Next to a great science fiction film, there?s nothing more fun to look at than a lovely lady. And yet I?ve never be able to find a single publicity photo of either her or luscious co-star Lucille Barkley . Miss Hyer was very fetching in RIDERS TO THE STARS and I sure would like to take fencing lessons with Miss French.
I gotta' admit, though I'm a big fan of the film, Ann Francis in Forbidden Planet has never done a thing for me. I went to the website provided by ARGumshoe and found the picture below, but they had it protected in some way that prevented me from copying it!

So I just got out my trusty digital camera and shot a picture of the damn thing right off my computer monitor! I spent several hours on the internet tonight trying to find pictures of these two lovely ladies, but there just don't seem to be any. 1956 all-time sci-fi favourite Forbidden Planet, starred Anne Francis, Walter Pidgeon and Leslie Nielson. The greatest thing about old sci-fi movies is that they are free of charge to watch and get legally.
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