Description:Scratch film texture pack - high resolution film texture, scratches textures, film reel texture (13 texture files).
This is physical product + you will receive backup copy with digital downloadable ZIP file immediately after purchase. I hope you like vintage film textures as much as I do, the site Lost and Taken have 14 for you to download for FREE.
This is a set of 14 free, high-res vintage film textures that are incredibly useful for adding texture to almost any design or illustration.

We have collected examples and tutorials on how you can both create and use textures & backgrounds in your creative work. I sourced them from 19th century Daguerreotype photographs that are available in the public domain and simply went through and removed all of the subjects from the images to leave behind the great texture of the old film and prints. Composite this over your footage using blending modes to get a grunge style or old film look.
My job is to dig through the noise of the internet and find the very best in art and design inspiration to feed your creative hunger.

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