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Instead of buying CDs, you can stream almost any song ever recorded without paying a penny.
You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission. Established authors want you to flick the pages of virtual editions of their work, while up-and-coming writers hope that free copies now will make you a lifelong fan later. The best free ebooks The web is awash with things to read, but even the best pieces of writing online have usually been chopped into pieces and plastered with adverts.

If you'd rather lose yourself in a book, there's no shortage of content to choose from – and you're not limited to the ancient, out-of-copyright titles on Project Gutenberg either. Few mainstream publishers offer free downloads of entire books, so science fiction and fantasy publisher Baen Books deserves enormous credit for its library of published novels.
As Baen's Eric Flint explained back in 2000, Baen is giving away books to fight piracy: "I'm quite confident that any 'losses' I sustain will be more than made up for by the expansion in the size of my audience," he wrote. It's fast and works well, but it's best suited to technical and business-related documents. Everyone's an author You'll find lots of PowerPoint presentations and documents about running electrical substations on Scribd, but the so-called 'YouTube of Print' also provides access to an enormous catalogue of fiction and non-fiction books.
The fact that anybody can upload means the odd bit of piracy and a lot of pretty bad writing.

If you like the idea of discovering new authors but don't want to wade through the dross, HarperCollins' Authonomy might be the solution. It's a cross between a publishing platform and a social network, with aspiring authors uploading their work and rating others' efforts. It takes an interesting approach to online reading: instead of giving you the entire book, it chops it up into daily instalments and delivers it via email or RSS. There are more than 800 free books to choose from – from self-help to science fiction.

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