific categories, and new ones are being added every day.
While Cute - Beauty Shopping is free, the products sold through it obviously cost money.Download (free). Weather forecasts for up to 10 days are also available, and you can easily share weather info with your friends.
They will remain optional paid extras for regular users, but Sygic will make up for that by giving all Basic users the Speed Cameras feature for free.The Heads-Up Display (HUD) feature uses the smartphone screen to project navigation data on the car's windshield, directly into the driver's line of sight. Dashcam automatically saves a video of everything that transpired over the last five minutes in case a crash is detectd, and keeps recording events even as you are using Sygic for navigation.Finally, the Speed Cameras feature supplies drivers with offline and online Speed Camera warnings. Unlike the version of the films that you might download from iTunes, the version of the film that you purchase from the app contains some extras like the ones you might find on a DVD release of the movie. If I pay the 12 buck I expect that I can move from device to device and view the movie where ever as digital content. Mind you, most of these 17 titles haven't been released in 2015, so we assume that, for one reason or another, Google is really certain they're the best apps from all those that are currently available on Google Play.
The app is simple to use, letting you crop and edit wallpapers to make them perfect for your device. This lets drivers process instructions faster while keeping their attention on the road at all times.
It comes with an offline database of more than 50,000 fixed speed cameras, average speed checks and red light cameras. Check them out below (in alphabetical order), and let us know if there's any other app that you think Google should have included here. Important information such as turn indicators, distances, current speed and speed limits gets pictured right in front of your eyes. You can see their location, report new camera sighting, and get help from other drivers in real time before you approach hazardous situation as well. The function is really cool and it also doesn't require any additional accessories or devices. The online database gets updated with up to 10,000 warnings about mobile cameras and police traps daily.
As a piece of Premium functionality, it's also able to push your current speed, speed limits, and warnings information into other apps you might be using, such as Google Maps.Sygic's base application is free and can be downloaded on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.

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