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The Internets Largest Video sharing website, YouTube, is launching a new channel called YouTube Box Office, which will be showing a new Bollywood blockbuster every month. This channel could have been created based on the success of the IPL broadcast on Youtube which recieved tremendous response. What YouTube BoxOffice can do is bring the big releases to the web much sooner than before and therefore has a potential to curb piracy that has been eating into the film industry's revenue. Yesterday afternoon Google quietly announced on Twitter the launch of its own version, the YouTube Box Office.
With YouTube Box Office, viewers in India (only) can stream the latest Bollywood blockbusters for free in full HD (1080p). A note on demand -- a recent premiere of mega Bollywood hit "Dabangg" on another YouTube channel saw users in India clocking 1.3 million channel views.

YouTube Box Office will add one new full-length blockbuster feature film a month and the channel catalogue currently contains more than 1,500 movie titles including regional language films. Velociraptor creates a floating speedometer when you use apps like Google Maps (and other navigational tools), pulling data from HERE Maps to provide you with speed limits on the road, and geo-location for tracking your speed.
Welcome to the Appszoom News Round-Up, our weekly digest of the very best stories from the world of mobile, tech, and apps. Recently, the movie Dabaang received 1.3 million hits which just goes to show that the Indian Market is ripe for the picking.
YouTube already has a movies section that houses a sizeable number of films that can be watched for free, including those from Bollywood. Internet speed and penetration in India can be a deterrent, it is much better than what it was a few years ago. This week's seen some important updates to our favorite apps, and some long-awaited big releases too!

Other than Bollywood movies, the channel will also showcase regional films, which are already available on the channel.
With related videos including making of the film, selected and deleted scenes, YouTube BoxOffice brings the DVD experience online. But YouTube BoxOffice is a new push to bring more big banner films online, with support from advertiser.

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