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A Farewell to Arms – Free – Gary Cooper and Helen Hayes star in film based on famous novel by Ernest Hemingway. Alexander Nevsky – Free – A historical drama film directed by the great Russian filmmaker Sergei Eisenstein. Alice in Wonderland – Free – Theatrical version of Lewis Carroll’s classic features a combination of live characters and puppets, created by master puppeteer Louis Bunin. All Quiet on the Western Front – Free – This is a classic based on a novel by German author Erich Maria Remarque.
Becky Sharp – Free – The first feature film to use three-strip Technicolor film, or, put differently, the first real color film.
Breaking the Code – Free - Features Derek Jacobi as Turing and Nobel Prize-winning playwright Harold Pinter as the mysterious “Man from the Ministry.” Directed by Herbert Wise, the film is based on a 1986 play by Hugh Whitemore. Captain Kidd - Free - Charles Laughton and John Carradine star in film with drama on the high seas (1945). Cul-de-Sac – Free - A psychological thriller by Roman Polanski, the film stars Donald Pleasence, Francoise Dorleac, and Jacqueline Bisset.
Darwin - Free - 53-minute exploration of the life and work of Charles Darwin by Peter Greenaway. Diary – Free – Short film by Tim Hetherington (director of Restrepo) that reflects on his ten years of war reporting. Don Quixote - Free – Orson Welles’ famous “unfinished” Spanish film. Filming stopped with the death of Francisco Reiguera, the actor playing Quixote, in 1969.
East of Borneo – Free – One of America’s most famous surrealist short films with Rose Hobart. Escape from Sobibor - Free - Alan Arkin stars in film revisiting Jewish breakout from Nazi death camp. Evidence – Free – From the maker of Koyaanisqatsi, a short film about kids watching cartoons (1995). Fight for Your Right Revisited - Free - Adam Yauch commemorates the Beastie Boys’ legendary video for (You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (To Party!). Five Minutes to Live – Free – Amazing bank heist movie stars Johnny Cash, Vic Tayback, Ron Howard, and country music great, Merle Travis.
Flamenco at 5:15 – Free – Oscar-winning short film about a flamenco dance class given to senior students.
Franz Kafka’s It’s a Wonderful Life - Free – Oscar-winning short film that combines Kafka’s Metamorphosis with Capra’s It’s a Wonderful Life. H is for House – Free - Early film by Peter Greenaway features a list of words and pictures that are initialled by the letter H. Impressions de la haute Mongolie – Free – Surrealist false documentary directed by Salvador Dali and Jose Montes-Baquer, starring Salvador Dali himself. Intervals – Free – An early film by Peter Greenaway. A short examination of structure and sound. It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time - Free – Indie film starring John Candy and Isaac Hayes. J’attendrai le suivant – Free – A French film nominated for an Academy Award for the Best Short Film in 2002.
Juno and the Paycock - Free – Early sound film by Hitchcock also released under the name The Shame of Mary Boyle. L’Age d’Or – Free – Surrealist film directed by Spanish filmmaker Luis Bunuel (his first film). Lady Blue Shanghai – Free – David Lynch’s short movie that doubles as a commercial for Dior. Les Mistons - Free – The second short film Francois Truffaut ever made and the first that ever satisfied him.
My Brother is Coming – Free – A Hungarian film by Michael Curtiz, who went on to direct Casablanca.
Murder in Harlem - Free – Film by Oscar Micheaux, the first African-American to produce a feature-length film (1920) and sound movie (1931). Plan 9 from Outer Space – Free – An Ed Wood “classic.” Considered one of the worst films ever made. Rich and Strange - Free –  Otherwise called East of Shanghai, the Hitchcock drama looks at a couple divided by an inheritance.
Solaris – Free – Andrei Tarkovsky’s meditative psychodrama occurring mostly aboard a space station orbiting the planet Solaris. Sopralluoghi in Palestina per il film “Il Vangelo secondo Matteo” – Free - Pier Paolo Pasolini’s idiosyncratic views on Jesus as a historical figure.
Strike – Free – Sergei Eisenstein’s first feature film and an indicator of the brilliant films to follow.
The 400 Blows – Free – Francois Truffaut became of the defining films of the French New Wave cinema (1959). The Amazing Quest of Ernest Bliss – Free – Cary Grant plays a rich socialite who makes a bet with his therapist that he can make a living for one year using none of his current wealth. The Amputee – Free – A short film made by David Lynch for the American Film Institute while Eraserhead was in financial limbo. The Blue Angel – Free – The Weimar classic that made Marlene Dietrich an international star.
The Brother from Another Planet – Free – A cult classic written, directed and edited by John Sayles. The Contender – Free – Stars Buster Crabbe (best known for his role as Tarzan) in well known boxing film.
The Dead - Free – James Joyce’s brilliant short story adapted by John Huston, his last film. The Divorce of Lady X – Free – British romantic comedy film starring Laurence Olivier and Merle Oberon (1938). The Great Dictator - Free – Charlie Chaplin loathed fascism and personally resented Adolf Hitler’s expropriation of The Tramp’s famous toothbrush moustache.
The Great Saint Louis Bank Robbery - Free – Steve McQueen stars in a gritty, downbeat, and sometimes savage heist movie.
The Jungle Book – Free – Directed by Zoltan Korda, it starred Sabu, Jospeh Calleia, John Qualen, Frank Puglia, etc. The Last Man on Earth – Free – Post apocalyptic horror film starring Vincent Price and based on Richard Matheson novel I Am Legend.

The Last Time I Saw Paris – Free – Elizabeth Taylor and Van Johnson star in romantic drama based on F. The Night of Counting the Years – Free – Directed by Shadi Abdel Salam, this film is considered one of the finest Egyptian films ever made. The Scarlet Pimpernel – Free – Adaptation of the classic adventure novel by Baroness Orczy. The Skin Game - Free – A 1931 Hitchcock film based on a play by John Galsworthy recounts the tragic tale of a family feud.
The Wilde Ride – Free – A cult classic that features Jack Nicholson playing a rebellious punk in one of his first roles. The Young Lovers – Free – Directed by Ida Lupino, this 1950 film tells the tale of a newly engaged woman who contracts polio. They Live -Free- John Carpenter’s 1988 cult classic offers an allegorical treatise on the evils of capitalism.
Tirez sur le pianiste (Shoot the Piano Player) – Free – Francois Truffaut’s film based on pulp fiction thriller by David Goodis. Virus – Free – Post-apocalyptic sci-fi movie directed by Kinji Fukasaku and based on a novel written by Sakyo Komatsu. Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women – Free – An early film by “New Hollywood” director Peter Bogdanovich (1968).
Waiting for Godot - Free – Excellent adaptation stars Barry McGovern as Vladimir, Johnny Murphy as Estragon, Alan Stanford as Pozzo and Stephen Brennan as Lucky.
Zero de Conduite (Zero for Conduct) – Free – Originally banned in France, the film was later honored by Truffaut in The 400 Blows. An Act of Murder - Free - A hard-line judge is tempted toward mercy-killing by his wife’s terminal cancer.
And Then There Were None – Free – Film adaption of Agatha Christie’s best-selling mystery novel directed by Rene Clair. Beat the Devil – Free – Directed by John Huston and starring Humphrey Bogart, the film is something of a comic and dramatic spoof of the film noir tradition. Borderline – Free – Two undercover agents infiltrate a drug-smuggling ring in Mexico, but neither is aware of the other’s identity.
Dementia 13- Free – A horror film that was one of Francis Ford Coppola’s early mainstream efforts.
Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome – Free – Dick Tracy film from 1947 stars Boris Karloff as Gruesome. Foreign Correspondent - Free - On the eve of WW2, a young American reporter tries to expose enemy agents in London. Great Guy- Free – James Cagney plays the plucky Irish crusader, Johnny Cave, who fights against corruption.
Guest in the House – Free – Directed by John Brahm, the noir film stars Anne Baxter, Ralph Bellamy, Aline MacMahon. He Walked by Night – Free – Film-noir drama, told in semi-documentary style, follows police on the hunt for a resourceful criminal. Jamaica Inn - Free – A young woman discovers that she’s living near a gang of criminals who arrange shipwrecks for profit.
Kansas City Confidential – Free – A film noir gem that inspired Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs.
Number Seventeen – Free - 1932 Hitchcock movie about jewel thieves gathered at a house (number 17) after a robbery. Panic in the Streets – Free – A great noir movie directed by Elia Kazan, with Jack Palance. Please Murder Me – Free – Lawyer Raymond Burr brilliantly defends Angela Lansbury in 1950s noir film. Port of New York - Free – Two narcotics agents go after a gang of murderous drug dealers who use ships docking at the New York harbor to smuggle in their contraband.
Pulgasari - Free - The Godzilla-style movie created when North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il kidnapped a S. Rich and Strange – Free - This Alfred Hitchcock film was released during a dry period between The Lodger (1927) and his breakthrough hits The Man Who Knew Too Much and The 39 Steps, both listed here. Sabotage – Free – Alfred Hitchcock directs British thriller based on Joseph Conrad’s novel The Secret Agent. Secret Agent - Free – Directed by Alfred Hitchcock, this film was loosely based on stories by W. Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon – Free – Sherlock Holmes rescues an inventor of an new bomb site before the Nazis can get him. Spellbound - Free – Hitchcock’s classic thriller stars Ingrid Bergman, Gregory Peck, Michael Chekhov and Leo G. Terror by Night – Free – Sherlock Holmes mystery film loosely based on The Disappearance of Lady Frances Carfax and The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle.
The Big Combo - Free – Directed by Joseph Lewis, this film is today considered a noir classic. The Green Glove - Free - A World War II veteran in France, played by Glen Ford, gets mixed up in murder while investigating a stolen treasure. The Lady from Shanghai - Free - Noir film directed by Orson Welles and starring Welles, his estranged wife Rita Hayworth and Everett Sloane. The Canterbury Tales (I racconti di Canterbury) - Free -  Italian film directed by Pier Paolo Pasolini and based on the medieval narrative poems by Chaucer. The Man Who Knew Too Much – Free – Starring Peter Lorre, this film was the most acclaimed film of Hitchcock’s British period. The Second Woman - Free – Directed by James Kern and starring Betsy Drake, this lesser known noir film gets some good reviews. The Skin Game – Free – A 1931 Hitchcock film based on a play by John Galsworthy recounts the tragic tale of a family feud. The Strange Love of Martha Ivers – Free – Noir film starting Barbara Stanwyck, Van Heflin and Kirk Douglas. The Terror – Free – With Jack Nicholson & Boris Karloff, and partly shot by Francis Ford Coppola.
The Time of Your Life – Free – Adapted from the 1939 William Saroyan play of the same title (the play won the Pulitzer Prize), the film stars James Cagney and William Bendix. Too Late for Tears – Free – Directed by Byron Haskin and based on a novel by Roy Huggins, Too Late for Tears is pure noir. Trapped - Free – Starring Lloyd Bridges and Barbara Payton, the plot of this B noir film turns around a counterfeiting ring. Waltzes From Vienna -Free – Alfred Hitchcock told Francois Truffaut that this film (about the writing and performance of The Blue Danube) was the low point of his film career. Young and Innocent – Free – Originally released in the US as The Girl Was Young, this Alfred Hitchcock film was based on Josephine Tey’s novel A Shilling for Candles.

A Fistful of Dollars – Free – Classic spaghetti western directed by Sergio Leone and starring Clint Eastwood. Angel and the Badman – Free – A black and white Western starring John Wayne and Gail Russell.
Frontier Horizon – Free – The Three Mesqueteers attempt to prevent wholesale slaughter in this fine Republic Western starring John Wayne, Ray “Crash” Corrigan, and Raymond Hatton.
Helltown – Free – Originally called Born to the West, this John Wayne western was based on a novel by Zane Grey. Randy Rides Alone – Free – Jailed for murders he didn’t commit, Randy Bowers (John Wayne) escapes only to stumble into the den of the real murderers.
Riders of Destiny – Free – John Wayne portrays Singin’ Sandy Saunders and has a reputation as the most notorious gunman since Billy the Kid. Sagebrush Trail – Free – John Wayne plays John Brant who escapes from jail after being wrongly accused of murder.
Santa Fe Trail - Free – Western film directed by Michael Curtiz (also directed Casablanca) and starring Errol Flynn & Olivia de Havilland (1940).
The American West of John Ford – Free- A documentary encapsulating the career and Western films of director John Ford, featuring interviews with John Wayne, James Stewart and Henry Fonda. The Conqueror – Free – The infamous and “lost” classic film, produced by Howard Hughes, directed by Dick Powell, and starring John Wayne as Genghis Khan. The Fighting Fists of Shanghai Joe – Free – Klaus Kinski stars in spaghetti western about a Chinese immigrant, who comes to America and fights to free Mexican slaves. The Lawless Frontier – Free – B Western starring John Wayne and directed by Robert Bradbury.
The Lucky Texan -Free – Jerry Mason (played by John Wayne) and Jake Benson become partners and strike it rich with a gold mine. The Man From Utah – Free – The Marshal sends John Weston (John Wayne) to a rodeo to see if he can find out who is killing the rodeo riders who are about to win prize money. The Train Robbers – Free – Western film starring John Wayne, Ann-Margret, Rod Taylor, and Ben Johnson.
A Christmas Carol - Free - Marc McDermott stars as Ebenezer Scrooge in this 1910 version of Dickens’ classic ghost story. A Dog’s Life - Free – This endearing short film tells the story of underdogs, hunan and canine, succeeding despite the odds. Anemic Cinema - Free – Marcel Duchamp’s avant-garde film combines whirling optical illusions, known as Rotoreliefs, with spiraling puns and complex word play. City Lights - Free – The funny and moving tale of a tramp who falls in love with a blind girl, City Lights is one of Charlie Chaplin’s greatest works. Das Wandernde Bild – Free – A silent, black and white film directed by Fritz Lang released in 1920. Downhill – Free – In this silent Hitchcock film, a public schoolboy takes the blame for a friend’s theft and his life falls apart in a series of misadventures.
Le Retour a la Raison – Free – A film from the avant-garde Cinema Pur movement shot by Man Ray in 1923.
Making a Living - Free – Premiering on February 2, 1914, Making a Living marks the first film appearance by Charlie Chaplin. Menilmontant – Free – When Pauline Kael, longtime New Yorker film critic, was asked to name her favorite film, this was it. October: Ten Days That Shook the World - Free – Originally called Oktyabr, Sergei Eisenstein’s film documents the Russian Revolution of 1917.
The Adventurer -Free – Charlie Chaplin plays an escaped convict who falls into favor with a wealthy family after he saves a young lady. The Cure – Free - Chaplin plays a drunk who checks into a health spa to dry out and comedy ensues.
The Floorwalker - Free – Filmed for the Mutual Film Corporation, the film featured the first “running staircase” in cinema history. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse – Free – Hugely popular silent film that made Rudolph Valentino a star. The Gold Rush – Free – Charlie Chaplin wrote, produced, directed and starred in The Gold Rush. The Golem: How He Came Into the World – Free – A follow-up to Paul Wegener’s earlier film, “The Golem,” about a monstrous creature brought to life by a learned rabbi to protect the Jews from persecution in medieval Prague.
The Golem: How He Came Into the World - Free – The same film as the one listed immediately above, but this one has a score created by Pixies frontman Black Francis.
Smith Goes to Washington – Free – One of the great films directed by Frank Capra and starring Jimmy Stewart. He took his revenge with this hilarious and formally inventive film, released one year before America’s entry into World War II.
Pabst’s early screen adaptation of Bertolt Brecht’s and Kurt Weill’s subversive social satire set in Victorian London. Because of its explicit (though artistically presented) homosexual content, the 26-minute movie was banned and disowned by Genet later in his life. Police lieutenant Sam Carson investigates a political murder after the victim is dumped at the door of police headquarters. Hitchcock remade the film for an American audience with Jimmy Stewart and Doris Day in 1956. Leading citizen Morgan calls in gunman Butch Galt (Buffalo Bill Jr.) who blows Martin’s cover. Highly influential film that Orson Welles watched more than 40 times while making Citizen Kane. A silent film released two years after the arrival of “talkies,” it was nevertheless a huge popular and critical success. Pabst’s tragic melodrama about the fate of a carefree seductress, memorably played by Louise Brooks.
Caligari – Free – This silent film directed by Robert Wiene is considered one of the most influential German Expressionist films and perhaps one of the greatest horror movies of all time. The film is in German, with no English subtitles, but is well worth watching for its visual mastery and the striking vintage performances from Weill’s score, including a memorable turn by Lotte Lenya as Jenny.
When a scheming fortune hunter finds his rich wife is not going to die as expected, he and his lover make other plans to get her millions. Hyde -Free – John Barrymore stars in the renowned silent adaptation of the Robert Louis Stevenson classic.

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