Absolutely in love with this app its very convenient, flexible, and easy to use format and features. Big fan of the app, although the new version I just downloaded on my Galaxy Note 8.0 , the app crashes when I click to view Library. If you are getting the “Unfortunately, Show Box has stopped” error after the new update, go to Settings > General > Apps > Show Box > Clear data & Clear cache and restart the Show Box. Thanks for the quick reply, your suggestion worked, but the app still crashes when I click on the dowload area (to view the status) within the My Library tab. I would not exclude the possibility that someone had never heard of Popcorn Time, which though seems to have caught everyone's attention lately, especially with its release of a new Popcorn Time for Android. Popcorn Time is a free open-source media player, providing video streaming service, created by a programmer and designer in Buenos Aires, Argentina but abruptly shut down by its original developer on March 14, 2014 for issues of legality.
B: Popcorn Time for Android is a great app, the layout is far better than anything Netflix has ever dreamed up and easier to navigate.
Actually, to free enjoy movies or TV shows on Android mobiles, especially with no legality issues, which brought Popcorn Time to a media storm, there are some other Popcorn Time alternatives, like WinX YouTube Downloader.
If you need to convert video to the best video size for YouTube uploading or set audio video parameters, please turn to WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe. For Android phones and tablets, download SnagFilms' most up-to-date free movies app for Android version at Google Play. And if you have the amazing Roku TV play, download SnagFilm's movie app for the Roku TV player!
Movies by Flixster, developed by Flixster with Rotten Tomatoes, is a popular free iPhone movie app, which is favored by users for its ease of use and up to date information of all films. HD Video Converter Deluxe can save (and convert, natch) videos from the likes of YouTube, and output presets for every portable device from Android to Windows Phone.

Before you go ahead and read the article, please be aware that all the apps below use piracy for content. It is regarded as one of the best free Android apps as it allows users to watch movies in HD for free. Subsequently, Popcorn Time was taken over by others and now it is being co-developed by 20 collaborators and rose to fame again for its new Popcorn Time for Android.
Popcorn Time was removed by Google from Google Play store for intellectual property violation, whereas "This Popcorn Time service will never be taken down" announcement appeared on their website. Popcorn Time taps into torrents for movies and let you stream films to computers, giving you free access to copyrighted content, just like watching movies or TV shows via Netflix or iTunes. Popcorn Time for Android is working based on torrent, so if nobody is seeding the movie, there might be no new movie resources for a long time.
People, who do illegally download of pirated content from the internet, are blocked by technical skills requirements.
There is and will be more of a desire to watch or stream movies TV show for free, and Popcorn Time (Android) can make it, which turns out to be good timing for Popcorn Time and Popcorn Time for Android to come out.
Watch full-length Movies, TV Shows, Documentaries, Comedy Shorts and even musical performances all for FREE! New version 4.7 - improved streaming and buffering, updated push notification, and updated video library!
New version 3.54 - Latest updates to the app plus fixes of performance bugs, improved streaming and buffering, and updated video library! Full-length independent films, adrenaline-filled action-adventure movies, international Bollywood and Gollywood movies, special-interest gay and lesbian movies, hilarious comedy films and critically acclaimed documentaries all FREE to watch! Besides, you can look up upcoming movie showtime at theaters, latest DVD release date, popular movies, etc.

While Alwaraki Blog is against piracy, people living in countries in the Middle East and elsewhere where there’s no Netflix or a good selection of movies and shows on iTunes have no choice other than piracy. Show Box is not available in the Google Play store so users will need to sideload it to the device. The only complaint I have is hard subs, but that's not Popcorn's fault (nor is it something Popcorn can currently control). And now Popcorn Time is available for Android, and Android users are thrilled about "Popcorn Time and Android Together at Last". The tutorial will show you how-to install Show Box to an Android (phone or tablet) or Android based (Kindle Fire, BlackBerry, etc.) device. And for streaming movies videos to iPhone iPad Android anywhere, what I know is Air Playit. For those who want to enjoy HD movies online on iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, free movie websites are no good options.
If the app fails to launch in the future simply change the date back to June, launch the app, and change it back.
And if a lot of people are trying to stream the same film, the movie loading process would be stuck or stop each minute to load more.

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